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  1. Hi, Does anyone have, or know of how I could get, more square inserts (6" / 8") for my Versa Bat system? I don't believe they are manufactured anymore and I have several Versa bats which I use for all my production work (every day). Hoping not to have to switch to a new bat system since I've been using these for years now and it works so well for me. I would love to buy or trade for as many of the 6" inserts as possible. Alternately, does anyone know what they are made of so I can make my own? Are they pressboard? They swell just perfectly when damp from throwing so the fit is snug with
  2. I have some bright white talc that someone told me is from a new York state mine that closed. Is that Nytal? I don't use it. I use a gray talc from Texas... I can tell you where I got it if it is what you are looking for Marc.
  3. Can you tell me a bit more about yourself-where you teach, what grades,etc.What part of the country.


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