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    Karen; I am liking your images-esp. the rabbit and the ravens.Great work! Tom [TJR]
  2. I just packed up a bunch of pots and delivered them, one group to the city art galley ,ad the second group to a local "touristy" shop. After delivering them all, I noticed one lonely mug sitting all by itself on my wedging table. i know that it is part of the delivery. Should I wait and see how long it takes them to notice the missing pot, or should I br honest and drop the mug off? Both lists of pots were written on lined paper. did not take two years, maybe four hours with all the wrapping and packing. When stuff sells, I never cross it off the list either. I just cash the cheque. TJR.
  3. Put a glaze test in a friend's gas kiln on Friday. I am loading my kiln on Tues.Her kiln unloads on Thurs. I see a problem.

  4. Diesel; Let me get this straight. Do you begin with a Celadon glaze that already has 2% iron in it, or do you get the iron from the clay body and the copper is added to a plain clear glaze to get the copper red? TJR.
  5. I buy those Dollar store one inch sponge brushes. I wash them out with hot water, but they gum up after several sessions and must be tossed. I think you can buy four for a buck. Good value. TJR.
  6. Gismo; I am a great believer in walking softly on the back of the Earth. I recycle all my clay, I use rain water, I save my glaze washings, but some things you cannot do. Like recycling wax resist. Good on you for trying. TJR.
  7. Old Lady; That was a great tour. Thank-you for taking the time to describe it all to us. TJR.
  8. Made me laugh! Wax resist is cheap. Buy some more. TJR.
  9. Do not know the word smalt. Sounds kind of antiquated. Maybe European. You could also look up enameling. TJR.
  10. The technique you are describing is called China painting. It is a very low temperature technique where you apply colour to an already glazed tile. The Chinese would apply red enamel to their already fired blue and white porcelain pottery. Ask your supplier about china painting. TJR.
  11. I've got a crap load of old earthenware clay, bagged up, rock hard dry that I am going to reconstitute and then fire Majolica. But then those stoneware and porcelain glazes keep sucking me back in. So beautiful...so little time.. so beautiful...[sound fades out]. TJR.
  12. It is important to know the temperature at which the brick was fired to. Once this is determined, I think you could spray glaze on for that temperature and re-fire the. The temp. is probably as low as the manufacturer could go to harden the bricks into permanency. I would start with cone 04-I am just guessing You do not want to fire so hot that the brick becomes molten. TJR..
  13. There is some funny stuff on here. Don't be embarassed. Keep them coming. TJR.
  14. Giselle; Buck up! Wrong venue for your work. Show was too short. You were undercut by the $12.00 mug guy. Keep looking. I like the two day sale myself. This gives people the chance to tire kick and then return with wads of cash. TJR.
  15. I just watched The Magnificent Seven on Netflicks. Eligh Wallack is the bad Mexican with 40 raiders. Steve McQueen and Yul Brynner get together 7 gunslingers to save the town. Lots of terra cotta pottery. Even in the bar, they are drinking out of terra cotta mugs. Some coloured slip application. 2.In the "Good, the Bad and the Ugly," there is a great scene at the beginning of the movie, where the "bad" is staring down the farmer over a big plate of salad and squash. Looks delish. They are eating with hand-carved wooden spoons. You know that the farmer is going to;"bite the farm", as it were
  16. I've been thinking about this one for a couple of days. Chris hit the nail on the head. If you have to say that you are a Master, then you are not one. If you have a sign over your display that says;"Master Potter, or Worlds Greatest Potter", then you are not. In thinking of past masters at NCECA, I would definitely include Don Reitz and Val Cushing. Looking at that video of the Robin Hopper talk, I would definitely include him. You do not have to be dead, or be male to acquire the designation of Master. You need the respect of your peers. You definitely would have had to give something
  17. Ray; I hate to say it, but I like the one on the left better. Colour. Placement of handle. Am I missing something. Educate me. Tom.
  18. Beautiful work. So,you are saying stoneware? Could easily be earthenware as well. Like the decoration. Tom.
  19. You caught me! I apprenticed with Michael Cardew in 1978/79. Once in a life-time experience. Had to come back to Canada though. I was broke and had been away for two tears. Tom.
  20. Nancy; I apprenticed with Michael Cardew in 1978/79. One year. Seth was there as well. Tom
  21. Took the hammer to a bunch of runny glazed mugs. Felt great!

    1. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Now the shards are for a beautiful mosaic!

    2. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Omg I LOVE doing that! It's such great therapy. :D

    3. Chris Campbell

      Chris Campbell

      I just gave away some shards for a gardener who wanted to try discouraging moles by mixing them into the soil near his roses.

  22. Elon Musk-designer of the Tesla electric car and owner od Solar city Solar Panels, and also owner of Space X, is now selling a unit for $3,000-$3500 dollars U.S. that will store power from solar cells. You no longer need inverters and batteries. It's all in one unit as big as a furnace. Great for off grid living. I believe I saw it in this month's issue of Popular Mechanics. I'll get back to you. TJR.
  23. Currently glazing 83 mugs. BORING!

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    2. Babs


      put on your music! May change your onglaze patterns!

    3. Pres


      Cut the tape in different widths and lengths and dip away!

    4. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      You should try it barefooted-less boring with cold toes

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