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  1. Usually my return customers are my best sales force. I have had a few bad eggs and refused service to about 3 folks over the last 45 years. One was two women from New York with really bad mouths and attitudes and very loud. I usually just let nature take it course and they leave but these two where not going so I had to say your money is not good in this booth-soon they got it and left . I also did that about 25 years ago to a aggressive man who told me after putting 4 mugs down on my sales table what I was going to charge him. I picked up the 4 mugs quietly and returned them to the shelve and told him politely his money was no good in my booth and he left.You get to refuse service as its your right Another was a man who had no clue about reality. I have had a few drunks as well over the past 45 years who required removal before displayed got hurt.Dogs peeing on racks-0dog fight in booth-food being dumped etc My usual way to say no is your money is no good in this booth-that usually gets them wondering why this may be soo and soon they drift away.I do not confront folks most times. Keep smiling and say what I mean. Sometime the customer is not always right
  2. I say this stuff all the time in my booth I stopped doing custom orders a decade ago-is a common response The price is the same no how many you buy. They are all these things while pointing to my sign that says lead free- dishwasher safe. I have this sign on every dispay and at point of sale They are all hand made Its taken me 50 years to get to this level with clay-when asked how long it takes to make one item
  3. When you say bundles wires are you speaking about Romex? If so then its ok if it in a dry location at both ends with plenty of space in conduit.(unless the code has changed ?) Individual conductors (wires) are best really . Use 1 inch conduit with #6 conductors or larger-50 feet is a ways-look up current drop on that wire size and your total run lenght .
  4. You can also just flip the floor upsidedown for more years unless the glaze is over 1/2 way thru bricks
  5. Getting ready for doing a large art fair (200 artists). Its been 21 months since I did an art show (not counting my own sale at Christmas last year) . Been packing the van which usually has everything already in it but now its mostly been removed so starting almost from scratch . Sales table, pedestals, pro panels , all removed. Had to reprice a ton of work (prices now up a bit). Had some troubole getting my special heavy load tires (supply chain issues but had them finally installed ($1,200 set of 4-80psi load range E belts in the side walls as well) Going diving as well as a 3 day show-gone for 8 days on this trip in August. Been firing two glaze firings each week and now all the kilns are cooling-two bisques and a glaze fire.I have just shy of 50 boxes in van with another 20 to go and some extra space maybe.I think I will have some spare space in van which is a first for me in past 3 decades. We shall see as its a clsoe call. Looking forward to real customers at a show. This show I have done for nearly 30 years and I usually have on average 250 customers a day.Friday and Saturday are the big days with Sunday a bit slower . Its two states away and two ferry trips as well. We have a slide north of us (two hours) which closes the road twice a day for two 4 hour periods during daylight hours which complicates the trip up and back. It part of living in an off the beaten trail spot like we do. Anacortes is small town but gets a huge turnout-its the 60th annual show for them.About two hours north of Seattle out in the San Juan Islands. My show feet are a bit rusty after all this time.
  6. Not sure about that but even my well water can do that with an all day throwing day.
  7. I have posted my clear glaze which is over cobalt drawinngs on plates and covered Jars-Its a cone 10 clear-applies very thin and fired hot. You can find it in the search section and it was about two years ago .I would use another clear as that base looks to opaque I can post that formula agin if you want it?I will be by my glaze book on Saturday .
