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  1. Okay, THIS one is my fave. I love the blue float glaze with the soft pink of the roses!
  2. Those roses look beautiful. They add a real variety to the rest of the flower series. Plus, red is my favorite color! Win! <3
  3. I'm a sad guinea today...I just found out the founder of The Art Spirit gallery, my favorite place, passed away on Dec. 31st from ALS. Guys, he was so awesome. He really liked my work & encouraged me to submit it... I'm really sad...

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    2. Roberta12


      So sorry to hear this...sounds like you and the artworld have lost an important light.

    3. Denice


      You can be sad but also thankful that he is no longer trapped in his body. I have had nine relative die of ALS and we are always grateful when they have been set free.

    4. GiselleNo5


      Denice ... nine? Ohhhh. :*( It's a prison at the end. I can't imagine. My grandmother had dementia and my mom basically lost her ten years before she died. But at least my grandma had no idea.

  4. UHHHHH... Dang, son! You`re a cutie-patootie!
  5. Whewie, my paws are SOOORE today. So worth it, though; I made some adorable progress on Cap'n Cavy. His left leg is just about finished! Check out his SWEET lil' boot on my thread! Very proud. ♥

    1. Denice


      I know how you feel I finished glazing a seed pot today that has a butterfly design on it. I started having trouble with my eyes the other day. I am hoping that this bout of optic neuritis doesn't last long.

    2. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Oh, great. You take care of those eyes, lady; they are most precious. Yeah, I'm pretty bummed out about my hands... I guess I had better stick to smaller scale pieces. 7" is too tall for Guinea's busted paws... :'(

  6. You guys are gonna freak when you see my next sculpture WIP... ;)

  7. Aww, thanks guys! ♥ I really appreciate all the love!
  8. I FINALLY uploaded the glazed and finished fox head to the gallery! :) Sorry it took so long; I habs no internets...boohoo...

    1. glazenerd


      Beautiful work Cavy. Saw them in the gallery.

    2. LeeU


      awesome fox


  9. Cavy Fire Studios

    2017 Stuff

    This will probably be filled in pretty slowly, but I'm starting my new clay journey with handbuilt sculptures. :)
  10. From the album: 2017 Stuff

    The final result of my first animal head sculpture. I'm quite pleased with how this turned out--as you can imagine, I was sweating when this piece was in the kiln!! My fella, its intended and current owner, was extremely happy when he got it for Christmas. <3 Sculpted from Clay Art Center (of Tacoma)'s Xtra White lowfire earthenware, painted with Amaco, Mayco, Duncan, and Clay Art Center underglaze, fired to ^03.

    © Me and my fella

  11. I finished the building part of the toony-ish fox head and posted pics in my "w.i.p." thread, if you'd like a peek. ♥

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    2. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      It's the same one I posted two days ago. :)

    3. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      Glad to see you are back and working


    4. Marko


      Welcome back.

  12. WOW, that is friggin` SWEET!! I adore eastern dragons! ♥
  13. Wheek! Miss me? ♥ I got the clay bug again after months of pouting. :)

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    2. Babs


      Missed you and I'm sure your creations will be worth waiting to see!

    3. Roberta12


      Can't wait to see new work from you Cavvy!


    4. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios


  14. My fella got me a rolling pin and a bag of natural sponges from the thrift store! ^_^ Gonna get on slab adventuressss... ♥

    1. ChenowethArts


      You're on a roll now, Guinea! :)

    2. Cavy Fire Studios
    3. claygram


      i have been wondering how you are doing and now know i will be seeing beautiful new pieces from you--best to you moving forward

  15. New cute avatar, heehee!

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    2. Marko


      I love your little cutie. My wife said awwww, how cute.

    3. Callie Beller Diesel

      Callie Beller Diesel

      Such a sweet photo! And I missed you!

    4. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Awww, gee! Thanks, guys! ♥

  16. New cute avatar, heehee!

  17. Omg I LOVE THESE! They are so wonky and fun and awesome!
  18. So, my fella is awesome. He found a grippy turnstyle thingy at a thrift store and got it for me. It has little padded prongs to grip cup-like objects for decorating, so I don't have to hold it while I underglaze! ^_^

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    2. Babs


      Lucky Day, keep this fella

    3. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      We've been together a year and a half, and no way his butt is takin' off on me. ^_^ He's an artist, too! ♥

    4. glazenerd


      In a couple of more weeks; wife and I are coming up on 35 years.Just to remind you- it can be done!

  19. These are great! Their minimalist decoration is really beautiful. Kinda reminds me of ink wash and watercolor.
  20. That's it...no more wedging for me. Time to bust out a rolling pin and start slabbin'.

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    2. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      I went to a workshop with Akira who does all his production ware in slabs. Talking about amazing work. Don't discount slabware.

    3. rakukuku


      hey slab pots are great. go for it.

      BTW, I saw some real Cavy's at the zoo the other day. Thought of you

    4. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Heehee! Cavies are the bestest! ^_^ As for slabs...I was thinkin' tryptich wall art. Pres gave me the idea to do wall hangings. :) Now, to figure out a backing for hanging...hmm. ♥

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