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5 hours ago, Pres said:

Spiral or rams head while watching the Winter weather go by?


I use both, pretty much based on the mood of the moment, generally with smaller poundage of clay. Anything hefty and I use "cut and slam", which I really like and it seems to save some wear & tear on my wrists. 


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@LeeU We called it Wire Wedging in my day, and it was the only way I knew how to wedge until I was met with a blank look by an instructor circa 2010 and told to rams head it or else LOL!  It seemed to be a forgotten art until that Michael Wendt video seemed to remind people it had ever existed.  Only now it was called Stack 'n Slam.

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I mostly use the  S&S, but finish clay off with the spiral, I have my wedging table built to the height that I get the most traction with 15-25# of clay. I have found over the years that it helps my back, shoulders and arms when done properly. I have no problems with my wrists, what with the wedging, throwing and bowling.





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