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  1. I use round price tags from the dollar store to get a resist for my turquoise glaze. See galley. You might try masking tape or rubber cement. Also, consider that your glaze may be too thick. TJR.
  2. This made me laugh! I had to get my roof replaced or insurance wouldn't cover me. The owner of the roofing business came into my studio and drooled. We traded $670.00 worth of pottery for part of the roof. I still owe $500.00 for the front porch. Can we say "dinner set?" TJR.
  3. One thing that used to drive me crazy was that people expected me to change the burned out flourescent light bulbs. I am a member of the studio just like you. I am not the custodian. If the lights go out, they need to changed. Sometimes we would have 3 or 4 lights out and nobody would step up. I LOVE having my own studio. TJR.
  4. You are welcome. I was not sure how much personal info to reveal, but I cannot complain about how it is going so far. More time to travel would be great.Big Hyronimous Bosche show in the Netherlands this year that I would like to see. T
  5. Karen's tips were great. As mentioned previously, I spent 26 years in a communal studio. We each had our own working separate studios, but there was a common gallery and shared kitchen, etc. One thing not mentioned is; Who changes light bulbs. Who cleans the bathrooms. Who washes the common hallways. All has to be worked out, esp. if you have open houses. You could have a meeting twice a year and have a list of jobs on the fridge prior to your big sales. TJR.
  6. Hey, I guess you could say I am living my dream. I have been very lucky, I have also worked extremely hard for what I have. I have the purpose built studio with heat in the floor. I worked on the second floor of a drafty brick warehouse for 26 years. Hauled my clay up, hauled the pots down. I apprenticed to the late Michael Cardew, and lived in his house and ate supper at his table. Learned to decorate and pull a handle from the man himself. Got an MFA from Alfred. Taught art for 30 years. Loved it all. Have no regrets. Taught in Australia for a year, traveled, made pots. I have a beautiful
  7. Diesel; Let me get this straight. Do you begin with a Celadon glaze that already has 2% iron in it, or do you get the iron from the clay body and the copper is added to a plain clear glaze to get the copper red? TJR.
  8. I had the reverse problem. Clay was too hard! Also a Plainsman product-P580 which is a porcelain. My supplier in Winnipeg took back the porcelain and exchanged it for softer clay. M340 and Buffstone are the two most popular clays for highschools here. The clay doesn't sit around. I wouldn't leave it out all night. Make a big hoop of clay on your wedging table and leave it for a couple of hours. TJR.
  9. I buy those Dollar store one inch sponge brushes. I wash them out with hot water, but they gum up after several sessions and must be tossed. I think you can buy four for a buck. Good value. TJR.
  10. Lot of information here. I use 3% Bentonite in all my glazes to prevent settling or "hardpanning". You could also use one tablespoon of Epsom SSSalts instead. Ray, you are correct. Calcining the EPK will reduce it's plasticity. It will not help with hardpanning. TJR.
  11. Gismo; I am a great believer in walking softly on the back of the Earth. I recycle all my clay, I use rain water, I save my glaze washings, but some things you cannot do. Like recycling wax resist. Good on you for trying. TJR.
  12. Do not use ball clay in your kiln wash. It shrinks and cracks. T.
  13. Old Lady; That was a great tour. Thank-you for taking the time to describe it all to us. TJR.
  14. Made me laugh! Wax resist is cheap. Buy some more. TJR.
  15. Mark; I apologize for accusing you of photo shopping. I did not mean to cause offense. Just trying to figure out how you made the shot. TJR.
  16. Where is your other leg? Photoshopped OUT since it is holding you up against the tree! TJR.
  17. Kiln looks good. When you fire it, all the mould will burn off.Is the bottom covered in canvas or something? Remove that. TJR.
  18. Do not know the word smalt. Sounds kind of antiquated. Maybe European. You could also look up enameling. TJR.
  19. Pres; I use a kiln sitter. No cone packs in kiln. Admittedly, I only use my electric for bisquing to cone06. You could install a sitter in one of your spy holes. Tom.
  20. The technique you are describing is called China painting. It is a very low temperature technique where you apply colour to an already glazed tile. The Chinese would apply red enamel to their already fired blue and white porcelain pottery. Ask your supplier about china painting. TJR.
  21. I am in the process of draining my 50 gallon rain barrel for the winter. I yse this water for throwing and slaking clay scraps. Cannot let it sit over the winter as it would freeze solid, and the barrel would become round on the bottom. All my throwing and trimming scraps get saved in 5 gallon buckets, then dried on plaster bats. I do eventually have to bring water from the house, but this rain water from the barrel lasts me all summer and into the autumn. A cream separator works on centrifugal force. I don't think it is what you want for your needs. Simply settling your clay in one or two fi
  22. That video was great! Hell of a lot of work though. Would those tiles stay on that roof? TJR.
  23. Mark; I am with you. Sadly, I had to learn it the hard knocks way. Three casseroles with lids. Third one finally fit. I don't even know why I attempted it. I don't make casseroles. TJR.
  24. Mark, when he gets out of his tree will tell you to never take custom orders. Something always goes wrong. You have to make three of everything and MAYBE you'll get one that fits. Go stand in front of a mirror and practise saying "no". Feels great, doesn't it? TJR.
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