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  1. On 3/13/2021 at 8:04 PM, Benzine said:

    So, I just can't get get those brass connectors ordered from Euclid. 

    My card apparently doesn't like the fact that the company is in Canada.

    Is there anywhere else to get those brass connectors, or would the stainless ones work as well?

    I had zero issues-call your card Company

  2. 14 hours ago, oldlady said:

    glad to hear that you have done so well at that show.   finally got word that a big one for me is going to happen on the street in alexandria.   now i can stop looking for small ones closer to my house and concentrate on having a huge amount of pots for october.  

    If the show happens(due to covid numbers on the rise) be prepared for big sales-consider marking your wares up a bit as well.

    I put out an extra table to distance ourselves andmasked all during the outdoor show hours. The public is super eager to buy right now. No telling about Oct. Thats my next show as well in NV. as well as a huge wholesale order

  3. WOW is all I can say abiut the show 

    I raised prices on 95% of forms . A few went way up.. Some smalls stayed the same. I packed van with every pot I could muster. The weather was a mixed bag with rain on fri early am then again most of  Saturday. Friday and Sunday dry. This show was the best ever for me not only at this venue but best in 47 years at any venue .The public is nuts on buying pottery and everything else  now as well. Most artist dis really well. Booths were spread out and I set up a extra table to keep customers at bay from us wrapping and selling.

    This is the same story all my other artist friends have said this summer about shows. The downside now is the virus is coming back hard in most places and at least in California outdoor events are being canceled right now in a huge way. I wore a mask for 3 days all day. About 1/2 the public is masked in Washington at this show and you can feel they want to be out but its degrading in the pacific nothwest as well as the rest of the country. My next show is the southern tip of Nevada state in early Oct-we shall see if this show happens outside in a windy park under a shade tree..It took a huge effort to keep my local venues stocked and do a show but I did both and it really paid off. It feels like time to hunker down again back home.

  4. It ius 100% a talisman  sieve. It the early modey . I have one exactly like that one. I also have two of the newer plastic models. They all take the same brushes.

    They had  when new a small foil stiker on them with name -and yours is long gone. I bought mine new at the time. I also have been to the talisman  business in New Zealand as well back in the 90s.Great producy on the right sink

  5. This glaze has worked well for 40 years at cone 10 the hotter the better. Apply thin and rub out any bubbles if dipping (I dip then blow on it so the surface is even)

    Potash feldspar like custar -27

    Ball Clay I use Kentucky ball clay -others will work-19.5


    Silica use 325 mesh-the finer the better-34

    I use this over cobalt drawings or brushwork or cobalt pencil work




  6. Yes you will need to cut the 1 inch solid  shaft down to your lenght and reatach that lower pulley (hopefully its 1 inch (you have not post shaft diameter I think) you can use the lower and upper bearings on the kick wheel shaft maybe or get new ones as they are common size.It will take some work but nothing big-the up side is the wheel will have a solid metal head that runs true already. Not one that is turning like the teacups at Disneyland

    So mounting the shaft and cutting  it down to size and getting your lower pully fixed to it. (that pully can be machined out to 1 inch size at any machime shop for low dollars, or compare a new one the right diameter.

  7. As bill said not a bearing-You really need to redo the shaft bearing and head to get a usable wheel.

    Its going to cost some $ to buy it all new-my suggesting on robbing a cheap or free kick wheel is your cheapest option.

    check craigslist for kick wheels-since you live in LA there are about a zillion cities to find one in should be pretty easy-when folks move they want that heavy kick wheel gone

  8. Narrow down the form list and your clay bodies as well-4 is to many.

    Everyone has different limits on what works

    for me it all porcelain and about 15 glazes

    I love to glaze and fire and most hate those things-I call them mud potters as they love to throw-for me clay is the canvas for glazes and reduction firing is always different outcomes and after 48 years plus this keeps me motivated

    I am norrowing my line down this year as we speak-I have offered about 35 forms (7 mugs  sizes and shapes for example)

    I want that list down. My outlet line is limited but my at art show line has been huge and is coming down now .One I give up shows that line will be much smaller.

    all this will take discipline and thats not always FUN as you said.

    I have turned down all custom work for a decade and online sales as well as I do not need them. I like shows (people as customers). I could do wholesale only but its boring . This will be one of my best years money wise with the local market on but I have run out of certian forms over and over and until I limit that number of forms this looks to be the case looking forward.Price has not made any difference.

    I suggest a limited form list and do that list well

    same with clay bodies and glazes

    -its easier on you

  9. Ok so a few things-that wheelhaed is n=made from flake board or also whats called pressboard. . Not water proof material. If you redo it with wood make sure you use marine grade plywood or medix -both ate void free and hold up to water well.

    The metal attached to wheel headlooks to be basically a pully  with that single screw down. The shaft seems to have some play in it as well. You will need to get this out for wheelhead to work properly. Most shafts are solid steel not a  hollow pipe. You could replace the entire shaft with solid metal and new bearings before working on the head part. I'm assuming you are after low cost overall so maybe this is a moot point. Even with a new head that pipe is not running true so fix that 1st. The shaft and head need to run true to make pots well. Start with the shaft and upper bearing. Graiger supply or McMaster carr have what you need or consider a used /free kickwheel for the shaft bearings  and head parts-around here folks cannot give the heavy old kick wheels away-you just need the parts not the heavu flywheel of concrete.

  10. Welcome to the forum. A video would help us see the issue-post a link to a video and you will get better answers. Cork is not a durable material.in which plane is it out?-the vid will really help

    You have a one of a kind wheel and the cost of a real wheel head with bearing is 150-250$.

    since the whole thing is custom made a new wheel head will not just boldt on to your frame as its all a one off so some thought about what you buy and how it will fit will take some work

    Maybe you only need the head and your shaft diameter may be different than the head. shafts can be 3/4 inch or 1 inch. The brent head is all one piece with bearing and cannot be removed very easy also omes with short shaft . Make sure your shaft band hole in wheel head and attachment is all the same. This may be a custom deal at a machine shop as well.

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