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  1. Marko ... beautiful platter! I love the texture and the glaze.
  2. Pretty freaking cool for scraps!
  3. Disappointing but in light of Mea's feedback on shows ... maybe it was the show. What was it geared towards?
  4. This whole bowl works for me ... shape, carving, rim glaze.
  5. Beautiful work ... I'm a sucker for blue/green glazes and this is gorgeous.
  6. Judy_in_GA

    Handbuilding work

    New to handbuilding ... work from 2015
  7. Susan ... love, love, love this ... you hit all my loves, shaped plate, blue/white, texture, fishy and swirls! Do you slip trail first then paint or vice versa?
  8. Yes to the magic box! I have one now at home. Re: sandwiching ... is that possible with curved pieces? It's hard to tell in the photo but the edges turn up slightly so it's not completely flat top to bottom.
  9. My favorite carved piece so far.
  10. Thanks! I used a line drawing of the outside to make sure it would fit but the rest is just eyeballing it. I love carving and texture!
  11. SusanL ... beautiful colors ... can you describe your process? Guinea mentioned underglazes and china paint ... either?
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