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  1. Hi to all. Just a follow-up, which I hope doesn't come back to bite me! I have been doing many, many tile tests, and I *think* I finally have my problem solved. First, I have all my 12 (one or two extras, just in case) sculptures built (oh, I might not have mentioned before, but I got another!!! order for more dog sculptures while I've been testing). And I kind of wimped out, too, on solving my problem: Under such stressful circumstances, I bought ALL new materials from another supplier. All the test tiles I did, unfortunately, showed no definitive specific problem but did show a few s
  2. Hi, Neil. Thanks so much. It's the same temp as the regular earthenware clay, 06-1 or 2, I think. Amaco responded to my request for assistance, so that's encouraging. I gave them all the information they requested, so I expect I'll hear from them on Monday. Makes me want to quit clay altogether.
  3. Okay, here goes: I lay awake all night last night (well, I might have slept three hours at most), thinking about my mess, and I came to some realizations that I feel embarrassed about. The main one is that I realized that I already had the shivering problem by the time I went to Seattle Pottery in August. In fact, that was the reason I made a special trip there: I was going to completely replace my clear glaze in hopes that that would solve the problem. The problem had begun to occur just a week or two before I went, but all this means that even if I do have "paper clay," it appears tha
  4. Benzine, thanks for your comment. This had to be a specific problem as it occurred very suddenly in my work. See my comment to Neil above regarding the clay switch pulled on me by the seller's error. KristinaNoel, thanks for the suggestion. I've dealt with Clay Art Center in Tacoma in the past and really, really like them. Today, unfortunately, I went the other direction, to a place in Spokane, thinking the drive would be easier. It wasn't. And I ended up buying clay there from Clay Art Center anyway! So in the future, I'll be going to Tacoma. I just hate the crowded drive to get
  5. Okay, I've been gone all day, getting replacement clay so I can get started tomorrow morning. Neil, thanks for the info. Perhaps you didn't see an earlier post: It turned out that my clay supplier had given me "paper clay," instead of the white eartheware I have been using for many years. The "paper clay" boxes were mislabeled, so I thought the slight difference in texture when I was working was due to its being more moist than my previous batch. And, yes, I completely agree with your comment about their not keeping better records. Fortunately, and I don't know if I've mentioned
  6. Hi, Babs. I thought of that possibility and adjusted for it. It made no difference. And I was dipping into glaze and began brushing, too, to cover the glaze question, too. I'll try the bisque sound suggestion to see if I can tell a "flick" sound difference and let you know what I learn.
  7. Oh, Babs. I finally get what you were saying! Yes, I'll give that a try! Thanks so much.
  8. Babs. Hi, I am in the process of trying to sand off and repaint the pieces with just small areas that have shivering. Don't know if it works, though. I'll let you know what I find out. But I really, really hope someone doesn't end up with such as mess as this is. I just realized, in fact, that I have tons of bisqued but not painted or glazed pieces that I've built up, and I don't know which ones are bad and which ones are okay. This really explains, too, why some pieces have come out just fine and others are unusable. Oh, what a mess!
  9. Thanks GEP and Min. First of all, I'm a bit of a workaholic, so I'm going to see how much I can get done in the next week. I have managed to learn a few shortcuts while I've been building these that were finished so far (each one is very different, though, but still the main principles are in each one). So wish me luck! If it appears that I'm not far enough along in two weeks, I'll contact them and explain my situation. Gallery owners can be a bit difficult sometimes, so I want to do my best to get them done in time. Plus, they're just the middle man; the pieces are for one of their cust
  10. Oh, and Min, yes, the rep at Seattle Pottery said that the earthenware that I have used for the last five years is indeed still the same. But as I've stated above, they won't honor an exchange if I don't have the receipt. Seattle is over two hours away from me, so I can't see driving that far (it takes up almost a whole day with the traffic around there) just to get a couple hundred dollars of clay, which is what my last purchase was. But they're really losing a lot in the long run because I've bought kilns, a slab roller, all my materials from them for the last five years and had intended
  11. Babs, I'm not quite sure I understand what you're saying. Are you suggesting that if I thin my underglazes and apply them, and then I presume glaze and fire, that that might solve the problem?
  12. Ok. Things are worse, even. Seattle Pottery Company (and, yes, I'm loudly saying who they are) called me back and said that I need to show a receipt of my last two purchases. I'm so sorry, but other clay supply companies I've worked with over the years have always, always had itemized copies of receipts (such as Georgies in Portland, OR, with whom I worked for well over a decade). Anyway, for that reason, I've not bothered to keep itemized receipts once I checked in my purchases from it. I only have my payment receipts. Well, it turns out that Seattle Pottery doesn't keep itemized recei
  13. Okay. I am furious!!!!! It is the clay! I just contacted Seattle Pottery Company, my supplier, and they gave me the wrong clay the last time I was in there. They gave me paper clay instead of my regular clay. I have been working on an 11-piece commission of large full-body dog sculptures, 8 of which are completely built and ready to fire, one of which is in progress. They are due by November 1 and take days and days and days to get built. I was asked by them why I didn't notice the difference in texture, which thinking back, I did, and I figured it was because my old purchases w
  14. Oh, I don't have a photo of the shivering problems on the rooster, but they're on the tail in this instance, mostly at "edges," places that are either outside edges or just where the plane in the shape changes.
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