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  1. AAAh getting into pots ( I thought that book was familiar to me) I "used" to have a copy of that book and I think I have lent it to someone and they have never returned it, ( even tho. it will have my name on it) It used to be my bible but alas not any more obviously..........Is there a purple glaze recipe in that, if so what is it?, I like the sound of oldlady''s recipe and yes I think my recipe called for Soda Feldspar as well, but I will be doing testing of glazes in a couple of weeks Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated
  2. Hi, would anyone out there know where I can buy Mason stain powders, in Australia, we can get stains, but I dont know if they are as vibrant colours as offered by Mason Thanks in advance I have tried various clay materials outlets all over Aus. and the reply is virtually, " No we cant get those" Amaco are available, but not in powder form, powders are necessary for us as we require postage living in Far Nth. edit: Hi @natalie at perth , I went in and changed the title of your post to reflect the content. Makes it easier for future searches and perhaps you'll get more replies this way. Min
  3. IN the picture it looks more slightly greenish, perhaps if you mixed your satin white glaze powder with the tiniest amount of copper carb, I would suggest .0025 per kg of glaze powder Or if you are wanting greenish, then Copper carb in a tiny amount, but there are Robin's blue glaze recipes on internet, which might give you some indication of how much colourant to add to your stable already glaze recipe I love your turquoise range colours
  4. Who is the author of "getting into pots" I have many glaze books, but am not sure about that one And yes the recipe is cone 6
  5. Yes my recipe is midfire cone 6 thanks for the tecno. stuff regarding the sniptool, will give it a go But I have problems loading photos from my phone onto this hard drive computer, not very computer savvy, been bought up in the pounds shillings and pence days...lol But thanks for you input
  6. Hi oldlady, it was a semi satin colour that I wanted, so am eager to try the recipe you gave me, thanks - watch this space
  7. Hi Tomas, I have tried quite a few samples from Glazy.org and find that some of the materials are different from what is available in Australia, and of course once settling on a recipe I am impatient to try/test these.. I have also found that the glazes don't come out as stated at times as well, colours are not as intense or similar - thanks anyway, I will try the recipe offered and let you know what happens
  8. OOOH thankyou so much, I will try this one out and let you know the result, we use PB103 a white fine clay and fire to cone 6 - 7 That is very kind of you, does this come out purple or mauve, I tried to get a photo of my purple, but I can only take photos on my phone, which I cant/don't know how to put on the hard drive computer
  9. Hi - I pull my handles and curl the handles inwards, once they are pulled, I let them harden slightly before attaching them to the mugs, Push the top of the handle hard onto the top of the mug,and tidy as you go - and with a curl, you can actually "tighten" the handle to suit the placement, scratch where you are going to attach, glue ( with some slip) and push the curled part against the mug. I have never had any handles come away from the mug with this method, and find them very comfortable to drink from. Once handles are attached, store your mugs upside down to "drop' correctly.
  10. Hi, I used to have the most beautiful semi matt purple glaze recipe which I used on the outside bottom half of my coffee mugs with a lovely dark turquoise glaze inside and top outside. We have recently had a cyclone and all of my pottery notes /recipes got ruined and I dont have the recipe anymore - is there anyone that can help me please It was a gorgeous generous colour, I had thought of testing the raspberry glaze recipe with more cobalt but am unsure how much more to add - we fire to cone 6 electric, the recipe was stable and very pretty and intense
  11. Hi Buckeye I dont know what brands of porcelain you get in U.S.A. as I am from Perth Australia - but I have found porcelain to be quite challenging, as not much water may be used, that is no problem for myself, but I have friends who have problems in this area. It seems you have to start small to practice, as you cant fiddle about too much, - straight up to a fine cylinder, then shape out without too much twisting (this can happen easily) it is like anything the more you practice the better you become, the rims of your bowls can be made fairly thick-ish as you can turn them back before you turn the bottoms. You can decorate and carve into the 'finished'bowl with a sharp dentist tool or small dremmel, of course you must wear a mask for this work, rubbing back can be done when leather hard to dry, dont worry too much if the bowls warp out of shape as this is part of porcelain features and if glazed beautifully doesnt really matter, it is a wonderful medium and you will love it once you get started - I love it
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