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  1. I had to drag this thread back up. If only to present a bright side. I started classes again. The place I'm taking classes has been teaching them for 50 years. of the 25 class currently offered in clay, I believe most are full. (current online list is inaccurate). My instructor has a collage education. He has work in clay for 40 years. Selling and teaching are his only source of income. His adult advance throwing/hand building classes are always full. Several of the students in my own class have participated in shows in the past year. When I look around the room at class I see people who have enough dedication to make big changes in their lives in order to make clay a part of it. Growing up I was always told that you could never support yourself with art. So I became a nurse. Now I'm back at art again. No matter what happens with the colleges, there will always be people who will do what ever it takes to learn the craft of their choice. With the internet these people will find each other.
  2. Thanks Min, I know how to do the string method, but wanted a program so I could just print the template, much faster. Thanks everyone else.
  3. Hi all, about 2 years ago I was asking about a way to make oval templates to a predetermined size. some one on the forum made a program to do this. I have not been able to find the post about this. Does anyone remember this or know of a free program to create oval templates?
  4. I have been looking into this style of tile also. The only thing I could come up with was using Amaco velvet underglazes, then applying wax over it. I thought if the underglaze wasn't dark enough to add some synthetic colorant. Has anyone else tried this method yet?
  5. I have also been looking into this. I was planning to use Amaco velvet undergalze for the black line area, then going back over with wax before glazing. I was thinking if the underglaze is not dark enough than adding some synthetic colorant. Has anyone tried this method yet. I know it seems time consuming but I havent come up with anything else.
  6. All I ever use is clay and water. I use an old blender to mix. I then put it through a screen. (150?) I have made larger batches using a drill mixer. I practice a lot. Just using a batt. Swirl, swirl, swirl, then wipe off. I found too much epson salt caused the trailing to dry uneven. Make sure what ever your slip trailing on is no drier than leather hard.
  7. Hi all, I am not able to sit at the computer much any more and haven't been on the forum. I bought a Samsung tablet (2014). For some reason it will not let me log in to the forum. I am certain of my password and information. I have this with some other sites also. Does anyone have suggestions? Also, I am having neck surgery this week. Bone spurs and two disks removed. Then three vertebra fused. I'm hoping for a full recovery and to back to throwing in a couple of months. My problems are not related to throwing. I have a degenerative disc/bone disease. I will update periodically on my recovery for those that are faced with the idea of upcoming surgery. I have been able to put it off for a long time by continued exercise. Unfortunately, the Neurosurgeon is predicting I will have some permanent nerve damage. If anyone can help with using the tablet I would really appreciate it.
  8. Rex, This might give similar results in electric with a three hour cool down after 1900F..
  9. Grape, I also have health issues.I only do indoor shows in the spring and fall. All local. When I do a show I have a helper to do most of the lifting. They are paid in pottery. Even if you have to hire help and take a loss I would try a couple of shows. The experience of personally selling your work and return in information is priceless.
  10. I started to think of glazing the same way I do throwing, it's a process with a learning curve. For me, I needed to devote as much time to glazing as I did to throwing before I had results I liked.
  11. Mark, My question is do you feel like you have worked harder last year? Is it possible that even this far into the game you have increased your efficiency? New work methods?
  12. Cooking and cleaning. Degenerative disc disease, made worse from standing and bending. I have a whole collection of recipes with only 30 minutes to prep. Sally, Try a firm pillow on your stomach then use a kindle case that props the book up. I've really bad arthritis in my elbow and can't keep it in a bent position.
  13. Yes, apply kiln wash thin. Thicker is not better.
  14. I think most people would be happier if they all had something they were as passionate about as we are about clay? I feel a lack of purpose leads to a lot of unhappiness.
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