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  1. Wowwww. That looks like gossamer! Beautiful!
  2. I literally have tears in my eyes looking at your work and knowing what you lost. This is more than a crime... it`s a terrible sin that this exquisite work should have met such a tragic fate. I am so, so sorry, my friend. ;.;
  3. Oh... WOW... These are absolutely TOO DIVINE!! I love the red one with the crescent moon the best! ♥♥♥The little obe in the middle is beautiful, too.
  4. Baaah, you little stinker... You should give terracotta a chance! I mean... redart with mica? It SPARKLES. And it's RED. And it's like buttah. I have been wanting to look into luster, but I'm chicken and it's suuuu expensive! -G
  5. Dude. These are friggin perfect. How the heck did you do that?! Omg, I`m totally jelly...
  6. Holy crap... I second the close-up! Those colors are amazing!
  7. Omg, red lead glazes make me salivate uncontrollably. That rich color, hnnghh... But, hey! Drooling aside, I have a GREAT old book from the 70s (1st edition in 1949) that has a buncha lead recipes in it that are JUST GORGEOUS. Dunno if you have looked it up or not, but it's called "The Complete Book of Pottery Making" by John B. Kenny. It's mostly a beginner book, but the lead glazes in there are simply scrumptious! Definitely worth looking into. Man, lead carbonate is so beautiful. If you get a big enough chunk, you can cut it like a diamond, and OH dat bling... -Guinea Pig P.s. Welcome to the forums! You have no idea how happy I am to FINALLY see another lowfirer here!
  8. Wow, Skutt is sure Johnny-on-the-spot for their parts delivery! Ordered the switch box yesterday and got it delivered today! :) ...this looks scary...

    1. Amy Eberhardt

      Amy Eberhardt

      Just take one wire off at a time and attach it to the exact same location on the new block. Easy peasy! :D

    2. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      I'm actually gonna wait for my fella to come back from his trip to install it. All that wire work will kill my creaky fingers... :'(

  9. I finally got around to making an underglaze key today! Shoulda made one ages ago, honestly. With my shiny clear, what you see is NOT what you get! :)

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    2. Chris Campbell

      Chris Campbell

      Gerstley is the worst culprit in my opinion. It does all of the above to color and also causes bleeding of colors. Find a zinc free recipe and your colors will get better immediately.

    3. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Ooooh really? Huh, that's interesting. I confess I really enjoy the bleeding in my copper carb and mazerine blue, though. That might explain why Mayco's cobalt blue UG REALLY looked awful with that glaze...it makes for such beautiful bleeding effects for my shading, too. :) I think so long as my black is stable, I'm good. ♥

    4. Chris Campbell

      Chris Campbell

      As long as you know what gonna happen, you can control outcome. Just don't trust it with green! :-)

  10. Wow, coooool! It looks like granite!
  11. I pretty much love the crap out of this. It has all my favorite colors!
  12. Squeeeee! So adorable! ♥♥♥
  13. Omg sooooo cute! Im an Aries, heehee.
  14. Wow, thank you both, ladies. It`s so great to hear such wonderful feedback from other artists who understand the painstaking work that goes into these pieces. It makes my work feel worthwhile.
  15. Gallery backed out on me. Stings quite a bit, but I guess that means I can sell those pieces on my own. I'm a pretty grumpy guinea right now, though.

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    2. Benzine


      A former teacher, my High School Art Teacher as a matter of fact, once told me, "Don't spend time worrying about things you can't control." There are a lot of things in life we can't control. Two of the biggest are weather and people. We just have to find an alternative, when either thing presents an obstacle.

    3. oldlady


      many, many very bad words!!!!

    4. Cavy Fire Studios
  16. Heehee, thank you! Woah...you`re not Grype anymore!
  17. FINALLY posted my three gallery-bound pieces for the charity event! I'd really like some feedback, pleeez. :3 (Sorry about the sucky photos, hnngh...)

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    2. Benzine


      Gorgeous as always! If you don't mind, I'd like to show my students pictures of your work, to show them what's possible with underglaze.

      Also, I too like the black and white, with terracotta showing through. I figured it took less time, as you verified. That would be a great time saver for you.

    3. PRankin
    4. Marko


      Absolutely beautiful.

  18. From the album: Late 2015

    This is my best mug to date. The back has carvings, but it was impossible to photograph...well, for ME it was, haha! It probably holds 20oz, so it's a good size. I wanted to make a new mythology about how flowers grow... Terracotta with white slip and greenware-applied underglaze, fired to ^03.

    © Cavy Fire Studios

  19. From the album: Late 2015

    And this is why I love terracotta. Look at that delicious red. Measures 8" across, terracotta with greenware-applied underglaze, fired to ^03.
  20. From the album: Late 2015

    Fuzzy goat...I bet he's gonna eat those pansies. Measures 9.5" across, made of whiteware, greenware underglazed, fired to ^03.
  21. OOOOOH I LIKE this one! You could use it as a chalice or a sweet decorative piece. Cool!
  22. I have never been so grateful to fire my kiln in my life. Fred is really my lifeline, and having power is such a blessing! I'll have pics the day after tomorrow. :)

    1. GiselleNo5


      Looking forward to it!

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