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    Louisville,Ky in the Ohio river valley
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    Raku, is our main interest but high fire isn't out of our spectrum.. We also enjoy oil painting and being creative when ever possible.. We love a good fire while setting outside on the porch under the massive Maple tree that shades our back yard,house and shed..

    We are newbies at clay although we have dabbled in it off and on in the past.. We keep coming back to it, something just draws us in deeper and deeper.. < Maybe a Earthly connection that is growing stronger and making our bond to each other stronger as well..

    ~Jim and Cindy

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    1. Crusty


      on Sale til sunday 1/10 HVLP spray guns


    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      those spray guns are great. Just like Geil's. The HVLP unit I got previously was a gun made for the compressor. Basically for paint.


    3. Rae Reich

      Rae Reich

      Just noticed the Spray Gun Liners on the bottom of that page. Anyone ever try those with glazes?

  1. Moving is done.. Working on the kiln room rite now.. All brick and concrete :)

  2. Bisque load going in today. mostly bowls.

  3. as far as warping goes.. it took me a little bit to learn how to throw a platter or something similar... When I started throwing them, they either cracked or warped.. When they warped they also had a twist to them, very weird looking ... I fixed both issues by throwing them thinner 1/4'' in the middle and slowly going thicker towards the outside rim.. That extra thickness helps them hold shape and makes them stronger.. something else I noticed is that if my kiln shelves had a gap in them, I got more cracks/warping so, I closed it...
  4. This pot caught my eye rite off.. I love it.. Is the 5th pot Terra Sig. ? really neat looking.. Good work, ... Obvara just amazes me..
  5. Do a 30 to 60 minute hold on the cooling cycle at around 1950 ..that's what I been hearing works good...
  6. Good morning everyone, have a great day.. I am off to bed.. lol

  7. PC-4 clean bisque ware I use a sponge - shaking the bottle may not be enough to get a good mix, try to use a drill with mixer on it- the floating glazes gave us a little trouble too... here is how we apply PC glazes and get good results- 1 load a fan brush and start at top of pot working left to right - 1 stroke of each side of fan brush then, run brush through both strokes to even out a little- do entire pot then let dry.. 2-Now start at top of pot and work downward so it is going to be thinner at the bottom, this will help with running... do entire pot let dry then repeat step 1 for coat 3.. Ancient Jasper, we cant get it to look like it should by itself but wow its awesome with other glazes.. looks great over C Snow what other PC colors do you have? once you get used to palladium you can make some mind blowing color schemes-
  8. I have about 30 handles that need attatching, want to help? you can do handles and ill go throw, thats where my heart is today.

    1. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Sorry dude, I'm stuck in bed all day... ;.;

    2. Crusty


      The bed sink in or something? surely you can get out of it...


    3. Crusty


      got the handles done, ate some pizza threw some more mugs, trying to get a back stock of bisque mugs... The ladies {about 60} at Cindy's work are wearing me out lol, they love our mugs and her tea pots...

  9. Mastering ^6 glazes- got it yesterday , just finished reading it. good book..Really helps a functional potter..

  10. Nice work Guin... Blue on black is just sexy.. one of my fav. color combos..
  11. Crusty

    wave Jar

    and also cut a hole for air to release so your pretty pot don't crack open while drying... I been practicing this style, hmmm whats his name Van Gilder or something like that? I love this one, my Fav... Very good job, how much practice did it take you before it happened? I have tried 2 times so far, both after work and dead tired. hey I tried though LOL, went a tad to deep on 1 and pop goes the weasel... on the second I had it but forgot to make a release hole and slept for 12 hrs and it cracked lol...
  12. Crusty

    wave goblet

    I like that one , the little dots bring it all together/ at least to my eye... Nice !!!
  13. Ok I will explain my intentions and or need of a sprayer... I am sorry , I should have already done this... I am going into my artsy "Organic" mode soon... I will be making large planters roughly 18'' tall , they will be textured in some way for sure... not sure just yet on the finale dimensions but I cant dip them.. I was thinking of a base coat then doing some layering with a brush and some with the gun... I think the Wagner is the hand held model.. ill pass on it.. sounds like some good and bad both on the HVLP, ugh...As long as its not "fingering- 2 or more little streams coming out instead of a full fan" when it sprays it should be ok.. Mark does that unit have a metal handle or plastic? If I absolutely have to get a compressor/gun combo for best results.. I will ...
  14. Tomorrow is my first Throw-A-Thon... I have not had the chance to just set and throw for a day to see what i can do.. Tomorrow it is... many breaks included, thats my style :)~

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    2. Crusty


      thanks Marcia, ill try that out..

    3. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      This is totally true. I sit on a tilt back never hurts, and I have a bad back.

    4. Crusty


      im about to start so I re-set my chair to where im on a tilt and sat in it and cleaned the wheel real good.. I like how it feels, there is no awkward pressure anywhere..


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