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  1. Well, he sure was funny lookin! And if you get the reference, you get bonus points.
  2. Yes. You need to dry the piece then break it into small bits and rehydrate by weight to the viscosity you want. Once it's throughly mixed, let it sit overnight to clear out the aeration. You will need to add flocculants to keep the slip in proper suspension when you cast with it.
  3. If you have never come across this, I hope you enjoy it: Marvin Bell DRAWN BY STONES, BY EARTH, BY THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN IN THE FIRE I can tell you about this because I have held in my hand the little potter’s sponge called an “elephant ear". Naturally, it’s only a tiny version of an ear, but it’s the thing you want to pick up out of the toolbox when you wander into the deserted ceramics shop down the street from the cave where the fortune-teller works. Drawn by stones, by earth, by things that have been in the fire. The elephant ear listens to the side of the vase as it is pulled upwards from a dome of muddy clay. The ear listens to outside wall of the pot and the hand listens to the inside wall of the pot, and between them a city rises out of dirt and water. Inside this city live the remains of animals, animals who prepare for two hundred years to be clay. Rodents make clay, and men wearing spectacles make clay, though the papers they were singing go up in flames and nothing more is known of these long documents except by those angels who divine in our ashes. Kings and queens of the jungle make clay and royalty and politicians make clay although their innocence stays with their clothes until unraveled. There is a lost soldier in every ceramic bowl. The face on the dinner plate breaks when the dish does and lies for centuries unassembled in the soil. These things that have the right substance to begin with, put into the fire at temperatures that melt glass, keep their fingerprints forever, it is said, like inky sponges that walk away in the deep water.
  4. The big thing in molds is the ability of the material to pull water from the slip so the object wall builds up. Porosity and capillary action are essential. I can't see how plastics could manage this.
  5. Even orders as simple as a product you already make in a different color can go wrong. Always get at least half of the money up front and don't be afraid to charge through the nose. Better to give them a copy of your show schedule and tell them to see what you have next time.
  6. You can also use a sponge to smooth greenware before bisque firing.
  7. Videos of people's failures would be very useful-seeing others mistakes can show you more than watching them work perfectly. In general we have tried to shelter folks from failure so much that working past disappointment is very hard for them.
  8. The master is what you make your mold from. The working mold is what you make your cast items with.
  9. Hey folks, just because you got brownies, that doesn't mean you can't get a pound cake! If you want more encouraging baked goods, just let me know.
  10. If yu move higher in the tree and are willing to use a net, you can go fishing for bats as well. Having long hair helps, as the bats will aim right for it.
  11. If you want your tasty reward, get me your address.
  12. Take a page from the construction of the cake itself and put a post down the center of the Death Star to support the weight. Make it a cylinder and you get the best support/weight ratio. If you make the top of the post stick up from the stand you can attach a bolt to it, and the bottom of the cake plate can have a nut attached so they are screwed together. I suppose a hole in the top, and some regular pipe fittings from Home Depot would work as well. (Pipe of correct length, threaded on both ends with flange on the bottom, attach other flange to cake board.) This is a nifty idea!
  13. Went to the American Crafts Expo here today-full of gorgeous stuff the really makes the art-craft continuum come alive. If you're anywhere near Chicago you should try to attend this show!

  14. While they may rhyme, pound cakes are not (usually) round! Once again, the motivator is available.
  15. That's lovely! I'm sure you are not leaving things where the live kitty can come across them any more. Having work in progress broken really hurts. And the piggy mug was fantastic. You will still raise lots of money for the animals.
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