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  1. Not sure about this one specifically, but google Magda Gluszek and I see similarities. Animalistic impulses with human consumption and social behavior. Here is an article https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/daily/ceramic-art-and-artists/ceramic-sculpture/from-maquette-to-form-creating-figurative-ceramic-sculptures-from-a-clay-sketch/
  2. Standard White 105 low fire cone 05 Paragon SC2 kiln - Feb 20, 2018 very first bisque firing of very first pieces.
  3. hateful clay, haha, right?!? Is there a place on the forum to just blab when something exciting happens and I just want to tell someone who would understand? Like finally finding a place that offers kiln sharing! Or successful firings photos? I want to follow the rules
  4. Will do! Damp box, research new clay (talc content) and damp work surface. Thank you! I have Gloves in a Bottle that I use when working with metal clays. Would lotion on my hands end up with compromised clay and separation issues? I might try a bit as a test. Also will try Paper clay slip recipe and see how that feels. Most annoying cracks are when bending a snake roll.
  5. Main floor in home, and not noticeably dry. Room temp a little cool. I’m curious if others have come across this, where a persons skin chemistry or ? makes clay dry lightning quick. I see demos of handbuilding where the clay is dreamy perfect for long time and rarely fingerprints. I get either sticky or dry with almost zero dreamy, haha.
  6. Help needed: The clay I'm forming by hand gets cracky and splits so fast that even a simple form isn't finished unless I'm rushing. Please suggest ideas for longer, less rushed forming time. I'm using low fire clay, Standard White 105 brand new from the box and pinching and forming animals and small pendants and beads. I can roll out a snake and then it's too dry. That fast. I can roll a bead and pinch a couple times, then cracks start if I continue. Super dry hands maybe? My guess is to use a mist spray, cover, wait, work a few minutes, mist, cover, wait...
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