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    I live on a mountain in a small rural county, so I like to hike with my dogs, which I do everyday. I love to read, play the piano, take care of my 20 mo old identical twin granddaughters, and of course to POT!!

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I have been working with clay since my first pottery class in my senior year of college ('69). My degree is in art and my mentor/professor encouraged me to take all my required art curriculum before delving into clay, so my entire senior year was all pottery. HEAVEN!! I was hooked!!


I first worked in ^6 until I got a position as a potter for a pottery shop in Los Gatos, CA (Mud in Your Eye from '74- '80), where we fired a 30 cu' downdraft ^10 reduction. I continued in ^10 reduction until this year when I completed the transition back to ^6.


By the late 80s, I found it too difficult to make enough money off of my pottery, so I went back to college and got my teaching credential. I started off wanting to be a high school art teacher, but I live in a very small rural county with only 7 high schools, each with one art teacher, so the odds of getting a job were slim. I changed to elementary and got a job in '88, teaching 5/6 grade, which meant I could only do pottery, in my 10 cu' Olympic updraft, during the summer. I did do a lot of clay work with my students and teaching teachers, but it was all ^06 done at school.


I started the transition to ^6 in the mid-90s.  I bought a small electric kiln (3 cu') and started experimenting with color, first a dark clay body with a wax design and opaque colored glazes, then a dark body with colorful underglazes with sgraffito. Over the years my ^6 work has represented an evermore proportion of my work.


I retired from teaching in '13, and last year in my first major art fair (Mendocino Coast) outside my local area, 90% of what I sold was ^6.  It's a new look and I now have the time to develop this new style. I'm getting ready for the same fair, again, and all I'm bringing is ^6. We'll see how it goes.

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