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  1. As we age, we all will develop some aches and pains. As most people here know, I am rocking the titanium hip. Had to hand build for a year. Not that hand building was a default choice, I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. The question about completely stopping, makes me wonder if there is something that John Glick is not saying about his health. TJR.
  2. Ben; I've got a couple of those in the studio. It's worth the time for me if it's less stress on the pot. I will try to make the holes earlier on as Mark suggests, and I'll try that hole maker. Tom.
  3. Diesel; I'm cutting a pattern inside a foot ring, using a cordless drill. TJR.
  4. What John Glick is talking about in CM is quitting entirely to spend time with the grand kids. As everyone knows, he had/has an illustrious career making and selling decorated dinner ware. He talks about completely quitting. No studio, no local art centre to go to once a week. Completely finished and living in the condo. Could you see yourself doing this after a long career as an artist? TJR.
  5. Mark; I think you have some good suggestions here. I will try to cut the holes earlier in the drying. I am using Danish White stoneware clay from Laguna. Also using a cordless drill. Don't know what size drill bit at the moment. We are not going anywhere at Christmas this year. Went to Cuba last year before those dang Americans invaded. I am planning on going to NCECA in March, but that's about it. Tom.
  6. So, I am making these large bowls that have holes drilled in the bottom, inside the foot ring. The purpose is to drain liquid from fruit, salad, veggies etc. I have been using an electric drill to make said holes. The problem is, that in the drying, because there are holes across the bottom, there is a weakness and some of them crack. No matter how slowly I dry these bowls, some of them crack. Any thoughts, solutions? TJR.
  7. I make my mugs 1 pound of clay. I don't know what the liquid measure would be after firing. Used to make them 3/4's of a pound. Now those ones look dinky, or puny. I also make tumblers with no handle the same weight. I would rather not have seven sizes of mug to choose from.Am I being too stingy? TJR.
  8. I have found that people are pretty honest. At my last studio sale[in my own studio[. I young woman was really admiring a mug. She set it down. Did not have the $20.00 price tag. Isaid;"Take it and catch me later". I had forgotten that I took our mail box off the front of the house. We also have no front steps. It was a bit of an effort for her to get a check to me, but she did knock on the back door and leave an envelope with money. Another woman at the sale forgot her cheque book. She owed $110.00 . She paid me next week at work. I have only had one bad experience. This was at a garage sa
  9. I am. Tom Roberts aka TJR .I hung out with Pres quite a bit at NCECA. We were both very impressed with Gustavo Perez. TJR.
  10. I did tell a story last year in Rhode Island. It was about my last NCECA conference in Minneapolis. There was the blizzard of 1997, and then the flood of "97. About 6 of us were trapped in the airport as they had closed the Winnipeg airport. None of us even had a tooth brush. Stuck there for 2 nights. We finally did make it home. There was a sea of un-attended luggage all over the airport. Pre- 9-11 obviously. I got a great mug, which my wife uses every day. Also got some great memories. Tom I urge you to step up and tell an amusing anecdote. T.
  11. I just packed up a bunch of pots and delivered them, one group to the city art galley ,ad the second group to a local "touristy" shop. After delivering them all, I noticed one lonely mug sitting all by itself on my wedging table. i know that it is part of the delivery. Should I wait and see how long it takes them to notice the missing pot, or should I br honest and drop the mug off? Both lists of pots were written on lined paper. did not take two years, maybe four hours with all the wrapping and packing. When stuff sells, I never cross it off the list either. I just cash the cheque. TJR.
  12. After a life time of making pots, it is difficult to give the same gift every year. Would you want a pair of UGG boots every year for 40 years? Although the relatives love my work, I always feel like they would want me to spend money on them. Unless they specifically make a request, I don't give pots any more. TJR.
  13. I give small rimmed bowls with a candle as teacher gifts. I need about eight. Used to give pottery to the sisters, but both have moved away to Toronto. We don't exchange gifts any more. I would gladly give pieces as gifts if it were appreciated. I think it is. TJR.
  14. Seedy; I am the potter who said 5 lbs. I don't have the dimensions off by heart. It is a large jar with a domed lid and a knob. I made two jars for my mom, and two for myself. I know the size is correct as I placed her ashes inside. Then you epoxy the lid closed. I made the two jars one for the mantel and one for her grave. TJR.
  15. Plates and side plates are commercial. My plates are too heavy for daily use. Mugs are all different and made by me and others. The kids have mugs by other artists. Each has a favourite. We use my side plates for special dinners. I am currently making side plates, so have some in the studio for decorating reference. Two teapots we use have a busted lid and a mismatched lid. We have three teapots on our door step. Don't have the heart to toss them.
  16. Put a glaze test in a friend's gas kiln on Friday. I am loading my kiln on Tues.Her kiln unloads on Thurs. I see a problem.

  17. I see four guys standing in front of a truck. Not on Facebook either. Tom.
  18. The name OM4 refers to the name Kentucky Old Mine number 4. Don't ask me how I remember this.Art school over 40 years ago. TJR.
  19. I am looking at purchasing a de-humifier for my studio. It is sealed so tight, that no cold air, or any air for that matter sneaks in. Don't worry, I am not suffocating. The heat source is hydronic---heat from glycol, in the floor slab. There is condensation on the door knobs as they are cold on the outside and warm on the inside. I also have a vent in the floor of my electric kiln. There is no air movement as there are no blowers or vents to push heat around. The kiln could be rusting underneath, but I don't see it as a big problem. Other metal objects are fine. TJR.
  20. I make glaze tests. I've got one now that I got from the forum. It is a light blue with 5% rutile and .5% cobalt. It runs, so I adjusted with 3% EPK. I can hardly wait to see the test, then slap it on some mugs. I try to get into the studio every day, especially in cold weather. It is so cozy in there. Hydronic heat in the floor! TJR.
  21. That was great! Well worth an hour on a Sunday afternoon. TJR.
  22. Didn't get one. I could use a couple trunks full of money. TJR.
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