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  1. I have had some good results with bisquing some brillo pads, then sprinkling the fine powder over wet glaze. Shows up really nicely in white glaze and you can speckle heavily or lightly as it suits you. If the glaze dries too much before I can make the particles stick, I just mist the area with water. I suppose you could just mix the powder into the glaze and apply it that way.
  2. I have one hydrobat that I use occasionally for certain projects. The pin holes have always been ok, but now the bat is warped. I didn't think that would happen to a hydrobat.
  3. Is anyone else going to the Mid Atlantic Clay Conference in Front Royal VA next week?

    1. bciskepottery


      I'm at Art on the Avenue in DelRay, Alexandria.

  4. I would be interested in reading the artists' comments/thoughts/interpretations along with the picture of their entry.
  5. flowerdry


    From the album: Untitled Album

    I also grow and dry the flowers...hence the name Flowerdry.
  6. I've decided I'm a Christmas rush junkie. I find something I like and works and then I'm on to the next experiment.
  7. I never knew that pottery was such a dangerous profession. Clay dust...toxic glaze chemicals...and now various diseases from collecting hair for brushes, and brain ameobas from collecting rain water. AAArghhhhh!
  8. Did Norm get "obliviated"?

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    2. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      I very much enjoyed norms presence here and his mega chemistry knowledge :(

    3. Chilly


      I think he's back, with a new name.....

    4. Chantay


      I have seen him post over at Cone6 electric site. I was wondering what happened to him here but haven't asked.


  9. I was taught in my early pottery lessons to try and use very little water. I probably caused myself a lot of difficulties in the beginning by not using enough. Then one day I watched a Robin Hopper video, using a huge amount of water VERY QUICKLY, and sopping it up almost immediately, and a light bulb went on! Ahha! Water is ok. Your fingers, tools, whatever, need to slide across that clay. The longer I spend in this field, the more I have come to realize that there are so many different ways of doing things, I try lots of different ways until I find what works for me...on that day, with that clay....
  10. I have decided to get a little cranky on behalf of the infinitly patient potters who constantly answer questions on this forum. I was thinking to myself that this questioner, who by the way delcines to even give a gender, is going to be politely asked for more information. And, sure enough, Mark politely asked just that. Would you, or any of the other minimalists out there (and there seems to have been a rash of them lately) walk into an auto repair shop...where they don't know you...and ask, Hey, I've got a ford at home and it's making a funny noise. What is it and what should I do? If questioner want help, they should try and be helpful. Give lot's of information. OK, I'm done being cranky. Back to being cheerful and deliriously happpy. Doris.
  11. Hey, Mossyrock, what kind of insulation are you talking about?
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