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  1. Well I may be way off course but if more mass in kiln would mean the temp would drop less dramatically rate wise.. If shelves can be positioned so the platters are not near the element row. I try to leave an inch all round if poss. Platters not placed top or bottom . In my kiln the bottom is cooler so I guess when the kiln goes on full the ware on bottom shelf may be slammed up temp. wise. Poss more important in a bisque. And top opposite but heat loss on cool down more extreme. Small pits or as someone above mentioned kiln furniture to increase mass of load. Only my observations
  2. Got to use a glaze which moves. Guess you could use a flux in the underglaze..but note that or you'll use it sometime when you want it not to move.
  3. Howcfrustrating Doc. Flick your platters afterf you bisque them to hear how they sound. If have a ring to them then they are sound at this stage. REALLY slow down your glaze firing to about 600deg C and even after that. Would you have more success if the kiln was loaded with more than just platters? Hard to see but edges of top platter very close to element and wall.
  4. Looks like yoyu are adfing clay to a driwd tile. Is this so or have you yet to carve the area TLH corner
  5. See if you can get a hold of Hamer and Hamer "The potter's dictionary of materials and techniques" Your wild clay may need some additions. How plastic is it? There are some posts in these forums by folk exploring local clays. Have you had an opportunity of firing some of your pots in a gas or electric kiln to see how they survive? Some small electric kilns are kitchen bench size...not recommending that siting! But can be great test items
  6. I'd be going to a community class and learning heaps there. Is there opportunuty near you?.
  7. Was a great post on brush making a while back..
  8. Jed hasnt posted for a while. Click on his avatar and pm him he may answer.
  9. Well some folk add grog..fired clay ground up to clay for pitfiring which allows more protection against thermal shock . Check oyt what raku clay looks like. Slow start way to go. I'm guessing a crash cool would be happening, also draughts? Anyw way to blanket it after reaching top temp...soil all over it? What are your cracks like.. this us usually a great indicator of the causes
  10. Is the halo on a kiln shelf or pot? Looks like something fuming onto shelf from glaze on pot. White cirxle pot footring
  11. He she will be notified by email of your message which can be read as an email, not necessary for that person to log into this forum to read it if that makes sense. This will work if email address is still current.
  12. Yeh dust in the grooves would make application minimal in yhose areas so purple My wedding ring left purple flow down big pot at a higher temp than lustre firing. S'ok I was forgiven.....
  13. Thanks guys. The perfumes in hairspray drives me outdoors...could be doing the spraying outdoors:-!
  14. You can get small shaep pointed spurs...triangular thing, ceramic toppeds. I used them for a runny glaze tears ago . Come in different sizes. Would be ok for most slips but dont know on glazed , only small points of contact.
  15. Fast firing would mean that cine would bend at a higher temp. Look at Orton site or on box and you'll see what I mean. How are your glazes looking ?
  16. What cone? Low fired can use stilts which leave little rough patches,and can be ground off. Or can be strung on nichrome wire.
  17. Don't ignore advice given here. Dont know why owner allowed that on his property. A second hand electric kiln may cost you less in the long run. Safety first.
  18. Liam seeing heat from under lid is quite normal. What do you mean it finished at 1270? What was your firing schedule because that will affect the behaviour of cones..heat work done etc and so the temp the cones bend at.
  19. What kind of kiln? How are you packing it? What is the cone difference on each area of kiln? Gas wood electric?. Top or side loading. Makes it easier to work out.
  20. You may have better response sending a personal message as this post is dated. Click on the E this'll take you to her profile. I think there is a p.m. option there.
  21. Great book Handmade tiles by Frank Giorgini ISBN 1-86351 -164-4 Sally Milne publishing. Your local library may have it or get it in for you. Very comprehensive.
  22. I think magnesite is magnesium Carbonate... MgCO3 I've had recipes which have called for the heavy one but too far in the past to think out why.. Light Magn.Carb is a bit different. Hydrated MgCO3
  23. If clay has a temp range to cone 10 it is not earthenware. Therefore if it withstands the temp of c 10 firing it will be no where near vitrified enough at low temp. Do tests for absorbency to start with.
  24. That pink covered wire looks pretty perished. Is that the wire you say has" come off"? Could be fixed possibly by baring off pink stuff and reconnecting. Power to kiln cut of course. Bit confusing when you write fired perfectly yet came up with error... Like Neil said the thermocouple wire will just need to be resecured by loosening the screw, sticking wire back in under it and tightening the screw again. Dont know why a firibg would make your glaze peel off....
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