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© &copy John Baymore all rights reserved

Nuka glazed Chaire with burnish gold lustre accents and porcelain lid


Dark iron stoneware, wood fired and electric fired. Nuka glaze, gold luster, porcelain lid. In private collection in Japan.


© &copy John Baymore all rights reserved

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I came across a recipe for a Nuka glaze, which I understood to be white. I was interested in it as it uses wood ash, which I have an abundance of.[dangling participle there]. I mixed up a test. Like the surface quality, but it needs to be applied thicker. On your jar, are you putting it over black slip, or is it a black clay body? Looks beautiful.


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Just saw this comment Tom.  Thanks.  Very dark clay body.... Sheffield #42 with added local granite dust.

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Bumping this old conversation  - ran into it googling for some info on that Sheffield 42.  How's it for coiling do you think?  I only get my clay from Sheffield,  usually Elaine's  Porcelain,  but having hit 15" of woobly porcelain coil on a fat pot this morning  I'm thinking I want something sturdier with a different character and some color the for fairly thin, soft, larger organic coiled forms I want to try.   Thinking you might have  another idea if 42's not good for that - I have a gift cert there  and would prefer ^6-10. Any thoughts? (I've long admired your beautiful work, always takes my breath away!)

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