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  1. Why? If you are going to post a negative response then please at least explain why.
  2. so you are in the UK. Thanks for letting me know.


  3. I'm in the UK, have updated my profile. Thanks. Think this may be a bit too complex for me. Havent really got past the basics, and glaze mixing is on the advanced list at the moment! Anything already prepared from a commercial supplier that might be similar?
  4. Hello, I wonder if you could kindly advise me again. I am looking for a red glaze for stoneware that I fire at Cone 7 and 8 (but could fire at Cone 6 if required). Have bought a load of red glazes and they are all either too brown, too orange, too glossy, or just nasty. I am looking for a deeper red, more raspberry, that is matte or satin, such as the one shown in this screenshot from a Japanese Youtube vid...... Many thanks.
  5. TJR

    If you are spelling colour with a "u", you have to be either a Brit or a Canadian.Where are you from? Welcome to the forum.


  6. Excellent, many thanks, seems I need to mix the stain with the clay, or use the underglazes. Basic stuff us newbies struggle with! Many thanks.
  7. I am trying to stain the clay greys and black before firing at Cone 7 and 8. I have tried several different body stains the I have mixed with water and painted on bisque and greenware. It gives the colours I am looking for but the stain doesnt adhere when fired, it just rubs off. Tried various experiments of mixing the stain with slip but I want the look and feel of the clay body, just a different colour to beige or white! I thought I may need some sort of frit and looked around but couldnt see exactly what I should be mixing with the stain. could someone pls advise me how I get the stain to adhere. Thank you!
  8. Ok, thanks. So what clay do I need to use at what cone to get a silver/grey body?
  9. Just a hobbyist potter, firing in an electric kiln, no frills, with just a kiln-sitter.
  10. Thanks. I am in the UK. I need to be able to fire to a sufficient stoneware strength as the items will have to be frost-proof.
  11. Hello! Returning to ceramics after a short break, well 15 years I am convinced that I used to use a Stoneware clay, fine grained, that fired to a grey body colour. Not buff, not white, or off-white, best I can describe it is a light to medium grey with maybe a very slight silvery hue to it. But looking around the suppliers I cant find anything that looks the same. Now I am wondering if my old memory is playing tricks on me! So, may I ask, is there a readily available stoneware clay that will fire to a light to medium grey? Thank you very much.
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