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  1. firenflux


    Some of my sgraffito work.
  2. I bought a new thermocouple awhile ago but have been too scared to attempt to replace it. I need to watch someone do it a few times to learn how.
  3. I brush my glazes on almost exclusively since I hate wax resist and I have lots of detailed areas. I'm pretty much adding my agreement to what's been said. I use lots of fan brushes and flow the glaze on. The 1st coat is the hardest with each successive coat getting easier. You get to know what each glaze wants. Some of them want 3 coats, some 4. With some I have to wait longer between coats, or load the brush more frequently. I use the wetness of the glaze on the piece as an indicator of where I started the coat. When I've worked all the way around I can see where the wetter areas are starting. For bigger pieces I look for a landmark on the piece, like a detail on the foot that I can clearly reference in relation to my starting point. If that's not possible, I will leave an unglazed strip, then paint that last. I've never had issues with being able to see that in the finished piece.
  4. I was lucky enough to get some clay exposure throughout elementary school in our weekly art classes. It was always the most exciting material we worked with. In high school I learned to through for the first time and then took another class right away in college. It wasn't long before I decided I wanted to specialize in ceramics instead of just learning 1 class in a bunch of different stuff I would do as an art education major.
  5. I take all jewelry off my hands before throwing. I often forget to put it back on again for weeks until my husband reminds me.
  6. Coyote opal over white underglaze on the bottom of this mug. I use this glaze a lot and I can vary the color a bit depending on what color clay body or underglaze I put it over.
  7. It does take a long time, but the decoration part is my favorite.
  8. This is a very nice form! I like the matte finished and bright interior in contrast to the white exterior. It's simple and clean, but also bright and fun. Nice job!
  9. firenflux


    Sample of work I am most proud of so far.
  10. I'm an obese potter and this is interesting to me as I don't see my weight or body shape as a hindrance in throwing. I know my body's limitations and adjust accordingly. In some ways, my larger size is actually helpful as I have a larger surface area in which to brace my arms against, and I can throw some of my body weight into centering instead of relying solely on strength. I use a couple blocks to prop my left foot up since I have short legs, but I have no problem getting close enough to the wheel. I can't sit for hours and throw since it's too taxing on my body, so I throw a handful of things, then get up and move around to stretch out and work on another task for a bit before I go back and throw more. I agree with what's been said above, it's about making adjustments that work for each student. I have a 10 year old student who can't straddle the wheel to get close enough. We use extra blocks for her feet and a rolled up towel in her lap so she has more to brace her arms against. Many years ago I taught a teenager with long nails who refused to cut them. We just used sponges in each hand so she could get around that issue. Have you asked any of these students for the reason they don't stick with it, or is this just your assumption? If you havent, it might be a good idea. Asking for ways you can improve from your current students may also be a good idea to improve your student retention if that is your goal.
  11. Between $28 and $60 depending on size and amount of detail.
  12. Sponge holders, growlers, coffee pour overs, ewers, spoons, scoops, cheese boards, flasks, candle holders, aquarium furniture, napkin rings
  13. I never rebisque and I do this all the time. I just make sure the piece is totally dry again after adding more underglaze and before glazing.
  14. Good thing I don't work in a community studio! LOL I would definitely not sit behind a wheel that was clearly in use. Some people are oblivious. But oh my word, I'm such a toucher. I touch everybody. If I'm going behind someone and I think I might bump into them I say, "I'm behind you!" and touch their back or arm lightly. I used to work in a restaurant and I've had people back into me with a tray of food or bar drinks as they turned away from the counter so it's now thoroughly ingrained to vocally and physically announce my presence. I'm also very bad about if someone is wearing pretty earrings, I will compliment them and brush them gently with one finger. I don't grab the person's face or anything but I touch before I think. Apparently I'm four years old. But once I get to know people I can usually tell if they don't like the touching and I won't hug them on greeting or goodbye. (Notice, Sydney, that I did not hug you on this visit. That was specifically because I thought you did not prefer it. I'm very pleased with myself that I was right!) Even some of my very close friends do not like to be hugged and once I figure it out or they finally tell me, I don't do it any more. Oh my gosh I would so run away from you! My personal space bubble is at least 3 feet in any direction at all times!
  15. 1. JUST thrown wet pots 2. Handles on wet or bone dry pieces 3. me when I'm doing anything in there 4. GLAZE mixer 5. Tickle spots
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