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  1. From the album: 2014 Portfolio

    Stoneware side plate on glaze decoration. September 2014
  2. TJR

    Shino Teapot

    From the album: 2014 Portfolio

    Fish Decoration in iron oxide. September 2014
  3. From the album: 2014 Portfolio

    Stoneware dinner plate with on glaze decoration! September 2014
  4. From the album: Tom Roberts Studios

    Reduction fired stoneware turquoise glaze. December 2014
  5. From the album: Tom Roberts Studios

    Turquoise glaze with paper resist polka dots. December 2014
  6. TJR

    Turquoise Mugs

    From the album: Tom Roberts Studios

    Paper resist on reduction fired stoneware. December 2014
  7. Back from Cuba! Brrrr. I'm cold!

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    2. Babs


      Gotta change outta the shorts!

    3. Joseph Fireborn
    4. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Hope you took some great pics of local ceramics!

  8. Gone to Cuba for a week.

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    2. Babs


      Soak in the warmth!

      Drink some MArgueritas

    3. ChenowethArts
    4. Dale pots

      Dale pots

      Did you box up some of that warm weather to bring home with you? Seriously thou do they have any clay deposits on the island? Hope you had a great trip.

  9. Hot wax is very flammable. One of my profs burned down his studio using encaustic, which is a hot wax painting technique. I use wax resist. you can also use liquid floor polish if wax resist isn't available. Tom.
  10. Moving back towards the dark, after the start of fall..

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    2. Min


      You have to be a brave soul to live in Winnipeg!

    3. Pres


      Brrrrrr! keep the back door in Canada closed!

    4. Benzine


      Days are noticeably shorter, here in the Midwest. The sun burns a hole in my head, driving to work, this time of year. Just not up far enough to use my sun visor...

  11. I say bisque it, then paint it if you wish. Someone will eventually knock it off a shelf. any high school can bisque it for you, or take it to a scrape and bake place. TJR.
  12. TJR

    Small plate

    Nicely cropped. My only suggestion would be to change the background to a black cloth. The woodgrain is a bit distracting. Beautiful work. TJR.
  13. When throwing, I bring hot water out to the studio in a wash-pail bucket. Two gallons,maybe. Water is heavy. i do not drain water anywhere. It just seems to evaporate. The water that does not get used for throwing fills two 3 quart milk jugs. From these I water my two geraniums. I did dig a four foot trench from my house to my studio which is twenty feet away. It has an electrical coil on it to keep the water from freezing. I also have a sink that drains back to my house drain. I didn't end up hooking the rest of the system up. I use surprisingly little water. I bring in a 5 gallon bucket of clean water from the house for glaze mixing. I keep glaze water separate from clay water.I bring all seives and dirty glaze pails back to my laundry sink to wash. The only flaw to my system is that I have buckets of water sitting around the studio. TJR.
  14. Moving back towards the light.

    1. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Light is always better than darkness. Welcome back....

    2. TJR


      Dec.21 shortest day of the year. I always feel better moving away from the darkness, even though we put up lots of Christmas lights.


  15. Pugaboo; I had a problem similar to this last year. I had porcelain trimmed feet sticking to the shelf. The term is called "plucking". I have a small dish of alumina hydrate and water. I mix this up so that it is in solution, then brush it on. While the piece is still centred, I brush the wax on over top of the alumina. You cannot drip any alumina on your glaze, as it is refractory, and will not melt. TJR.
  16. As a lefty who throws with the wheel going clockwise, I disagree slightly with this. I have no problem learning from others who throw counter-clockwise--the key for me at least is to just sit opposite them to watch. But then, like most leftys, I am very very used to living in a right-handed world, and forcing myself to translate techniques, etc., on a daily basis. translating throwing techniques is NOTHING compared to fighting with a 3-ring binder. I am left-handed. I throw counter-clockwise. As I have said before, this one of the few areas where being left-handed is an advantage. The left hand is the forming hand-e.g. the inside of bowls. Sometimes I trim pots right-handed, but mainly, I do everything left-handed. You would be surprised as to how many artists/musicians are lefties. It's a brain thing. TJR.
  17. I like your colours. Put some more images up in the gallery. Nice work.


  18. TJR


    I'll be thinking about you during this tornado season.Good luck and take care.


  19. TJR

    If you are spelling colour with a "u", you have to be either a Brit or a Canadian.Where are you from? Welcome to the forum.


  20. TJR


    I'd like to see some images of your new Majolica when it comes out. Any chance?


  21. TJR


    The only way I can get those emoticons to work, is to drag and drop them.


  22. TJR


    You were born a year and a day after me! July 13,1953.

    Welcome to the forum.

    Tom Roberts[TJR.]

  23. Clayppl; Don't be switching your wheel to clockwise and training yourself to throw that way. If you do this, no one will be able to help you with techniques. When you watch youtube, you will have to reverse everything. All of us in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, etc throw counter clockwise. Lots of wheels only move in one direction-counter clockwise. If you lived in Japan and China, you would be O.K. going the other direction. TJR.
  24. Can you tell me a bit more about yourself-where you teach, what grades,etc.What part of the country.


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