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  1. I think the shock paddles would melt it for you. Don't forget the contact gell.
  2. I have seen posted before info about a forum. I think it was International Assc. Of China Painters. It was a wealth of information.
  3. I have been using slip to decorate vessels. I just use straight clay. It could use a lot of improvement. I'm not sure this recipe is right for me, I don't have the Goldart. Can anyone explain what the advantages of using a slip like this verses just clay as I am doing?
  4. I don't know any information. I just saw the photo a couple of months ago and remembered seeing it.
  5. I found the picture of the electric kilns linked together to make a wood fire kiln. It is on the Instagram feed of Ryan McKerley. https://instagram.com/p/nQ4jHKPtLr/?taken-by=ryanmckerley No copy past option here.
  6. When I am testing new glazes I progress from standing test tiles, placed over a tray the first time to small bowls before proceeding to use the glaze on anything of great value. Not only do you need glaze information on how it will react vertically, horizontally, where it breaks, but also where it pools.
  7. I am working on larger ( greater than 8 inches) bonsai pots. What I have learned to do it make extra feet to support the bottom of the pot. The bonsai pots have feet, but they are heavy and have the same issues with cracking as a flat plate. The feet are not attached and travel with the pot from making through drying, bisque, and glaze firing. They are then thrown away as each pot is unique. I have also done this with a large 24 inch platter that I made with feet. I place the extra feet about every four inches.
  8. You have so much artistic talent. The pose of the cat and anatomy is spot on. Very impressive.
  9. How cold it is.

    1. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Ack, you on the east coast? In eastern Washington here... 40s and RAIN! You'd think Seattle moved over here! :)

    2. ChenowethArts


      It is so cold that hitchhikers are holding up pictures of thumbs!

      So cold that Starbucks is serving coffee on a stick!

    3. Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Been raining, 40's to 60's. Friday, might be in the 70's. So not to bad. Firing help keep the studio warm.

      Good ones Paul. LOL.

  10. Hi Tristan, The last time I purchased some it came from an independent seller through Amazon. It is soy wax mad for candle making.
  11. I use a cheap foam brush. The melt temp for the soy wax is pretty low. If the wax hardens in the brush, I just hold it down in the pan of warm wax for a couple of seconds till soft again. You do have to work fairly quickly, which I like. By the wax setting up quickly leaves less time for it to drip or smudge. If you work slowly, than hot wax is probably not a good fit. Hot wax is also best for people with larger amounts of items to glaze. If you have a small kiln and don't fire often, cold wax would probably be a better fit.
  12. The soy wax I use is made for candles. It comes shredded in a bag. Melts at a very low temp. No fumes. The last bag I purchased on the web but it is available at craft and candle making supplies store. I use an electric skillet on the warm setting. I brush on with a foam brush or just dip the bottom in. After dipping I continue to hold the pot upside down for a few seconds to prevent drips. Planning to try out some wax resist decoration soon.
  13. I am soooo lazy. I made a bowl. then squished into a square/rectangle shape. When it was leather hard I cut small wedges out of two opposite ends. This is where I place the wire to hang the pendents after the bowl was bisqued fired. This way if the glaze dripped, the bowl caught it.
  14. This past year I switched to hot soy wax. I was having a lot of problems with the wax I was purchasing local and on line. I am neurotic about an even line on the bottoms of my pots. The wax goes on super smooth, I use a foam brush. You could dip. I can't get my table level enough. I use an electric skillet on the lowest setting. No bad smell when firing with the soy. and it is cheap. $5 for 8lbs.
  15. From the album: March 2014

    White stone ware, cone 5
  16. Chantay

    March 2014

  17. From the album: March 2014

    White stones are, cone 5
  18. It is white except where colorant has been added.
  19. Robbin Hopper's Slip Recipe: 75 Ball clay 10 Kaolin 5 Feldspar 10 Silica I do a lot of slip trailing with an applicator. If I want the slip to stand up firmly after I have sieved the slip I add a few drops of darvan and then add more ball clay, or some of the dried clay that I am throwing with till a thickened consistency. All the ball clay makes this a nice slippery slip.
  20. From the album: My Pots

    Cone 6, Stoneware, Morracan Sand glaze Peacock, slip trailing
  21. Chantay


  22. Chantay

    2012 094

    From the album: 2013

    2" x 1" earthenware
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