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  1. This was my setup two weekends ago-booth is 10x15 with storage in rear. My van stayed parked in this spot whole show-Its under a huge shade tree in grassy park.I have a box on top of van that keeps my pro panels for flat fish wall art but do not use them at this show(vis do not sell well in desert) also have a large space case on top that holds two 10x10 canopies that live year-round there. I do not use a canopy as noted here -as it to windy normally-no wind this last time

    It was my last show here after 28-30 years of shows in this space mostly solo show-my wife did the show as well -her last show here with me was in middle 90s.

    I shove this table out some during show so its out front more.Its about 2x3 an antique girls dressing table. I redid the finish last year for my outside xmas show where it was out front with 3 plexiglass sheilds around it.

    Solid good  wood tables are hard to find these days -I have a few from the old days still. This one is light and has a small drawer which is handy

    I do not use a canopy at this show and walk away from booth  Saturday at 5 pm just as you see it in this park as theft is unheard of in this small town as of yet.Been doing this walk away for over a decade now there. No where else do I do this.

    The one we sit at is  also a taller height that matches this one with a larger drawer and I fit my cash register on top which I use at most shows-I invert the power to 120V with a battery jumper so the register works.



  2. I did a NV show a few weeks ago and wore cloth mask all day about 10-15% of the public was masked at that show. Even though masks are mandated in crowds.

    My August show in Wa state I also wore a cloth mask and 75-80% of crowd was masked-a far different crowd mentality

    In most of Ca masks are the norm -in the Valley and other areas of what I call freedom areas most are not masked even inside-areas like Redding Ca or Barstow

    I got tested after  5 days after each show and all is well

    In both show I put out a new table that sepeeartes me fron my customers-they place the pots on that table I'm at a table behind that table to reach out and wrap them.

    Its a solid working separation system and I'll use it at any future shows which for me are only a few 

  3. I have developed in m,y 40 plus years of doing shows a top notch system for my workflow

    Two weekends agao I was at a show 1000 miles away from home . On last day I made two lists one what sold best at that show (thios list gets refered to next year before show to take extra of those items (in this case I am retiring from that show and willnot go back ) I made the list from habit anyway.

    The next list is what I need to make after the show to keep my inventory up (these two lists are often not alike )

    This list is what I am now making for stock-smalls like sponge holders and spoonrests never get on the list as they are a constant making for me in the stuffer space of all fires.Today I made chopstick bowls after selling a bunch and dropping off 84  in a 20 box drop off wholesale order last week on way home from show in NV in San Lois Obispo near a gallery that carries my work

    This list is my go to in next few weeks as its whats needed to get back to normal inventory for me.

    Its algorithm has been tested thru time and is bullet proof



  4. I also am like Gep in asking for an order via email. I get some looky lous wanting stuff but not folllowing thru and its a waste of my time. I now have a $100 minimum order posted on web site. That has slowed down the the non seriors customers somewhat

    I also have mentioned on my website that its for return customers only-not looking for new customers-this also cut out the space cadets who do not respond

    Weather they call me direct or start with email I get them onto the email venue. Covid has excelerated poor customers for me (not folllowing thru) and I need to weed them out

    I had never had customers order and never follow thru until covid hit

    Right now shows are my best of times as well as my outlets and customer email orders are my worst

    I got this email yesterday for example 

    (I was at the Boulder City show and took your card. I couldn’t buy there, because I was with my wife and wanted to buy soup mugs for her for Christmas, which is also her birthday. I don’t see a way to order on the site. How can I order a set of four for her.)

    Now I am going thru this  so called waiting for a email response after I asked what colors  they want (I'm well stocked now as well)-It may or may now happen on thier end

    It does meet m,y 100$ minimum as well but this customer may vanish just as well so for me its not yet an real order.

    I will post a photo of my workflow tool later as well-its in studio now.

    I did just ship out two orders yesterday so my sytem is still working-all return customers from shows in my past

  5. I sell over a thousand spoon rests every year (185 last weekend). Folks use them for all kinds of things. From ashtrays to skeet. I just put out piles of them on pedistals with some spoons and still they ask what they are for. No one reads signs much these days 

    same is true with my sponge holders -from business card holders to silverware keepers.

    Right now just getting pots in front of customers makes for super sales. They come up with crazy ideas on use-some I know will not work but heck let them try.

  6. You have to push in the power button on the cone sitter 1st (it will not go on until this button is pushed in ) This is just to the right of that knob in your photo that goes to 20-then turn on the three switches and see what happens. The light should glow when the button is pushed and the switches are on

    You also need to make sure that power is to the outlet in barn

  7. Call amaco/Brent and ask

    I would just have her and throw the regular direction as lefty does not matter as most throw all the same direction no matter if you are right or left handed

    I'm making the assumption she is new to throwing and just learning-if she is already throwing clockwise then you should get it turning clockwise

  8. I ordered clay way ahead of time (4 tons half  of that was special softness) and trucking took extra long. I knew it was like that so no surprises .Since I'm a materials hoarder no problems with materials-none needed

    spoke to soon-was leaving town soon for show  and was low on small paper bags(I have enough just not many extra) and the whole sale grocery supply house has only one size bag instock seems like bags are supply chain issues now as well. 

    I plan on stopping in SF on return at a wholesale supply and picking up a few bales of different size bags there. I usually stock a  one to two year supply but have let it get low with lack of shows past two years. Get your bags early before xmas season

    I forgot to add tires to that list. My 1ton van(art show vehicle)  needed new tires (80 PSI load range E) Michelin is the brand coast about 350$ each. I had to order two at a time thru costco to get them on van. Seems they are hard to get now as well. Same deal with my big truck tires last month-high inflation load range E tires are in high demand and low supply.

    The list keeps expanding

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