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  1. Yer welcome Pam! It's an awesome glaze IMO. I think the problem most folks have is that they are far too shy in their application. This one likes to be applied very thickly. When you think you've put enough on...put more on. fun stuff teardrop
  2. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

  3. More bad/newbie-made pottery glazed in Ancient Jasper brushed on heavily (5 coats) at the top...lessening to 2 coats near the bottom.... hangtag in place...(thanks for the idea) and ready to be sold to people who evidently have even less of a clue what "good" pottery is than even I do... yes...I'm funnin' with ya...sorta...
  4. We've been firing the kiln nightly lately as we prep for our first markets.

    I guess we'll find out then if our stuff has any favor with the general public.

  5. The longer I'm here, the more I learn that I'll never be a good potter...

    not that I was trying. That is "their" standard...which means nothing to me.

    Whose standards do you live by?

    Thanks for stoppin in.

  6. It's all about the quality of the instructor. Your experience mirrors ours, scoobie. We were just turned loose on the wheel and then given tips as we went along. I was fortunate that I (was told) have a knack for the wheel and was able to catch on fairly quickly...but other folks in the class struggled quite a bit with the lack of true direction and scant guidance given. good luck...and have fun. teardrop
  7. I slab roll my clay and then cut out the peices using patterns I drew...then assemble them. I try to do >something

  8. I love your pitchers glazed with the Potter's Choice glazes! Did you throw those, extrude them, or what? Very nice!

  9. Don't know who's screwing with your head, but every time I'm online and check out the forums, I look for red. Then I click green--even if I don't know a person. Everone is allowed three clicks a day. Shouldn't be difficult to get to green and hold it.

  10. We pulled this out of the kiln last night and were completely blown away. 2 (dipped) coats of PC Firebrick Red (from dry mix) on the bottom. 3 heavy/drippy coats of PC Ancient Jasper (straight from a well shaken bottle) applied with a bulb syringe on top. The stuff was globbed on liberally and the runs on the side were fat and thick. The only surprise was that the saturation GOLD I placed on the top edges came out a silver/metallic. Though I LOVE what it did...that wasn't what I thought it was gonna do. I will definetely be working more with this combo in the future! teardrop
  11. Whoa!

    That's very red! Who did you piss off>



  12. As always.....the good folks here make up for those who are quick to critique others whom they don't know.

  13. Cowards, WUVIE. They are straight up cowards.

  14. I simply do not understand the negative reputation thing on this site. Seriously, if a person can't back up what they say, their comments aren't worth spit. Much like the internet that is awash with people judging and criticizing others, yet are they willing to put a face with a name? Pfft. I agree with you. Back it up or shut it up.

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