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  1. Trucking has been dicey for me with clay the last twp orders. ) I order twice a year now) Its a 12 hour run from LA to here and it gtakes our local trucking company weeks to a month to get that together now.

    Laguna used to run thier own trucks for example in a 100 mile radius  for locval customers but dumped the whole deal a few years ago

    Now Truckers are hard to find -my last order last month was up 50$ a ton but I was happy still to get the 4 pallets

  2. Laguna went thru a period of covid employee issues as many business did last year. Now its spread to materials shortages in the supply chain as well as supply chain backups . The Texas talc issue (no more talc) has affected many things as well. I just heard Laguna (pacifica wheels are backlogged 100 wheels due to no foot pedals  in the supply chain)

    I has a few clay bodies I order for others that where out of stock lately as well. Standard cone 10 bodies at that.

    The mining world has the same issues as all businesses. I got enough clay until next late spring but that means nothing these days if materials are out of stock. The world is not yet back to normal supply chain wise. Over 100 frieghters backed up not unloading on both coasts is not helping as well. This backup alone is due to covid and trucking shortages (not enough truckers)This will impact all businesses coast to coast. Ceramics is just one of them.

  3. Researching thoise outlets and plugs -your NEMA 14-30P wall outlet is rated for 30 amps (#10 wire size)-most likely on a 30 amp bcurcuit breaker

    Your kiln has a NEMA 6-50R plug which is for 50 amps and needs a #6 wire and at least a 50 amp curcuit breaker if not a 60 amp breaker (25% over for safety) 

    On just this info that adaptor is not safe and do not use it as its afire hazard.

    My guess is you need a new #6 wire and new outlet for this new kiln.

    what is the amp draw on the plate say on side of kiln?

  4. I used high heat engine paint. I got the old paint off with  wire wheels (assorted sizes) and the new paint is holding up very well. Engine paint has limited color selection as the only draw back. I have used silver high heat paint for 4 decades with great results as well.

    In terms of the A and B photo -skutt uses a metal hold off piece of metal that the box is screwed to to keep it cooler-its a simple good design.Every manufacture has a different approach to this heat issue

  5. since your 60 amp breaker supplies other spaces and has tripped is it now heating up during firing? Bad breaker can mess things up.I have fried a 60 amp breaker

    The screw connectors are not your issue-Crimped ones are no better

    #6 wire should handle 38 amps with ease-see whats getting hot-like the plug -are the connections clean inside receptical? and plug-look for losse connections or tarnished connectors 

  6. After firing two glaze fires (35 cubic and 12 cubic) every weekend for 5 weeks I have my huge wholesale order packed up (20 banana boxes) and enough pots for the out of state art show (same trip) as well as enough wares to fill local demand . The fall slow down in sales started a few weeks ago around here (thank god).Manly retired tourists now and they do not buy as much as families and others.Still some foreign tourists around my gallery owner said yesterday buying pots.

    I am able to build up a little backstock finally for the 1st time in 2021.

    Xmas is around the corner and need to keep making but just a litte slower and not so crazy.

  7. Its ok that they are  against the bricks-do not rotate them. You will find the wire pigtails stick out just enough to hold them in place. The metal jackets always has those holes which give them some space .

    You can see them in the 4th photo down on my rebuilb a few years ago here


  8. I love gas kiln pots-always have .Never left gas kilns in the early 70s-I have an electric but only use it for bisque now and again.  Reduction glazes lite my creative ceramic soul.

    I would not go the other way unless they dragged me screaming away from my gas kilns

    I love the firing the glazing, the results so do my customers.

    So many things are just right about for for me-I also live in one of the most expensive electric rate areas on the country.

    Of course 48 doing it with gas makes it a no brainer for me as well

    My best answer for you is of course you need one.I have 3 and need a few more



  9. I always add new colors every so often. I reacently repalaced a robin egg blue with another blue that easier to work with.

    Colors keep me involved-either better colors or easier more dependable colors-either way its always on my mind

    currently using about 12-15 glazes as a standard.

    I have soemthat like hot and cool spots and get into those in the gas kilns so they are optimum looking

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