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  1. Not if your glazes are low fired!! They may run straight off the pots onto the shelved. If for own use you may be able to coat with a product to make them water proof. For future I'd be lookinh for a lower fired clay 1280 pretty high firing if you are firing your own kiln. What temp is it rated for? Don't want to be firing to the max all the time. Shortens the life ofv everthing, almost and shortenss your bankbalance.
  2. So fill it with towels or other supporting material. Put a board over the slump mold,flip it , and attach foot. The towels will have enough give to allow shrinkage.
  3. I think your clay hasn't been fired high enough to vitrify. What do the manufacturers recommend for glaze firing. What is its firing range. Is your firing reaching that temp?
  4. I had similar blistering. I dropped the cone fired to. Slowed down the last ramp to 80deg C Kept a soak
  5. Go to your supplier and ask for replacement immediately. Shimpo would not want bad reports of their products. Got evidence of your purchase etc. Get onto it straight away
  6. Thrift shop woks are great for slump and humps, handles removed. Great glazing vessels also. Thicker clay. Hump allows the footring to be added at right time. As in another post, may have to accentvthe curve toget wshat you want after glazing
  7. Clean your surfaces:-))000)) Is it signalling porosity. Are the receptacles containing liquid when they pick up the stains?
  8. Placement . Has kiln onethremocuople? Can you place cones at various places in kiln. Maybe the prob. Porosity of bisque and glaze thickness ...
  9. Looks like glazeway way too thick . Dampen/ clean bisque ware before application. Folk a bit suss re dairy equivalents but drinking yoghurt consistency or test with SG measurements 1:1 way too thick imo With @LeeU, love it. 2nd coat contaminated with what?
  10. Not sure at all re felt tip but can't see why not as the felt is only the carrier.
  11. If you put it onto bisque and do not fiire prior to glazing you will get the exact same results i.e. glaze repelled by acryllic paint. CMC mix it in cold water then cook it
  12. Research Barry Brickell New Zealand. If he hasn't done it, don't waste your time :-))
  13. So you are painting then glazing. I am wondering if the acrylic paint is repelling the glaze coat. It is possible to paint with just the oxide and water or mixed wiith a little of the glaze, or frit.can bedone prebisque firing. Thus stops any damage to the oxide pattern. The oxide mix needs to be kept afloat so frequent , Giood luck
  14. Yes, usually driven by slaves or animals.....:-)) Some homemade one's. But 2nd hand one's on market from time to time worth waiting for
  15. If you do make a ceramic fibre kiln , which sounds a good way to go, be aware the temp drops like a rock when firing temp reached with ceramic fibre kilns which would be drastic for such a pot. So firing down or apply a lot of insulating material would be the way to go. Think @Preshad ideas for drying pots.
  16. Block and tackle mounted above kiln to aid with loading and unloading. French artist had a contraption which went into the pot and when opened think monkey trap, the pot could be lifted by the block and tackle. He also made v big pots where clay was laid around a Rope covered scaffold and on completion he collapsed the internal scaffold and peeled out the rope.
  17. If you go this way, fire on small shelf savers. Going higher may make some glazes run. Re. Safe with food, may be safer higher in some cases. It may be the man. only tested at tthe temp. that the glaze is manufactured for.
  18. What are you going foir? If you impregnate the wool with some metallic oxidds you may get more interesting effects if wool is placed on/in pits
  19. Surface texture quite different than original photo. Different clay? Different source of some ingredients? Much shinier.
  20. I saw a video maybe Callie or Min posted that had a glimpse of an insert that held the mug/ cup in the round after applying a handle. Naybe that would help
  21. Can place a top shelf between lid and pots but doesn't stop yhe hazard re inhling the airborne fibres. Ceramic buttons wired through to out side i e. Top of lid can hold it firmly in place. Wear a mask with this lid.
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