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  1. I have a recipe here somewhere also has heaps of borax, but I seem to remember it was cone 03 and shiny maybe. Will look it up. Your glaze looks fine on tgat white clay. Tempting to add ilmenite or rough rutile to it!
  2. Nit really. Clay needs a level of porosity , usually cone 08-04 , to take the glaze layer required to be a successful finish. Esp for food. More often cone04 these days. Better to get suitable glazes imo
  3. The cobalt blues ramp schedule!! Could lead to some interesting results. Bookwork here thus the random.
  4. So you are furing the glazewith black lones then applying oxides and refiring? Could be problematic whayever glaze
  5. Dont know but don't go too small, this clay is addictive, you may outgrow small kiln fast. One thung ,important thougg is the wiring these kilns may need, adding to the cost. Generalcomments, no kiln expert here
  6. Vacuum kiln thoroughly , element grooves last. Then fire, I would be tempted to do a bique fire, pots and all after the vacuum, shame towaste the energy.
  7. Can't see why it won't just burn off. All bung holes left open, well ventilated room. Would only be carbon really. Is it an electric kiln? Just thgat you mention flue
  8. Initially you will need to find out: what clay your bisque tiles will vitrify at. Where you can get them fired locally. I.e. who fires to the above temperature/cone. When you say glazed you will have to "glaze".Just applying stain is not glazing and for an outside table, your tiles will gradually disintegrate, and won't be easily cleaned. Imo a stiff white glossy glaze, a majolica glaze would be best. The cobalt is used on top of the unfired glazed tile. Search Linda Arbuckle, Bill Kleib, Majolica ware. Lots to learn ,lots of fun
  9. Not sure. I mix a thick slip, too thickto brush easily, then I add a drop ortwo of Darvan, stir well, it will liquidise,and repeat till right for brushing. GO too far and it will chocolate pudding on you.
  10. If making slip from your white clay, be sure to use Darvan or sodium silicate so less water needed to make it flow and less shrinkage of your slip on pot hence less crackiing . Sounds a fun time and good luck
  11. Oil paint effect.. thick coloured slip would make it textured like oils. Palette wise, sometimes works sometimes not.. Great first effort
  12. are you thinning the layer of glaze or the actual glaze
  13. Watering down a glaze to get an ombre effect wont work imo You would have to get a base glaze suited to raw glazing, opaque or transparent, ,then add an increasing/ decreasing amount of black stain to containers of the base, test tlies and firing to see what is best for your piece. Glazes work best at a certain Specific gravity , that is why they dont like watering down...
  14. Clarified thanks. Olena, if you quote , it is more usual to place your answers outside the original poster's text box. I didn't think to look and reread my reply Good luck! Fun times ahead
  15. A question Neil. Why is your splash pan full of bits of clay? Have you thrown a few already of have you a technique for big pot throwing which makes these knobs multiply:-))) Do you add sausages?
  16. All I see is Thanks Babs Bill Kielb noted the same. Hopw you can resend them
  17. If you give the asnswes to this forum people can help you more specifically. Can you supply these details? I make my own glazes and so cannot help you with off the shelf stuff but others have lots of info on those, but need the specifics of what your intentions. Cheers
  18. What cone do you fire to? Gas or electric firing? Brushing or dipping when glazing?
  19. Start making notes now! Don't think anyone knows everything about this field ever. Extremely generous and knowledgable folk in these forums. won't ever be bored again!
  20. I love the effect of your glaze on the speckled clay. On top of glaze inside one day and exterior the next, though on pots of your thickness may be not as important as stirring your glaze after each pot dipped. Some glazes need this unless flocculated. If want a whiter glaze add some zircopax
  21. Ifyour old kuln tripped the breaker, may be that kiln ok but too much draw on your system so check out what your new kiln needs..
  22. 7celsius...ambient temp? Button not fully pressed?? Short power outage, program stops? Possible reasons?? Better make a kiln god for your new kiln then you can blame it, or Murphy
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