  8. The other great feature for those Mr Cool mini splits are they can dehumidify as well as cool or heat.
  9. Check into a mr cool diy unit. I have two in the house. Studio does not need one-never hot in there. unless the heater is going
  10. Funny I use the same coolers as Neil -I have them in two sizes.I also have an electric one for the van.I run that electric with frozen gallons of water and things stay frozen for a few days If I'm on a long trip like the one in two weeks that will include diving for 3 days after 3 day show I will take some frozen tuna to BBQ after show-we stay for a week in a place with a kitchen (friend own it) also fresh vegtables from large garden and steam them for dinner . Usually shows and diving do not mix but this one coming up in Wa state I have mixed diving with show for 30 years now . For me my wife makes chicken for me before show and we freeze it . I did many 3 days shows as well.I pack the frozen chicken (one saerving for lunch per day)in pre frozen water bottles quarts and gallons and the food thaws slowly driving to shows (most are long trips up to two days away) I also have a bag of celery and carrots and cold drinks.I also take some hard boiled eggs. I have my own coffee making (stove and dripper always with me in van asa well.) if the show is hot (summer) then I take a as large as I can gett iced latte or coffee. In the eraly am I get a coffee shop to give me a cup of Ice and the drink in another cup and make it up as needed during the day. I like coffee in all forms. I also have some small cold expresso cans as well in cooler.I usually pack some kind nut bars as well. This is for a solo show or a helper show -its standard as I supply food to helper as well. I have done shows for 47 years now and have a system down . Also I take two days of fresh sandwiches which gets me to show and into the 1st day.I carry cereal for breakfast and milk in cooler as well for all breakfasts during and traveling to and from shows. I always eat a dinner out after shows unless I'm staying for long time after show like my next show in two weeks.-part of the deal.10 years ago I put 20.000 miles a year on the van every year(only used for pottery sales) Now its under 5,000. down to 3 shows and soon less than that.My local sales really have made shows obsolete other than the disire to see and talk to customers which I still need. In my past when doing super hot shows like Gilry Ca garlic festival I have a scuba tank air powered mister system that covered my booth and 1/2 I used for decades there. I no longer do super hot shows (maybe not with climate change withstanding in the Pacific Northwest now ) .Customers flocked to that mister booth back then-the emitters where away from the racks of pots. I never eat fair food-for many reasons they are takes to much time Getting bad food and sick at show is no fun (seen this happen more than once to others) Remember your time at show is very limited so make it all count. Reading books no waiting in food lines no attuitude is everything unless the customer crosses the line (been there as well) Refusing service always is a last resort but I have done it more than once-this may be another topic?
  11. 8 hour bisque is normal-3 is insane fast-hence the blow up unless the clay is potato chip thin
  12. If its the glassy(they glassify) porcelains do not mix with non glassy ones. Ones like frost from New zealand are never to be mixed as they are extrremely glassy Run of the mill ones usually are not an issue to mix I know nothing of ming in the UK
  13. Hulk I thru on a metal treddle like this in Cambodia a few years ago(3 years). No mass to spin and it worked pretty good. The whell was a bit different than this Wenger model but same idea. The mass was the wheel head and clay and you need to be constantly using your leg a power . After 48 years of power wheels all these types of wheels seem a burden to some degree for me. Tbese tredle wheels are way lighter to move around and pretty small compared to a cement kick wheel. On a simialair note I traded in my Fred Flintsone car decades ago because the stone wheels where heck to keep balanced
  14. so if its not found here https://www.amaco.com/equipment_how_tos call amaco/brent and speak to a tec if the motor works (12v DC) then its either the control board or a slight chance the potentiometer in the foot pedal the tec can walk you thru it.
  15. https://www.google.com/search?q=wenger+treadle+pottery+wheels&sxsrf=ALeKk03G4Lz_yTKSWxTmJmh0lTkF07t6cA:1626450517356&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=YBXS7bWFlBySYM%2CZxaouHigIdaX2M%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kQ_5O0IJq_u1-MQxXIbagVU41arag&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj8i9Oq-OfxAhWTs54KHUOKA7cQ9QF6BAgMEAE#imgrc=YBXS7bWFlBySYM
  16. Bowl forms pinhole more than than other forms -or insided forms pinhole mnotre than outside forms. I would clean your bowls 1st and let dry before glazing. A short soak may help smooth them out as well.Stoine wares pinhole more than porcelains in most glaze applications. Thickrer glazes will also pinhole more. Try the short soak at temp.
  17. Your one off mold needs time to dry-blow air over it with a fan on . That will speed dry it. I had a slip business at one time and we poured about 100 of 3 piece molds a week-we rotated molds in and out of the system-always kept the fan on them when not using them. I live is a damp climate. Over the years they wear out-at the joint line (that crack gets larger) and they will get surface pits on the plaster. You can always dry them out as noted in above post (The absorbency is decreasing due to the buildup of soluble materials in the plaster.) This takes many many pours -we made new molds about yearly but we where casting thousands of pieces you use will make a difference -thingslike soda ash and sodium slicate will shorten the life if thats in your slip-we only used Darvon 7 as an additive -those other ingredients will shorten your plaster mold life.
  18. If white is whats needed color wise I use the Brae epoxy http://www.archiebrayclay.com/bray-poxy-white/ works well
  19. Depending on color I use two part epoxy called JB weld-its at any hardware store. The quick set in 5 minutes is more thick the regular is very thin to get into small cracks. It dries somewhat black but if you cut the surface off with a razor blade its light grey. It very strong. If you want clear than the locktite is best
  20. What temps are your firing to?
  21. I think its a losing battle -Just buy some new stuff-your time is worth something?
  22. My clay prices and chemicals have all gone up. Demand has gone berserk I have raised prices and am still doing that. My 1st show is coming up a few states away and all pots will cost more except for spoon rests . My natural gas cost has risen as well.
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