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hand-building and throwing with arthritis, suggestions

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I have a hot waxer for feet and hands,  I was just wondering if it sped up the healing process.   I just got back from my nerve test and they were pretty bad the doctor thinks I should have the surgery right away.    I want to wait until January,  I guess I will have to speak to a surgeon about this,  maybe he will give me a steroid shot.   Good news is that my last MRI showed no new signs of lesions or damage from my MS.      Denice

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Steriod shot can help but its a temporary solution. See a hand only surgeon -tahts one who only doies hands that all they do.

I'm looking at a January  or Feb. deal myself. No fun. I see my second hand only suregon is SF in two days for a second opinion .

The wax does speed up healing as well as the ice water to hot water baths that you plunge your hand into a few times a day. It all helps with blood flow and inflammation reduction.

Same with water soaked microwave washcloth wraps on wrist. All good stuff.Any top notch rehab person will suggest all the se treatments .

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I totally can empathize. I only started working with clay after I retired and when I started, my hands were really sore, with arthritis in my thumbs predominantly, but some of my finger joints hurting as well.  I would warm my hands up under running water before I started classes, then as I was in the studio more, I repeated doing that a number of times. I always use warm water for throwing, more for my hands than the clay. I know I am not working for a full days all week, and probably it would be different and harder on my hands if I were, but I do find that my hands hurt less when I have been doing pottery for a few days. 

One thing that happens when you work with your hands is that the small muscles in your hands strengthen. This is a good thing, if it is done gradually, and seems to help the bone on bone forces decrease a bit.  If you decrease the amount of clay you work with and be sure not to put too much force through your joints, that also might help. And the idea about adding equipment to do the work that is causing you the most pain is really good.  

I think the other thing about this ageing.....is to keep doing the things that you love doing - maybe modified - but keep doing them. This is absolutely a personal opinion, but I think  I would rather adapt my activities whenever I can, rather than giving them up completely. Especially pottery. 

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