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  1. Mark Hewitt in North Carolina glues small pieces of blue glass to the handles of his large jugs. These are called glass runs. He uses Elmers glue. He fires in a wood kiln to Cone 12. Glass can run quite a long way on a pot, so be careful. You can put crushed glass inside a bowl for an interesting effect. Crushed glass used in glazes is called cullet. TJR.
  2. Welcome to the forum. I an NOT from Texas!


  3. From the album: Tom Roberts Studios

    On glaze decoration with copper carb and cobalt. Stoneware reduction fired, cone 10.
  4. From the album: Tom Roberts Studios

    Stoneware teapot reduction fired to cone 10 in a gas kiln.
  5. TJR

    Passage- detail

    Wow! Your work is beautiful. I can see why you were accepted into the student show at NCECA. Congratulations TJR.
  6. Hey, there; I taught Adult Pottery at the local city art gallery for eight years. I also taught kids classes on Saturday mornings. Taught Gifted and Talented drawing from 9-11, half hour break, then taught a clay class to 9,10 years olds, then taught a clay class to 5 and 6 year olds. So that was 5and a half hours of teaching on Saturdays, and 3 hours on Wednesdays. I was able to put myself through the after-degree Bachelor of Education program. I have now been teaching art full time for 27 years. The thing with clay classes is that you have to have STRUCTURE.The class was 10 weeks. I had 14 students and only eight wheels. We started with hand building. Pinch and coil one week, slab the next.My theory was that if you weren't successful throwing, then you could go back to hand building. When teaching throwing, I would demonstrate, get the students going, and then leave the room for 15 minutes. When I came back, I would demonstrate again.and the students were WAY more attentive for the second demo. I always had a syllabus -centreing, cylinders, mugs and jugs with handles, lids,bowls, plates, glazing and decorating, and then some catch up time. The adult classes were three hours, allowing 30 minutes at the end for clean-up. There was a technician to load kilns and mix glazes, which was great for me. We fired to cone 6. After I started teaching high school, I couldn't do the evening and week-end classes. It was just too much. I really enjoyed my time there. TJR.
  7. Happypots; You have to make the class more structured. As the previous poster said, start with cylinders, then bowls etc. You don't mention whether this is a handbuilding class, or a throwing class.I always started my clay classes out with the basics-coil, pinch, slab. Then, if she gets frustrated on the wheel, she can go back to building by hand. Learning to throw is difficult, as you know. You make a good point about her being the only one in the class, so she doesn't see that others would feel just as frustrated.She cannot make your work until she learns the basics. Hang in there. TJR.
  8. Diana; Interesting work. Great colours. I am always drawn to work that I would never be able to do.


  9. Love the colours! Keep at it!


  10. Benzine;

    I'm going to put you in as my friend, since we have so much in common as to high school arts education. Tom Roberts, high school art teacher.

  11. TJR

    Denice; Had to look at your work since you mentioned double firing dowm - or something technical like that. Like the yellow.


  12. From the album: Tom Roberts Studios

    Not fired yet. Everything on glaze brush decorated.
  13. TJR


    My first oval baker. Stoneware. 2ft. by 10 inches
  14. TJR

    Pres; I wanted to thank you for your articulate and thoughtful response to the person asking about layered glazing. I really thought I was helping out here. Guess not! Tom.[TJR]

  15. Wow! Nice looking brand new kiln. Good luck with the shelves. Just take it slow when heating them up.


  16. John; I came across a recipe for a Nuka glaze, which I understood to be white. I was interested in it as it uses wood ash, which I have an abundance of.[dangling participle there]. I mixed up a test. Like the surface quality, but it needs to be applied thicker. On your jar, are you putting it over black slip, or is it a black clay body? Looks beautiful. Tom
  17. Wow, I thought you were kidding about the 1969 thing. You really ARE that old. I think I was in Grade 10 in '69.Great work!

    Tom Roberts

  18. Hell, Diane. Welcome to the blog. My buddy Mark Hewitt has a pottery near Raleigh. Why not say "hello" from me.

    Tom Roberts[TJR]

  19. NEIL;I made this small rimmed bowls out of porcelain, with the idea of putting a round candle in for Christmas.Before I waxed the foot, I brushed Alumina on, to avoid "plucking", as you suggested. No plucking, so thank-you for the suggestion.Tom Roberts

  20. TJR

    Pres;Thank-you for your kind thoughts. I always think of you as a soul brother on the blog, as we are in a similar situation. I am looking at the end of a great career.Two years.Tom

  21. TJR


    Wow, you are really old! I am hitting the big 6-0 this July 13. Have a very Happy Birthday.

    Tom Roberts[TJR]

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