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  1. I watched the previous two seasons recently. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do wonder how they are going to keep coming up with new throwing challenges though. For the purposes of the show, there really is only so much they can do, within that format.
  2. THAT'S DISGUSTING! Urine should not be used in glaze, but instead, just swished around in the mouth, as a teeth whitener like nature intended! Seriously though, my High School Art Teacher told us stories of he, or at least people he knew in College, who would urinate on their Raku pots, after pulling them out. Did this actually happen? Who knows? Myy Teacher had stories for days, and at the very least, they were entertaining.
  3. Is it the entire kiln load, or just a select few? Could anything be falling onto the pieces, like corrosion from a thermocouple?
  4. Oh Snap!... Literally. Like @liambesaw said, the bars are more reliable, for the sitters.
  5. I require my students to have a sketch, that shows their general idea, for the form, and an approximate width and height. Just hopping on the wheel, and stating "I'm make a bowl, mug, etc" tells me little. How big of a bowl or mug? What do you plan to use if for? How are you going to finish the bottom? It annoys them, that I ask these questions, but I tell them, I can't help them, unless I see their vision.
  6. I *generally* have a really good idea, of what I'm making well before I start. I champion sketching, to all my students, and I try to practice what I preach. There was a time, at home, that I had a specific form that I wanted to make. I had done something like it before, and had it pictured in my head. Once I got past the initial stages, to the forming, it just wasn't working for me. So I got some new clay, and before I restarted, I grabbed some chalk, from my daughter's Art easel, and made a rough sketch on it. That's all it took, and I knocked it out, no problem. The only time I kind of wing it, is when doing demos, where I don't have a final product, that I am trying to achieve, and when I'm making a lot of random forms, like for an "Empty Bowls" donation.
  7. Or if you live in a small, rural town, it can change day to day, especially when something in the main gets knocked loose. Then there are the times the City forgets to change their filters, or they flush the hydrants. I hope you want RIO in your glaze recipe, because that's what you're getting!
  8. That seems high for a cone 6 electric firing. I've seen an average estimate of about $20 per electric firing so $40 for a bisque and glaze.
  9. Mea, that's one reason, I went away from design into teaching. I came to the realization, that despite all my training and insight, a customer could come in and say, "That's 'OK', but can you use the 'Jokerman' font, in bright pink?..."
  10. Yeah, a lot of unwanted glaze waste, can be fired so they melt, and are relatively less hazardous.
  11. That's some Gale Boetticher level coffee brewing, right there!
  12. @Marcia Selsor Nope, that's too early for that weather!... @liambesaw Love the form and glazing. My Dad has a "birdbath" shape he made in college, where he sprayed some oxides, similar to that. He still has it, though it probably has some damage from the dang kids!... What is the exact function and usage of that form? Is it like a pour over coffee carafe?
  13. When you say "Cookie" , do you mean the small piece of ceramic, used to raise pieces off the kiln shelves, or the baked good?
  14. Oh, I *made* matching sets, the students just struggle with keeping them that way... I have them numbered, along with the thickness clearly labeled. And when that didn't keep them together, I actually counter sunk small magnets into them, so the pairs would be stuck together. And still, they can't keep them together.
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