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  1. Check to see if their is a potters guild in your area! Or practice using air dry clay just so you can keep practicing till you can do it properly.
  2. Thanks guys! Off to Home Depot in the morning!
  3. That sounds awesome. I have a marble/stone one but never thought about using porcelain....
  4. Hey fine folks! So some small holes I need to fit head pins through (20 gauge wire with a wider flat head at the end) got glazed over and filled in. Is there a drill bit that I can use on glazed porcelain to open it back up? Will I risk breaking it? Don't want to remake it! Thanks!!
  5. Thanks everyone - went to my supplier this am and got new element connectors! Much easier! Now to do a test fire....
  6. I'll probably just cut it off. There is enough slack in the wire. Turns out my supplier is open for a few hours in the morning on Saturday so I'll see if they have the new barrels there.
  7. Used vice grips and the whole thing slipped and I gashed my finger with the screw driver. I also chipped the screw head a bit. Fun times. WD-40 didn't work. I'll try calling my supplier in the morning - maybe someone can help there.
  8. Ok. I'll try that method tomorrow morning. Gonna run to the hardware store for some wd-40 first. Thanks v much for ur help.
  9. Also can I just use any connectors from Home Depot or are there specific ones that kiln manufacturers make to handle the heat. I'm firing to come 6/7
  10. Hey Neil! So wd40 is safe to use?? It won't start a fire or something awful lol I've never done something on a piece of equipment that fires over 2000 degrees so I'm a little terrified of messing this up. Thanks for the fast response!
  11. Hey folks ! Hoping someone can help me out! I'm replacing an element in my kiln for the first time. Everything was going smoothly - I removed the old element and put in the new one but i can't for the life of me loosen the barrel connector (I think that's what it's called) from the electrical wire running from the switch. I need to loosen it to remove the old element wire still inside and to make the electric wire make contact with the element. I'll take a pic and attach it below. It's a barrel connector with a screw in it to keep it tight and I can't loosen it at all!! Is it safe to use a lubricant of some sort on the connector? If so, which brand? My supplier is already closed for the weekend so I can't go to them for help. I've gashed up my fingers from the screw driver and pliers slipping lol. Any help would be super appreciated. I have a massive show coming up and I'm falling behind. Thanks so much!!!
  12. I'm interested in using it for my line of jewelry - always interested in new materials... I see a lot of the big name fashion houses have created bangles rings watches from this material so I'm curious! So should I start grinding zircons into my cone 6 porcelain ??
  13. Hi everyone - been ages since I posted on here! In my research and my constant need to try new things out I came across a product called 'High-Tech Ceramic' It's a material used to make watches and jewelry. Does anyone know anything about this product, if its available for the public to buy, how to use it etc? When I google it I only see product info for watches, jewelry etc. Thanks!
  14. Thank you for the reply Mark and Marcia - I appreciate your input. I got my cone 10 porcelain but haven't used it yet as I am getting ready for a show and decided to go with what i know (cone 6 porcelain) in the meantime. My question regarding glaze use wasn't clear - I wanted to know if I create a piece from Cone 10 Porcelain, and fire it to Cone 10, could I THEN use cone 6 or low fire (04/06) glazes to decorate? Or will I face issues? I have done this with Cone 6 porcelain with no problems (Fire the piece to Cone 6 and then do a lower glaze firing).
  15. Hi everyone - hope you are well, just finished a show - was really good! Does anyone have any experience using Cone 10 Porcelain? I normally use Cone 6, but am finding its very "clay-like" and not giving me the fine, smooth finish I was used to with the porcelain we used in the 90s. I also noticed Cone 6 wasn't as strong as I would like, so hopefully Cone 10 will be better in these aspects. I have ordered a box of Cone 10 English Porcelain and will be trying it out. Question regarding Cone 10 Glazes - are there any commercially available Cone 10 Glazes? I can't seem to find any. My pottery supply shop said that most ppl make their own Cone 10 glazes and I really don't want to get into that! (yet....) If not, can I use my previous Cone 6 glazes? I don't have to worry about food safety as these are for smaller jewelry pieces. I previously used a lot of low fire glazes on my Cone 6 Porcelain with no problems in terms of crazing etc. Your thoughts and experiences would be greatly appreciated! **EDIT: Not sure which forum this would go in, Sorry if I made an error!***
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