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  1. firenflux


    Some of my sgraffito work.
  2. I brush my glazes on almost exclusively since I hate wax resist and I have lots of detailed areas. I'm pretty much adding my agreement to what's been said. I use lots of fan brushes and flow the glaze on. The 1st coat is the hardest with each successive coat getting easier. You get to know what each glaze wants. Some of them want 3 coats, some 4. With some I have to wait longer between coats, or load the brush more frequently. I use the wetness of the glaze on the piece as an indicator of where I started the coat. When I've worked all the way around I can see where the wetter areas are
  3. It does take a long time, but the decoration part is my favorite.
  4. This is a very nice form! I like the matte finished and bright interior in contrast to the white exterior. It's simple and clean, but also bright and fun. Nice job!
  5. firenflux


    Sample of work I am most proud of so far.
  6. Between $28 and $60 depending on size and amount of detail.
  7. Throwing things in my mind, but my couch is so comfy I haven't gone to my studio to actually create them.

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    2. SydneyGee


      Draw them out! (:

    3. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      First the ideas (couch time), then the "real thing" in the studio. Put a wooden board under the couch pillow??

    4. GiselleNo5


      Now if we can just find a way to sell these pots we make mentally ....

  8. Glaze firing cooking after a week of glazing and an all night error last night. Kiln gods be kind!

    1. glazenerd


      I hate FTL codes.

  9. Waiting for leather hard so I can trim stuff...

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    2. GiselleNo5


      I had thrown some pots and then came down with bronchitis the next day. I crept out and wrapped them up. Now I'm feeling better but I'm scared ....


    3. GiselleNo5


      Not sure how dry they've become in the past 10 days.


    4. firenflux


      Hope the pots stayed wet and that you feel better Giselle

  10. Making handles and trying something different

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    2. firenflux


      Just adding some spirals to top and bottom.

    3. GiselleNo5
    4. GiselleNo5


      That was you on Instagram, I remember now. I love it.

  11. firenflux

    My nautical stuff

    I grew up near the ocean and near a large lake. Now I live in Arizona and desperately miss the water. This is a theme I use in my work a lot.
  12. Can't stop watching all the potters on Periscope...must remember to sleeep

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    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      it is a great site!


    3. AndreaB


      Who do you follow?

    4. firenflux


      Tons of people, but a few post more than others. Michael Kline, Adam Field, and Adriana Christianson do good scopes.

  13. Hillbilly hosed off my clay clothes outside while pinned to my chain link fence today. I'm sure the neighbors were impressed.

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    2. alabama


      Note to self, marry first, THEN hose off the girl!!!:-)

    3. Benzine


      Not sure using the hose is "Hillbilly" enough. I think to be considered that, you have to wash them on the rocks near the Ol' Fishin' Hole...

    4. firenflux


      Next time I will recruit a jug band to seranade e while I'm hosing.

  14. Haven't been here in awhile. Seeing what everyone's been up to.

    1. Chris Campbell

      Chris Campbell

      Welcome back ... we have been mostly behaving ourselves!

    2. Babs


      just went to your gallery, lovely pots, what temp are you firing to?

    3. firenflux


      Babs I fire to cone 6 electric. Chris, dissapointed you've all been behaving.

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