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  1. Had an old lady friend years ago. I think she delighted in leaving an ingredient out when sharing glaze recioes, or giving wrong ingredient. Bit like the great aunt's chicken soup recipe!!!
  2. Oxidation, just interested . Haven't used red copper but could sub with black. Just hadnt seen copper used to get that colour.
  3. If you make a deflocculated slip i.e. thick slip then add a few drops of sodium silicate or darvan , yhis makes it brushable with less water content. Lightly dampen pot inside and out, yhen brush on But depends.. Test this with an unimpotant pot. Too dry pot , slip may bloat away in patches. I do this and it works fine .. Think Callie does too @Callie Beller Diesel
  4. Looking at a glaze called Trin's Nutmeg, the colourant additives are tin, red copper oxide . The glaze is a typical creamy brown. Not sure but suspicious it should read red IRON oxide.
  5. Yeh label it, then forget the person??? Most attractice thing about humans is we are different
  6. Move again and you should remove the lid from the kiln and pack separately....
  7. Scared folk...they are laying claim on someone else's thoughts, poor things.
  8. Guess big bucks could be added to the catch and release prints:-))
  9. An order! What price are you prepared to pu o your pots which will require such research? If the understains mentioned above do not suit, I'd walk away from order. Folk not into ceramics do not understad whst goes into such requests..
  10. I guess you have a pilot light. I would use only that overnight until 300degCish then turn that down and use your ventura at lowest psi poss and turn up very gradually to 600degc, then try for 150degC /hr rise. Use of your air intake and flu slide will also control the temp rise but may be wasteful of gas
  11. Mad Y be worth researching "Spooze" can be used in bisqued or raw pieces but has to be refiref before glazing if used on bisqueware. Was your patch to mend a structural flaw or an aesthetic? Low fire, a prop narrowing at point of contact under chin of dog, could be ground for any roughness and not be unsightly imo What cone are you firing to?
  12. Could make your own ceramic buttons . Wire used is Kanthal wire. Can get different weights. Buttons on my old fiibre kiln were top hat shaped with wide brim. The hat inner was filled with fire cement. I guess to protect the wire from direct flame?? Fire down as these kilns temp drop like a rock. Roof had more buttons. Fibre after firing gets fragile and will slump. Think you can spray it to stop the flaking...dangerous healthwise. Not good to breathe in. Check Marcia Selsor's top hat kiln. Block anbd tackle or winch to lift kiln off base
  13. Maybe get s.thing which can support the wall from the inside when applying the medallion, keeping the pot in shape.... Putting outside before taking off bats is fraut. Bases can't move much. Rims drying faster... Slow drying away from draughts. I guess change one thing at a time.... Maybe your laidback throwing from the couch has to stop. :-))
  14. Do they have handles? Sometimes the attaching of handles esp on thin walled pots can cause warping
  15. Maybe it is your glaze thickness which is the issue. May have to go.down the specific gravity road, or more coats of glaze. How are you glazing ?
  16. Its functin could metely be to fraw attention to how pernickity humans have become in their various ritualising of having a bl.......cup of tea!! A receptacle which holds liquid, can be drunk out of ra de ra.... Just perhaps he is pointing out the absurdity of our needs. Certainly ... My god, is it art??? Is it craft?... :-))))))
  17. I now slow down last100deg to 80degC per hr. Because some of my glazes need that. Lots on firing schedules on these forums
  18. Is all your work as thin? And inaccessible for suport? If only some would you consider writing your "Stamp"? Or an inked stamp which requires very little pressure...or a stencil?
  19. Been hand stretches posted in the forums which will alleviate the the claw shape you are experiencingv in hands..shortening of muscles of forearms. Well worth researching. The lengthening of those muscles may change thed pull in the tendons as they pass through the carpal tunnel. You can get braces to wear but if severe op may have to happen. Bevreligiouz with thosef stretches and some for neck and shoulders Look in that mirror to check you are not raising your shpulders as you work, lift etc. A common fault which leads to neck shoulder issues
  20. Sugest she gijvs them to her friend for bday, Xmas,4th July celeb.!!! Save everyone the bother.
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