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  1. This was a particularly great NCECA for me. Finally got to meet Marcia and John B. Thanks so much for coming to my lecture. I was a nervous wreck!
  2. Marcia thanks for the great advice. I never considered talking about my daily life there but now that you mention it, I can see how it would be interesting. When I say I lived there part time, I meant that I lived there for a month or two then I would come back to the US and work for another few months then go back to Egypt. I spent a fourth of the year in Egypt divided between two trips, always staying in the same area. I look forward to meeting you. Spring
  3. I will be giving a lecture at NCECA as part of the student programming and I was hoping to get some feedback from you guys. I will be discussing my experience of living abroad part time for 2 years in Egypt and how it has effected my art practice. This occurred after I got my bachelor's and I'm currently getting ready to apply to grad school. I should just add that I wasn't a wide eyed, 22yr old looking for adventure, recent graduate. I was a 38 yr old, mom of 15 yr old, newly divorced, trying to create a new life and figure out what I wanted to make, recent graduate. My experiences both abroad and at home have completely changed the why I make and by extension the what. ( I call it my EAT, CLAY, LOVE experience, lol) I expect my audience to be students and those looking to travel abroad. There is a lot I could include but I want to make sure I'm providing value and I really don't want to make it feel like you're watching your grandma's vacation slides from 1985. So, my question is... What would you want to hear/learn about from a talk like this? What should I leave out? Thanks in advance, Spring
  4. I've been testing out a clay body that the manufacturer states is cone 4-10 which is such a huge range. I've taken it to cone 6 which is what I fire to and it has 5% absorption, which is ofc way too much for functional ware. But I had a thought when you test for absorption, do you test the clay with or without glaze? I mean I figured it would be best to replicate what people would be using so I tested it glazed in a manner I would glaze the piece. What do you guys do? Thanks, Spring
  5. Mark, thanks for the tip. I never check people's post history. I saw it was from 2014, but I know people always seem to come and go and then come back to this forum. Well, at least that's the case with me
  6. Ummm, cuz I guess I never thought Tom Coleman was gonna answer some random question to see if his clay is gonna work for what I want. I'll try it!
  7. Crackpot, Hi, I'm just wondering where you got the New Zealand China Clay? I noticed you live in Canada so I'm guessing you didn't get it in New Zealand. I live in California and was hoping to get it online. Thanks, Sprinf
  8. Mug- I'm very sorry that happened to your son and hope he recovers 100%. It just broke my heart to read that. I only have one child, a son who is 16. He had to have minor surgery while we were on vacation in Africa. I was freaking out! I think it is great that you are exploring this to get him involved too. Best of Luck, Spring
  9. This is a very interesting and informative thread, so glad I came across it. Nerd- please let us know what happens in your experiments Spring
  10. Hello Everyone, I'm working on a large project in porcelain. My go to porcelain is usually southern ice but its expensive and costs a lot to ship. I need to buy about 300lbs, so I wanna choose wisely. I need a porcelain that will be very translucent, is plastic enough to work in very thin long slabs that will be manipulated, and stays white. I tried frost cone 6 porcelain and found it to be very short and ill suited for my needs. I've thrown with Babu and Coleman; had positive experiences with both but never handbulit with them. I'll be firing cone 10 because the midrange clays available to me in my area do not seem translucent enough nor white enough. I know there are people who have done lots of development in low/mid fire porcelains that are translucent but I don't really have a couple years for this project. Based off of personal experience, please let me know what you think. The types of clay I have to choose from are: Babu Coleman Frost cone 10 Laguna 550 thanks in advance, spring
  11. Ok who's going to NCECA this year and what are you looking forward to most? Just an FYI, I'll be hosting one of the NCECA connections " Second Annual NCECA Cup Swap" in Room 552 A/B. Hope everyone can stop by, even if just to say "Hi". Spring
  12. Yikes -20! I'm hoping for warm and 70 considering I'm from Cali and possess nothing that could keep me warm in 40 degree weather. Fingers crossed
  13. Marcia, gonna try and make it to Texas Clay party . Hopefully we will be able to meet this time. I'm still bummed that I wasn't able to meet you last year at Houston. I hope to also meet other CAD peeps in Milwaukee!
  14. Getting excited for NCECA!!!

  15. Last year I did my first sculpture fair. I like to stand a little ways from my work to observe and listen to peoples responses. ( I didn't have my name tag on either) I stood behind these two guys and one guy looked at the price and said "how much .....for what?" and proceeded to make a face that said, this person is effing crazy! I started laughing. I thought it was hilarious. I put myself in his shoes, and I know he had absolutely no idea how much time and energy it takes for me to make it. But more important, I knew he didn't say it with malice, it was just a plain honest reaction. In the same show, I had a lady cry from seeing my work, and she gave me a long hug. I might be the rare artist that likes hearing the negative as much as the positive. I don't mind it when a person just doesn't like it. I figure different strokes different folks. Love it, fine. Hate it, fine. In the end, I know the comments are about my art work, not me.
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