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    Recently retired and taking advantage of the added studio time. I teach beginners wheel classes at a small community arts center.
    I make functional cone 6 stoneware.

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  1. I have had some good results with bisquing some brillo pads, then sprinkling the fine powder over wet glaze. Shows up really nicely in white glaze and you can speckle heavily or lightly as it suits you. If the glaze dries too much before I can make the particles stick, I just mist the area with water. I suppose you could just mix the powder into the glaze and apply it that way.
  2. See if you can find Pete Pinnel's essay on flocculation vs deflocculation. That was what finally made things click for me. If you think of it in terms of thick vs thin you will eventually become confused because that is not what it going on.
  3. Doc weathers and Niel, I tried to find that resist without luck. On the Ceramic supply website I only see the mayco and duncan. Is either one of those what you're talking about?
  4. Small areas of unintended resist can sometimes be sanded off depending on the piece. For these pieces could you maybe scratch through the wax and then apply underglaze on the scratches. This works so nicely when the clay is still moist, I have no idea if it would work once the piece is bone dry. Maybe rehydrate the entire piece slightly? Just brainstorming here....
  5. I have one hydrobat that I use occasionally for certain projects. The pin holes have always been ok, but now the bat is warped. I didn't think that would happen to a hydrobat.
  6. Amaco's blue rutile looks pretty much just like your pictures.
  7. Is anyone else going to the Mid Atlantic Clay Conference in Front Royal VA next week?

    1. bciskepottery


      I'm at Art on the Avenue in DelRay, Alexandria.

  8. Pres, you gave me a good laugh...answering the dog ear question 2 years later. I see you subscribe to my philosophy of "I get to everything....eventually."
  9. Bruce, do you apply the soda ash wash to greenware or bisque?
  10. I would be interested in reading the artists' comments/thoughts/interpretations along with the picture of their entry.
  11. How about using a matte clear glaze on the inside, that way you won't lose that look...although I suspect even the matte glaze will alter the appearance of the clay somewhat.
  12. I've decided I'm a Christmas rush junkie. I find something I like and works and then I'm on to the next experiment.
  13. Where is "here", Mart.???? And why aren't you telling us your gender? Yes, we drink a lot of tea here in the south...a lot of it "sweet tea" which is syrupy sweet iced tea. But we also no longer use saucers for our hot tea.
  14. I never knew that pottery was such a dangerous profession. Clay dust...toxic glaze chemicals...and now various diseases from collecting hair for brushes, and brain ameobas from collecting rain water. AAArghhhhh!
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