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    I live on a mountain in a small rural county, so I like to hike with my dogs, which I do everyday. I love to read, play the piano, take care of my 20 mo old identical twin granddaughters, and of course to POT!!

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  1. I just got back from 3 days/2 nights of free studio time from the Mendocino Art Center (CA). I've sold in their gallery and taken many workshops there and they heard about the loss of my house/studio, so they offered me this wonderful gift. It was the first time since the fire that I've worked with clay and it felt fabulous!! Someone was firing a ^6 kiln and was able to fit a few of my shards in, and they refired beautifully, so I'll refire a lot of my other shards so I...

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    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      They are very generous people. Hope you are able to recoup.


    3. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      They are very generous people. Hope you are able to recoup.


    4. vinks


      Time is a great healer...all blessings!!


  2. Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. I still can't believe I lost so much. Of the pots in this picture, all but the jar were destroyed in the fire. The jar is left because it was in a gallery. I took all my work out of the galleries I was in so I have a couple dozen pieces that I'll keep for my personal use.
  3. The Valley Fire wiped me out. Been to our property and our whole neighborhood is destroyed. I lost all: three wheels, three kilns, 400-500 pots, etc... I can replace my equipment and materials but my pots... that's where my big loss is because I can only claim cost of materials. All my hours of work and potential earnings are lost. I have a lot of questions which I'll be addressing in specific sections of the forum. I'm applying for a CERF grant and have set up an account for dona...

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    2. GiselleNo5


      I'm speechless. So, so sorry. :(

    3. BeckyH




      If anything beyond cash would be helpful, please let us know!

    4. crazypotterlady


      Pottery books!I had a large collection and my favorites I listed in the forum I wrote about 'thermal shock...', but any resource or idea books would be appreciated.

  4. My house/studio was burned to the ground in the Valley Fire that started very close to my home. Our street was the first to go and my area is totally destroyed. 75% of the homes in my little town are gone. I had over 300 pots ready for fairs and of course, all the pottery we use daily. I’m devastated. I’m hoping I’ll be able to recover some pots that didn’t break/melt, and maybe my kilns? Wheel? The evacuation order hasn’t been lifted yet. With the shards I’ll make a big mosaic wall when we...

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    2. flowerdry


      Will be thinking of you. I hope your insurance will cover things but know that even so your life has just become extremely difficult, probably for a long time. Be strong. Keep us posted and let us know if we can help.

    3. vinks


      Sorry to hear that....blessings sent your way!!

    4. Judy_in_GA


      I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I'll be thinking of you.

  5. Your colors and the art are just incredible!! I love the blackline~ it really gives definition to the wonderful painting. You've created a PRIZE!!
  6. I am now an official member of Potters' Council and I put up my artist portfolio. Next Saturday is the opening of a show I'm in (with 7 other potter/sculptors) at a gallery on the Mendocino Coast. And I just added listings to my etsy page. I'm finally feeling like an integrated part of the greater pottery world instead of going it by my lonesome.

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    2. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Welcome to Potters Council, crazypotterlady! And yes, John already said it: don't forget the calendar and the juried show submission. Good luck!

    3. vinks


      Congratulations !!!

  7. Totally sweet little pot! So much personality. Someone's going to love using this beauty.
  8. Absolutely gorgeous!! Beautiful shapes and designs. You are truly an artist!
  9. This is a really lovely bowl. Classic shape and a wonderfully subtle glaze. How large is it?
  10. Just posted some new photos done in arrangements. Made a series of them to put on cards for a mailing.

    1. GiselleNo5


      Absolutely lovely!!

  11. crazypotterlady


    Arrangements of ^6 pottery.
  12. I'm back from my first big fair, (one day, Mendocino, CA coast) and I'm exhausted but happy (not ecstatic, though). I sold well, although only 75% of what I did last year, but I did raise my prices 25%, mostly to offset the 20% of gross fee for the fair. Talking to the other artists, the consensus was that sales were less than last year. I'm reasonably sure I did better than the other potters and the organizers were very pleased with my sales (there was a central cashier). They'll get hundreds of $$ from my sales. It comes out to be my most expensive fair (by far) but I do well enough and wi
  13. I know I'm new to CAD forum, but I'm not new to pottery. How do I get out of the "newbie " designation on the forum? Is it number of posts or...?

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    2. GEP


      You can change the designation after you've made 30 posts.

    3. GiselleNo5


      It has to do with your activity on this site rather than your actual stage of expertise. I am a clay beginner but I'm super outgoing so my designation showed as advanced after like 2 weeks. :)

    4. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      welcome to the forum!


  14. New ^6 mugs. Dark clay with sgraffito through underglazes, dotted accents and white stoneware either carved with a colored transparent glaze or underglazes with an underglaze blackline design, dotted accents.
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