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View from the studio.

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It's a new day, hope the boredom has evaporated like the mist over the Pacific just did...

I'll have to remember to get some "view from" pics; here's what I found perusing my archives.

The large window provides lots of light (during the day :| ), and views of the sky, neighbor's tree, a bit of valley vista, and direct line of sight to a neighbor's giant window, hence the plants on the shelf there. That's bisque on the counter, liner glazed, waxed - about ten days ago. Next was cutting the edge and wiping the excess away, then allow to dry afore outside glazing - mostly inverted dip, some inverted pour over...

The rollup door also provides lots of light (even at night, as there's a streetlight across the street ,) ), air, and view of the sky, street, a bit of hill and valley vista, and the neighbors' houses. The across the street neighbor (she is a treasure!) has a fish bowl (all glass), so I typically roll the door down a bit. There we're all set for last Fall's "Open Studio" event - the Studio (also bike shop/workshop/repair shop...) had never ever looked this good!


studio ii.JPG

studio i.JPG

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Far right, an orchid; it has responded well to relocation to this window, and repotting - now in its third pot.
It's been setting two or three new leaves each year, and a flower spike as well.

The other three are from cuttings; I'm about to take cuttings and start anew.
...aha! Finally, the name popped up from "memory"...
Coleus - Wikipedia

Was down to one scrawny sickly plant last year - eighth generation cutting from a plant the boss had brought into the office, well, one of three. I "saved" the third one, got it growing, then started propagating. I gave away over fifty plants, back (way back!) when I was still working, and another dozen or so since.
They drop leaves and flowers - rather messy.

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Must be nice to have all those trees,   not many trees in Kansas.   I have tried planting them a couple of times and the deer manage to kill them.   We have a creek about 3 blocks from our house with a large population  on deer.  Did anyone else get snow yesterday,  it looked like Christmas card snow.    Denice

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22 hours ago, Denice said:

Did anyone else get snow yesterday,  it looked like Christmas card snow.    Denice

We had snow in the Chicago area on Thursday morning. Then I headed to Michigan in the afternoon where we had flurries all afternoon, and woke up to more than an inch on Friday morning. It's mostly melted now, though. The farmhouse I'm staying at abuts a forest preserve, and we've had up to 20 deer at a time hanging out at the edge of the yard. 

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We haven't had large group of deer hanging around across the street for awhile.  We probably won't see them again for several years,  a large development of houses is being built on the other side of the creek.   Their is a shortage of houses in our area so the big fields we drive by are turning in apartment complexes and houses.   We will still have our view it is owned by the county.   There is a heron rookery in the same area I imagine all of the heavy equipment will scare them away.  Denice

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the studio windows here in florida really show only a slice of the back yard.  but the computer is on the porch facing the street and is all windows to the south.  yesterday, a coyote walked swiftly down the street keeping to the grass just off the pavement.  i was so shocked by it, i could not have gotten a photo even if the camera had been in my hand.  i live in the middle of a city here though there are horses in the next block and more horse properties for at least a mile.

the view out the studio door is of most of the back yard.  feral cats sneak by at the far end and birds share the huge tree outside the door.  blue jays, mostly arguing among themselves, scream by often.  a mockingbird frequently touches down to find the caterpillars who have lowered themselves down to the ground searching for a good place to form a cocoon.  some just outside on the studio walls.

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Here is the view from my Summer Studio (on the back porch).


Yes that's a pile of brush.  I cut down a Holly tree that was crowding the eaves awhile back because (a) it had been hacked into pompom shapes at some point and (b) it was too big for where it was at even if it HADN'T been turned into a monstrosity of psudeo-topiary.  I'm working on it.  I am building a beetle bank as I cut it up into smaller pieces.  I'm only recently beginning to be normal, health-wise, again.

And those are my curry leaf plants - what's left of them after 6 months of torture - in that cage to protect them from the blue jay that has developed a taste, apparently, for Indian herbs.  @Hulk my orchids got left behind in the move.  I'd had them for 3 years.  Poo!


(I had been painting, that seemed like the never-ending-renovation)

They bloomed every single year.  I can't believe that's the only picture I ever took of them.  I miss my orchids!

Still haven't found my bats.  I was hoping there was at least one in the box with the wheel, but NOOoooOOooOoo!  I'll have to borry one from the studio until I find mine or get some, or I break down and make the hardiebacker bats I've been threatening to make.  They're cut.  I just need to measure for the bat pins, find some tubing as hole protectors, and Do It.

And here is what I have to look forward to when it gets cold again:


Minus the washing machine and accoutrements which are going next to the kitchen sink.  It's a little Magic Chef portable washer, the middle sized one.  The whole room is all of 6'x6.25'.  No windows.  Barely any space at all.  There is a utility tub on the wall to the left in the garage so there is that.

So yay!  Guess which space I prefer!

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These photos were from April 12.  The first one, looking straight on to the patio, is my view from my studio.  Our basement is garden level, so I have nice light.  I can watch the birds as they come to the patio for a drink from the dog's water bowl, or to find a place to nest.  The 2nd photo is simply looking from the upstairs at the  birdbaths filled with snow that day!  

The snow is gone now for sure!  We have had lots and lots of wind this spring.  Once again, we are concerned about the fire danger.  Seems to start earlier every year.  


window view resized.jpg

snow view resized.jpg

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Too cold (for me) today to work outside, plus I forgot to grab a bat while I was at the studio yesterday. The high today will be 70 (still chilly to my mind) and it won't hit that until 6PM.  But they are projecting a high of 93 for tomorrow.

Hopefully I'll remember to grab a bat tonight. (Of course I WILL ask first).

I think there is a cat living in my brush pile ...

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"Studio" the last few weeks.
Here we're building out the cinder block 2.75", filling the bays with 2" insulation foam, pulling new wiring all around, hanging and finishing sheetrock, repairing and restoring the ceiling and other walls, texture, prime, paint, electrical finish.
Next, the third bedroom, which has one exterior wall, one window.

Here the lid is painted, next, walls.

Next door.
Toms are full on this time of year.


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Earlier, same room.
We're using concrete anchors to fasten the frame.
We hold that rectangle of sheetrock again' the window framing so it comes up again' the window where we want it - simple.
That 2" poly board is rated three more R than the less expensive board.
All the materials have gone up, up up! ...about a third, since we did the first room, last August.

That's the view out the front door


This is Camp Fire country, much quieter now.
Along this stretch, over half the homes burned.

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