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  1. @Dick White @Mark C. @Rockhopper ok great! I’ll pick one up and try my hand and getting this thing running more accurately. Thanks so much for the help!
  2. @Pres The kiln only has 1 switch (it's super small). I definitely need to try placing another set of cones inside to see if there is a hotter spot near the sitter, though. @liambesaw I definitely didn't receive a calibration tool with the kiln, but I'll look it up! Interesting tip on using a bar one step hotter in the sitter, too. @Mark C. Yeah, I might try that. Also debating just shifting my focus to Cone 5 firings instead of 6, as my glazes came out great from this firing anyway. Is there any real advantage to making Cone 6 work instead?
  3. I recently ran my very first cone 6 glaze firing in a small, older manual kiln that I inherited (Paragon A-66B). The cone 6 bar dropped in the kiln sitter as expected, but when I opened it all up the next day, the witness cones I’d placed inside don’t look like the reached the same temp. The 5 (left) is bent all the way over, but the 6 (middle) is hardly bent at all. The 6 bar that was in the sitter is bent nicely, however. Pics here: https://imgur.com/gallery/pd3Aao4 Does this mean that the kiln didn’t actually get to cone 6? Do kiln sitters ever trip early?
  4. I am currently running my first ever glaze firing in a older Paragon manual electric kiln (model AA-6B) that we recently inherited. I just noticed that you can see a decent gap underneath the lid, especially near the hinges. Is this normal? Is too much heat escaping from here? photos are here: https://imgur.com/gallery/FlTwuyo
  5. I recently inherited this older manual kiln and would love to get it up and running. The previous owner lined the outside of the lid with duct tape (see photo) - I'm not sure why. Is it safe to fire with the tape on here, or do I need to try to scrape it off? Knowing when this kiln was last used, the tape has probably been on there for decades.
  6. Hi guys! I recently inherited a small Paragon A-66B manual kiln, which is from the 1970s, I think. It has a kiln sitter installed, but no timer or pyrometer. It only has one switch, with 4 settings - off, low, medium, high. It looks like it's in good shape, and we are getting a circuit installed today so we can try to get it up and running! If the install goes well, I'm hoping to do a couple test firings this week, but I'm confused on what sort of schedule to follow for this sort of kiln. I found a firing schedule poster for this kiln model in Paragon's archive, but I have a few questio
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