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  1. Hi, Douglas. Thanks for the suggestion,. I've actually bought these before, and they were too stiff. They ended up taking off the underglaze that I had put down in the previous layer. Thanks anyway, though.
  2. Thanks so much, you two; I'll give them a try. Liam, I see you're Washington, my home state, too, Ellensburg. Is there possibly a place in Seattle (or another big city) where I might be able to see and feel them instead of yet again buying something online that isn't exactly what I want? Thanks again, Dottie
  3. I've been making low-fire hand-built and painted ceramic art for over 20 years and have always used some very inexpensive (less than a dollar each) bamboo brushes with very soft bristles and that hold a tip well. I can no longer find them, though. I use them to paint my underglazes onto bisqueware. Does anyone know where I can find them? I have searched for over a year from time to time and have bought brushes that have a good tip but are too stiff. The ones I used to buy are very simple bamboo handles with little paper labels wrapped around the back ends that I used to buy in bulk on Ebay from China. The bristles are quite soft, hold a lot of paint, and are pretty good at holding a good tip. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated. Mine have almost no bristles left! Thanks so much. Dottie
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