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  1. Omg. This is gorgeous!! It reminds me of Chinese brush painting. Beautiful!
  2. I know, right? I gotta remake the poor guy, too. And the patterns take forever to color!! Dangit.
  3. Cavy Fire Studios

    Early 2015

    Pottery I made before my hands gave out. Stupid arthritis!
  4. From the album: Early 2015

    Meet Rocky, the little box of dynamite. Sadly, this beautiful bowl did not survive the postman. Grrr... Measured 11" across, fired to ^03.
  5. Oh man, Amy is gonna freak when she sees these chickies. I love her colors! ♥
  6. Oooooh!! Another underglazer! Sweet. I love this piece--the colors really sing. Beautiful! ....owait; derp. Is this China paint? Hahaha, I`m a dumb guinea...
  7. Working on a graphic novel, and one of my peoples have a South American-flavored culture. Been doing some research on how the natives made pottery--lots of terracotta and erotic pots. Slip and terra sig for ages, too.

    1. ChenowethArts


      Are we talking graphic as in lots of visual illustrations, or graphic as in "R" rated?

    2. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Both, lol. It's going to be pretty violent, but that's only part of the story. :D

  8. Ohhhhhhh NOOOOOOO!!! How super LAME! Man, those kiln gods are not known for mercy...you worked so hard on that!
  9. From the album: Early 2015

    Here he is, Mr. Inlé himself. I could not, for the LIFE of me, get a good photo of him. No picture I took does this piece any justice... he's one of my favorites. Terracotta with white slip, ^03. Holds 15oz.

    © Sarah Alderete/Richard Adams

  10. From the album: Early 2015

    Just another ^03 whiteware dragon mug.

    © Sarah Alderete

  11. From the album: Early 2015

    I made this 20oz mug for my dad. :3 The rabbit's butt tattoo says "water." My pops lives on the Washington state coast, soI thought this would be perfect. Terracotta and white slip, ^03.

    © Sarah Alderete

  12. From the album: Early 2015

    Oh, man. This mug was such a beauty until I saw the dang spots where the glaze pickled on the inside and didn't fill in the bubble holes...hnngh. I didn't want to refire and risk the dragon's lines bleeding, and I couldn't BEAR to smash such a pretty mug, so I gave her to my fella. Terracotta with white slip, ^03.

    © Sarah Alderete

  13. Thank you! I can only hope so! ♥
  14. Thanks, Grype! ♥ Her Holiness is such a lovely subject--hard to resist making art with Her.
  15. Just uploaded a few new gallery pieces (finally)! More will come, but I didn't want to hog the screen up, heehee. :3

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    2. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Hehe, that's my fella. :D He fancies himself a corgi-fox with a taste for tea. He wanted him looking grumpy and cold in the woods. :D Thanks, Benzine!

    3. Amy Eberhardt

      Amy Eberhardt

      OK, you're killin me here...you know that, right? <3

    4. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Awww, nuuu! No dying for you! :D

  16. From the album: Early 2015

    Amaterasu Omikamisama. Redart with white slip and underglaze, ^03.

    © Sarah Alderete/Capcom

  17. From the album: Early 2015

    My fella fancies himself a corgi fox. Micaceous redart with white slip and underglaze, fired to ^03. Holds 21oz.

    © Sarah Alderete/David Martinez

  18. From the album: Early 2015

    Chewbacca and Junior were brothers--Chewy passed late 2014, and their bunmom wanted a big mug with their sweet faces on it. Yes, Chewy actually had that wiseguy smirk! Whiteware mug (26oz), fired to ^03.

    © Sarah Alderete

  19. From the album: Early 2015

    Little Duncan here is a tripod bun. Isn't he precious? 10" wide-rimmed bowl, fired to ^03.

    © Sarah Alderete

  20. From the album: Early 2015

    Yep. Another kitsune. Made from seward terracotta and white slip. Fired to ^03.

    © Sarah Alderete

  21. From the album: Early 2015

    This is Chewbacca, another bun who loves his blankies. He sadly passed away in late 2014, at the age of eleven. The piece is a wide-rimmed 10" bowl, fired to ^03.

    © Sarah Alderete

  22. From the album: Early 2015

    The lady who ordered this wanted her bun with his favorite blankies. The piece is a wide-rimmed shallow bowl that measures 10" across. Fired to ^03.

    © Sarah Alderete

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