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  1. @Min Thank you for this, yes I had heard of brushing beneath - although didn't know of the colouring tip. I'm checking out the wash recipes now - thanks!
  2. Hey Chilly - yes I make sure to do so Mark - thanks for this. Do you make your own kiln wash or buy it? Could you recommend how/where at all? I find it a bit of a minefield. I see some solid recommendations and then others say how it flakes and ruins things etc.
  3. Hey Min and Mark - excuse delay, my notifications weren't set correctly to see replies, hopefully fixed this now. Yes the alumina is white, the lighting is deceptive there. I'll go ahead with slip casting and see. Any advice on how much alumina hydrate I should be using on the kiln shelves? I wonder if I use too much... I'm not firing huge amounts, so using alumina directly on shelves appealed to me aka can pour back in to tub to use again, and no worry of a very highly used kiln and it going everywhere on different pieces. At the moment I'm putting a quite substantial layer
  4. hey Min, thanks for getting back! and thanks for the welcome It was a ready made casting slip bought direct from a clay seller, just says Porcelain Casting Slip 1260c max... I haven't any more info at the mo. And I am yet to fire full scale pieces to see final result. However the alternate sides of all are definitely only matt. I'll try and find a more comprehensive label for it. Excuse bad quality photo, tried adding another - but can't export it small enough right now to be accepted. You'll see alumina has got stuck in to it also. I added it directly to shelves without
  5. Hi all, I have been using a porcelain casting slip - ready made. I have made 'test tiles' and have found that the bottom of them have an eggshell shine to them, compared to the tops that have either been left unglazed and look and feel like the usual matt quality, or have had a transparent glaze added. - Is this to do with using alumina hydrate directly on my kiln shelves to avoid them sticking - does this contribute to this...? Or is this irrelevant? Appreciate any advice - new to porcelain and working out what works / the whys/ dos and don't. As a side note - I like the e
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