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  1. When the New Year starts with Jan,instead of making long list ,let's decide to shape up one big DREAM that we care most.Lets be focussed and be more accountable for fulfilling it,so let bring 2017 by being Creative.Happy New Year !!

    1. glazenerd


      My resolution is to make traditional glazes:non-traditionally :)

  2. So, organised and tidy..me impressed,Lee!!
  3. Reminds me of the poem “Mirror mirror on my wallâ€,reformed in my version (on a" humour note").. I, just want to be fabulous, pretty and tall (all my pots refer me as saying )… Mirror mirror, if i change the shape , Maybe someone will like the arched Mirror mirror, don’t you see? What you show is ruining me (I say no not this another shape/dimension)..not this till infinite pots are dumped.. Mirror decided to reply: Don't you think you see? It is not true..this misery is within you..find oneself what you want to build rather youâ€ll lose all control.. Thereafte
  4. What a question…had to search my soul what did I mastered.… soul whispered The art of bouncing back........ Build Destroy Rebuild Mastering anything is hard work, harder than what I do…. Carrying a heart that never hurts and carry a smile that never fades(wish the whole world could master this)
  5. I prefer simple forms added with different techniques can do wonders/enhance the form….its again taste and preferences change as per the rainy day.The concept of decorative explores the ideas of enhancing a form induces me the following techniques: sgraffito/geometric patterns/pierced… At times my aesthetic goes to the base of pieces…prefer bases to be decorated,doodling on different forms is a great warm up exercise for me. Vinks.
  6. In the previous threads too, I have had always mentioned and given great significance to the online courses. Come may not, I prefer joining these courses.It provides great insights Yeah, me have attended THINK BIG - 2 …which according to me is a perfect package covering from taking better photographs to art of pricing to generating sales..you think/imagine and you get here…Its nostalgic at times to hear individual artists (medium is audio/video)along with their innovative tips,experiences. I feel we need to think out of the box,,,,,we keep sticking to classroom atmosphere……There is
  7. Can provide you with an alternative. Try using, linoleum blocks as per your utility.
  8. There’s the rich web of relationship between the two .. What is art? An appreciation of what is .. art is not to be questioned - (according to me) Just enjoyed. The spiritual strength of knowledge makes you innovative,creative…your skills blossom. Its the quest of the soul being answered by quest to create.
  9. Though never happen to meet Tom but got to knew him thru his various indispensable posts. I, vividly remember he dropped a message thanking me for likes. Pure soul,who will be missed a lot. My heart goes out to his family ,during this difficult time.
  10. An error occurred You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day Wish i had more of positive votes for the day..Please,Please increase the positive votes,,cant wait for the next day Going through every day, life happens to everyone but we as individuals/artist here chose to be different. I felt every person/artist here had its own story/ journey with clay, even though accumulated with frustration, limitations,experimentation,we carry on with excitement and let keep this happening every day... . How we choose to respond to circumstances determines our love with clay. If
  11. As guest co -moderator,I am curious to go thru my own clay journey thru your experiences. Girts:An exciting journey as you mentioned ….the enrichness you posses being positive is amazing….sure you will go a long way . Joseph F:I feel frustrations lead to happiness. frustrations bring us little lessons to be learned,Its great you always come out of your comfort zone to rejoice at the end results. Terrim:That’s life ....CÉST LA VIE...more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability to elevate by conscious endeavour. Nerd:Your journey really seems remarkable unique.
  12. Evelyne,I would start by saying I got hooked up with QOTW,everytime. Nothing specific, rather I liked all of them….. all were thoughtful and moreover the questions always put me probing myself(mind and soul searching). I would be happy if you keep continuing on this. Vinks.
  13. "Its we as humans; who make our life complicated",be it any profession hardships follows so for Potters too. Let us then be up and doing With a heart for any fate Still achieving still pursuing Learn to labor and wait......(Longfellow) Nonetheless,Its we who simplify and make it beautiful.
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