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  1. Hey Neil, I had a question on whether or not you would suggest that someone spends their retirement fund. Thoughts?...
  2. You mean the couple inch long exhaust system on my mower, isn't doing a lot to keep CO2 emissions down?! Also, I think gas tanks on small engines, like mowers and snow blowers are purposely designed to be deceptive. They look like they are not filling at all, and then suddenly it's overflowing...
  3. Yeah, I did an experiment during my student teaching, with a spare ceramic tile they had sitting around. I painted an acrylic design on the tile, then put a clear glaze over the top. The acrylic looked extremely aged, under the clear glaze, and you could still tell what the design was. I will note, this was low fire.
  4. I've fired things with acrylic on them before. It's going to burn off obviously, and create some fumes. I can't imagine it will be too bad, but I guess it depends on how much area is covered and how thickly it was painted. I regularly fire projects stuffed with newspaper, and the smoke from that doesn't hurt the kiln, or even set off the smoke alarm that is nearby.
  5. Ah! I just wasn't sure if storing them in a bowl that has extra air flow like that, helped keep them longer. We get berries at the super market, and they come in those plastic clam shells. They have to be eaten quick, or they turn to mush/ grow mold. I've heard some people rinse them with dilute vinegar to prevent mold, but wasn't sure if that was one of those "hacks" that doesn't actually work.
  6. @Callie Beller Diesel Are those berry bowls just for rinsing berries, or for storage?
  7. I've seen pictures of a "Garbage Glaze" where someone used a banana and orange peel. Both of those did leave noticeable changes to the surface.
  8. If the water is essentially clear, then you are fine. But if it's murky, I would not be dumping it down any drain, that doesn't have some type of trap system that can be easily cleaned out. Many potters use a series of buckets or other such containers to filter their slop water. The containers are left to settle and the clear water on top is decanted into the next container, or they are connected with raised outlets, so they drain themselves, when they get full enough. You'll find numerous topics here about those set ups, including photos. Just search "Sink Trap" or something alo
  9. I wasn't aware of that. My house has asbestos siding, probably done in the '50s, over top of the original wood siding. The color is pretty bland, but I have no desire to mess with it, as it's durable stuff.
  10. Sorry to hear about that exposure @JMmr. I hope you are fortunate enough, that it doesn't lead to any long term issues. I just find it interesting that even the Ancient Greeks knew that asbestos was likely bad news, despite its beneficial properties. Yet humans continued to use it for centuries longer, if not more.
  11. Unless my supplier has changed something since last Fall, they still use twist ties. I didn't order any clay this year, since I had a surplus, due to our Spring courses being cut short.
  12. I had some shivering-like problems on my low fire white, that I have used for years. It was a handful of projects, and with specific underglaze colors. Haven't had any issues since.
  13. I have used Continental Clay in all of my classrooms over the years, and am happy with them, BUUUUT their lack of listed specifications is odd. Almost every other clay supplier I've seen lists Cone range, shrinkage and absorption, and I am puzzled as to why they don't. I know of some professional potters that use some of their clay with a wide firing range (Firing in the middle of those ranges), and wonder if they've had any issues?
  14. I don't know about all that... But the hive mind that is the Ceramics Daily Forum has plenty of knowledgeable posters many of which who were/ are also teachers. To me, this place is invaluable.
  15. I think it's awesome! I've actually thought about doing that in my classroom with students. I'd probably start by making one myself, and then have a volunteer make one for each subsequent firing.
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