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  1. Staring at a jug for a week, wondering how the hell to glaze it to set off the form just right.

  2. I am missing the moderators and key resource/info people who are (recently) not here anymore---the place just ain't the same. 


    1. LeeU


      Yes please---anything to help prevent a mass migration (I am a glass half empty kinda gal and there is nothing out there, for general clay boards, better than these forums). 

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  3. Moved to the dark side.  Booked a a traditional (glass) leading class, and 10 weeks of studio-time".

    Till working with clay tho'  

  4. The forum seems slow must be the cold

  5. Oh dear, attended a glass fusing course and now I'm being drawn away from clay.  So tempting.


  6. Was in S F at the Asian art museum on other business with the museum store and the store director invited me into their first annual sale for local artists at the museum. I thanked her and declined, very nice to get the offer for one of the spots, but it seems like a lot of trouble dragging a bunch of big fragile ceramics around the city to and from the car only to lug most if not all home and paying a huge commission in the process. Probably a mistake passing, but it just doesn't feel like a good fit for me at the moment. Might be something someone else local might want to investigate, there may be an opening for the sale and the director is planning to make this sale annually.

  7. My previous post should have read more snow now, and more coming, ...sigh. Fired raku this evening with snow still on the ground.


  8. Good Ole Bisque Firing. A large shallow bowl/platter, a few cups and another bowl. Pretty much an empty kiln tbh. I haven't had time to make a lot until today. 20+ mugs drying in my greenhouse. I will handle them tomorrow evening. 

    All of it in crackle slip. I think I might have found a better way to do it. 2 of the pieces have this new method and I think the texture looks at lot better.

  9. Don't know how to see Members' gallery

  10. χαλεπὰ τὰ καλά

  11. Mixed up a porcelain and stoneware body with the high iron clay from the old brick yard. Already fired 100 gram samples, now for the 1000 gram samples. For some odd reason I sprinkled some 50 mesh grog in: get out of my head John. 

  12. Getting ready for my next fire, around mid-month. So far, I have managed not to break any greenware except one pendant. I got every piece finished and glazed, and I completed glazing “No Secretsâ€- a porcelain piece in the Hidden Mask Series. I have addressed it with color and thoroughly enjoyed planning and placing the palette.

  13. Just signed up for perspectives 2017 workshop with Naoki Izumi! So excited. These workshops are like an hour from my house and so affordable. I don't even know what it is about, but just to hear a master talk for two days will be beyond worth it.

  14. I am still alive and kicking! Back from Asia and then from internet-less Italy. Thank you all for asking how I am doing! Love to all of you!!

  15. Not happy, not happy. I went to change my profile picture and no matter what I do---and yes, I have read and tried suggestions/instructions from this site--it will not "take" anything, including my original pic. Phooey.

  16. It's 7AM; 1080 deg F on my first kiln firing in more than 4 years and the first ever ^04 bisque/glaze firing with my new Orton digital controller...The first 2 hours were a real disappointment when i saw the TCL message on the controller. The kiln didn't fire. I had ultimately realized that I hadn't pushed the reset button on the kiln sitter. Pushed the button and the kiln came to life!The firing took 12Hrs 18 min, but only reached 1941 degrees which is about halfway between ^...

  17. Yea, first test, ^04, fired great. I rebuilt my small kiln, Paragon A-82B, new bricks, elements and controller rewired with new infinite switches. Now I go for the gold, ^6.

  18. Had laser surgery on my left eye due to retinal tears. The floaters are annoying me.

    1. LeeU


      Hope the surgery is successful. Ditto with the annoyance of floaters- thought at first they were delayed LSD residue from the 60's LOL My biggest one is shaped and sized exactly like a large black ant-seriously!


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  19. I FINALLY uploaded the glazed and finished fox head to the gallery! :) Sorry it took so long; I habs no internets...boohoo...

  20. Taking small, managable, bites---I am finding I do much better work if I consciously limit my times & tasks to the time it takes for any body part or cluster of brain cells to start to be uncomfortable. "Quit while you are ahead" is my new daily mantra!

  21. Posted some pics of my studio reorganization efforts in my gallery

  22. I have two weeks till Open Studio and I think I'm getting sick! :(:( I have 26 mugs and several other pieces wrapped in plastic, waiting to be handled and carved, as well as 40+ other pieces that are dry and ready to be fired.

  23. Just posted an album in Gallery -- LeeU June 2016 -- It has some pieces from my recent firing.

  24. Hey y'all! How's everyone else doing? I finally have GREAT news! My beloved husband's cancer is finally reacting to the chemo therapy that his oncologist has put him on. Third time's the charm, eh!?! YAY!!

  25. Just put a few newly fired (cone 6) pieces in my gallery.

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