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  1. I had a friend, who lived in Northern Maine. We always joked, that it was the moose antlers, that interfered with his internet and cell phone signal.
  2. The couple times I've been on Amazon Handmade, it looks about the same way. A lot of "handmade" stuff, that looks like the same mass-produced stuff that is on the standard Amazon.
  3. Oh, I believe that YouTube can be a pretty good indicator of many things...
  4. Sizzle Sauce sounds like the name for any drool that escapes, after you received a zap. Do Canadians blame pixies for their woes?
  5. That looks like some glaze got on there, and at through the brick, then the element.
  6. I like "Chiefly Ceramic", as it works on a couple levels.
  7. Finally got a new splash pan, for my classroom Shimpo RK-2.  The old yellow one, has probably been on there, since the Carter Administration.  It had been cracked, since I started in the District, and I have been meaning to replace it.  Finally, last year a bat flew off, and shatter one of the sides.  So that forced my hand. 

    The wheel head *really* didn't want to come off.  I actually had to remove the entire axle, just to get leverage, from the underside of the wheel head, to remove it.  Half a can of "Liquid Wrench" didn't really help, until that point. 

    Now, I just have to remove as much as possible, from the frame, so I can remove the rust and old paint, and give it a fresh coat. 

  8. Have you looked into bead racks/ trees? They serve the exact purpose, you are looking for. Porcelain does get very close to melting, as it reaches maturity, and larger items would likely dent, from a stilts, but I can't imagine a pendant having enough weight to cause any harm. Still, the bead rack, seems like a better option, especially if you plan to make more down the line.
  9. I have *never* used air dry clay, but I did a quick search, and it seems it can by rehydrated by soaking it in water. If that's true, I would imagine you can wrap some damp paper towels around your object, cover it in plastic to soften it back up.
  10. Awwww, look at that little guy.... The controller is bigger than it is!
  11. I should also note, that I used some of those Speedball bats, in my classroom, for a few years. I liked that they were plastic, and were not supposed to warp, which was a selling point with teenagers involved in the process... However, after a couple years, I ran into both issues, that the original poster did. The pin holes widened out, when actually led to some of them flying off the wheel, many times hitting the water bucket. They also did warp leading to the final form not being completely level. Also, it made things feel off center, even when they weren't. This made it difficult to teach the students to get a feel for the clay, when it always felt a bit off. I ended up buying new wood-ish bats from my clay supplier. Other than growing some mold, they have worked well so far.
  12. Good points @GEP. I know, when I glaze, on the inside, I start at the bottom, with quite a bit of glaze. I then use that excess, like a well essentially, to brush the rest of the inside. So I know, I have plenty of coverage on the inside. Obviously, I can't do this on the outside, so I probably have slightly less coverage, even with my years of experience.
  13. That is an overfired clay! Alternately, I've personally seen something like that happen, when a dried glaze powder was accidentally mixed in with wet clay, instead of a dried clay powder. Both powders were the same color and consistency. So nothing seemed amiss, until they were fired a couple projects, that used that clay. They slumped pretty bad, but didn't completely melt. They also took on a hint of the glaze color. So yeah, luckily that bad mix was just a couple student's mixed clay, and it just got tossed. I felt TERRIBLE though, because one of the students had a nice sculpture, that she put a lot of work into.
  14. I successfully fired low fire clay, in a pit, after bisquing it to Cone 04. But like Liam stated, you don't want the clay body to be vitrified. A groggy body will better be able to withstand the thermal shock as well.
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