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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, I have Amaco Potters Choice glazes and they say that they should be fired to cone 5/6. I am very new to pottery and was wondering what this means in terms of the firing schedule in my Nabetherm kiln. I have been trying to get the effects as shown on their website but they do not look very similar! What would the different outcomes of cone 5 and 6 be? Thanks so much and really appreciate any help, lara
  2. I have been playing with the leopard spotting effect of layering an iron shiny glaze with a white second layer..used to be popular as a hiigh fire in the 70s. I read a blurb vy John Britt who wrote "fired on Slow and Low firing schedule" Anyone know what the ramps are set at for thiis firing?
  3. SOfirst time event for old potter. I packed kiln with mugs and bowls. Yes a different glaze but also same clay same ish design old tried and true glaze on half the mugs. some mugs had additions of clay molded pieces attached also. Kiln and scheduled for usual ramping. c 6 firing finishing at 8.30 a.m. one top bung left out. 2 a.m. , I am an old potter used to manually turning up every hour, kiln temp. 480deg. Power out sometime between then and 6.30a.m...no alarm to awaken the sleeping potter..temp 350degC..reprogrammed kiln to go up to 1100 at150C/hr and then usual schedule of
  4. Hello all, Looking for firing schedules. I have a small manual electric kiln with a kiln sitter and wondering if anyone has a simple, clear firing schedule they follow and could share? I am a beginner trying to learn how to fire for Cone 04 Bisque and then another schedule for Cone 6 Glaze Fire. I am using buff stoneware. Any firing tips appreciated! Thanks so much, Natalie
  5. My rutile blue glaze (Mastering Cone 6, Glossy Base 1, Variegated Blue) hasn't been variegated since I made the switch from an ancient Econo-kiln to an Easy-Fire. Using records from old firings to program and reprogram the new kiln, I've clearly failed at matching the heat work I achieved with the old Low, Medium, and High settings on my old kiln. Glaze appears grayish and even instead of bright and variegated. I assume the difference is that my old kiln with its small elements was relying more on time than on temperature to get cone 6 down. I'd appreciate any advice for testing that theor
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