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  1. I am looking forward to getting in the studio once lockdown is over. As many of you have said there is far more to an open studio or course than the wheel time. So much is learned by immersion and I don't want to get into bad habits at home. I am finding online vids are great though and I am trying things I see then picking the bits that work for me. For example I previously opened differently but often had issues with a slight wobble after opening. I have discovered with the claw method used by the clay lady this happens less. That wouldn't work for everyone but seems to suit me.
  2. Thank you all. Lots to think about over the coming weeks. I will research a bit about the local market as most of the local potters I know of seem to do teaching which makes me wonder if they struggle to make it pay with pots. I am probably a bit long in the tooth for an apprenticeship Babs but I fully understand that would be the most efficient way of doing things. I guess some of it is that I would need to commit fully now and that is a big thing. If I practised on the side then when I felt ready I could slowly scale down my current business to scale up the pottery. I am not sure I am brave enough to take the jump yet. Cactus its a really interesting idea looking at planters or another niche. I was thinking mugs initially would be the way to go but a niche area might be sensible as I start out. Also I hadn't thought about the selling aspect liam.. I have a degree in business and marketing and have lots of real experience in that area so the business side of things doesn't phase me but I haven't previously had direct exposure to sales. I usually get someone else for the sales bit. As you say it seems amazing what some people sell and in numbers - a good sales pitch obviously makes a difference. I likes Marks advice of crack on with it now. No time like the present.
  3. Hi All I have enjoyed reading your posts and I am learning a lot. I wondered if any of you might be able to give me some guidance. I really didn't know which section to put this in so please feel free to move it. I did a 10 week course 7 years ago and fell in love with clay. I did a little open studio time and bought an old wheel and started doing a bit of practice at home. I was doing ok but the 10 week course was very loosely structured and I was making what the wheel wanted rather than what I wanted if you know what I mean. Then our circumstances changed and I had to stop my hobby as life got in the way. Anyway fast forward 7 years and I have got my old wheel out again. It seems I had forgotten a lot of what I had learnt and I have had to start from scratch again albeit some things like centering came back quick. I have realised I don't just want to make random things but actually get good and be able to do things with precision eventually. So until lockdown is over I am practising cylinders and cutting them all open to check my progress. After lockdown I intend to take a class. My current job is rather physically demanding and I can only imagine myself doing it for another 5 years or so. Therefore I have been thinking of other ways to make a living. I have a timeplan that I want to be doing something else by the time I am 50 (7 years away). I am really enjoying getting back into clay and was wondering whether this would be something that could provide me an income within that time frame. I only need to earn about £10 - £15K per annum and it could build up slowly alongside reducing commitments to my current job. Would it be feasible that I could get to a stage within 5-7 years that I could be earning an income from this or am I in cloud cuckoo land! Also if you think this could be done what time commitment would I need per week to make this happen? I could practice every day with a mixture of home wheel and open studio but I have a nearly full time job so can't practice all day long. I know everyone learns at different speeds but just trying to get a rough idea to work towards. If you have read through all that thanks for taking time to read it!
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