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  1. I wish you well no matter which route you take. I have no experience with puggers. I do, however, have experience with carpal. You didn't mention if you had an Electromyography performed. This test should tell you the severity of your problem. I had numbness and tingling...especially at night when my arm would "fall asleep". This progresssed (and it will) into tingling and a slight weakness in my left hand. When I went to the doc he showed little concern until he ran the elecrtromyography. At that point he said my condition was "severe" and that it was imperative that I have the surgery...or risk permanent nerve damage and possibly loss of use of my hand in the future. I HATE all of this kinda stuff...so I was reluctant....but when he said "we should do it Wednesday" and it was Monday...I knew he was serious about taking care of it BEFORE other complication arised. I've learned from my DDD/back/neck problems that this stuff generally DOESN'T get better on it's own....and that "P/T" will only take you so far if you are >truly< injured/damaged/etc. Like the pills, it's a band aid in most instances and the problem will resurface...possibly with more damage than before. If P/T were a fix there would be no surgeons... Surgery went well. Recovery went well. (P/T went well) Hand/wrist are fluid now and there's no numbness whatsoever. Being that I'm left handed....this is good. Thankfully the wife has great insurance and that aspect of the challenge was the least of my worries. best of luck teardrop
  2. The only other folks selling ceramics at the market we attended were resellers of Soleo Provence (sp?) mass produced (hand painted?) wares from France and someone selling slipcast bowls... we were (obviously) the booth with the gcsc.... CheeryCrack is a great show. Booth after booth of ostds (overpriced s-hit that doesn't stink). So which booth are you in, jim? (by chance are you anywhere near the Botox station?)
  3. I did fairly well yesterday at my first market...especially considering that the Summer monsoon has kicked in here in CO and we set up in the rain. Feedback was good. Of course, it is important to remember that few, if any, regular/everyday folks actually know what >good< is. My lone "experienced" advice came from a lady who told me she had been teaching ceramics for 20 or so years. I could tell at the onset of our convo that she had some insight into the inner workings going on in the creation of pottery. Questions about the glazes used, the clay used, and yes...the fabled "How long have you been at this?" also came up. hopefully next weekend will see better weather/attendance. Fun stuff all around and great experience! teardrop
  4. I hope your market went well on the 4th, metal and mud! Were the true "jurors" of your work buying anything out there these days? teardrop
  5. Yer welcome Pam! It's an awesome glaze IMO. I think the problem most folks have is that they are far too shy in their application. This one likes to be applied very thickly. When you think you've put enough on...put more on. fun stuff teardrop
  6. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

  7. Thanks yedrow! I know it's only "klunk"...but it's fun klunk...
  8. Thanks for the response, lawpots. This is a combo kinda market. There are crafts vendors, farmer's with organic produce/cheese/food/local stores with booths catering to sports/the sporting life we live here...and many other varied vendors (115 in total) Sorry off, no mud wrestling. Locals get first nod but there are vendors from all over the state. About the only thing that is "limited" at this market is jewelry. Evidently there is just too much/too many jewelry folks out there trying to get in to sell or lying that they have other items and then bringing in jewelry displays as well. Word is a few folks were asked to leave last week who didn't represent honestly what they were selling.... oops. We have local "Farmer's Market" each Saturday on the corner in Edwards http://edwardsfarmersmarket.com/ sounds a lot like what you described. Food and produce...no crafts. A fun, 10 minute stroll about takes care of it tho. and Vail has a sprawling market on Sundays.....again.... seems like a combo of a Farmer's Market and a Crafts Fair because there is a wide variety of goods/services showcased each weekend throughout the Summer. (all 3 markets are Summer-long) There are also 2 other "Art" shows in town next weekend. Mostly out of towners...mostly expensive items.... definitely busy places with lots of new faces each week. yer booths look awesome Mark. Thanks for sharing your take on how you make it all work and the adjustments you've made to get there. I hope the holiday sales were good to ya gonna be interesting to see how this all goes for us on Saturday
  9. Thanks for the great/honest replies, folks. Not surprisingly, the main offenders here (IMO) who seem to enjoy letting beginners know they have no real merit and have ohhhhh sooooo farrrrr to go didn't comment....yet again. Funny how that happens. I hate movers and shakers...mainly, because after they stir things up (screw things up) they dissapear to another locale to impart their beloved wisdom on another unsuspecting group. (my town is a revolving door of these (self) important kinda folks) yawn...stretch... thanks for pointing out that there are many different avenues available to showcase work, bciskespottery. I think that is KEY in this discussion. I have no qualms that my work will never hit a "gallery" and that I'm destined to be a "craft fair" kinda guy. I personally hate that stuffy propped up crap. As I said before, my area is FULL of expensive Art no one with a real life and a real job can afford that reflects nothing about the area and isn't made by someone who lives in the area. The Farmer's market/craft fair we have joined shows favor to locals and local businesses because they want to show the tourist base the true heart and soul of the area.....for better or worse! And yes...I realize there will be scrutiny of the work. If it's another potter I will gladly accept the critique...just before I ask them where >their< booth/store/exhibit may be located so I can come by and see how it is >supposed< to be done.... thanks again for the replies teardrop
  10. I love your approach, mark. Realizing that there are folks who want to take something home with them other than an expensive item seems to have treated you well over the years. These are what I came up with to make outta the scraps/leftovers from cutting out my pitcher peices. Probably won't call them "ashtrays" because of the PC world we live in... so "table trays" or...stealing an idea from someone else here..."anything" or "Whatever" trays may be the tag we use to try to move em out.... fun to make....and since I have yet to use test tiles....they are basically "test tiles" as well.... as always...thanks for sharing teardrop
  11. Another spin-off thread. I asked this question previously of the folks who are repeatedly critical/judgemental towards noobies selling their wares but didn't receive a reply. Scenario: You are the organizer of a Craft Fair/Art Show/Farmer's market. There is a local potter who only has a year or so of experience who wants to take a space in the market and attempt to sell their wares for the first time. Question: Would it be better for "pottery" to allow this person a space and give "pottery" some exposure...or would it be better for pottery as a whole to tell them they aren't good enough and have no potters whatsoever represented at this market? To be, or not to be? And a deeper question dealing with "criticism"....if you are so inclined to comment... If you saw someone selling at a show who is an obvious noob, would you confront them and tell them they need far more experience before they should ever even think about selling their work...like you do here...or is this just an Internet "hide behind the keyboard" kinda thing goin on that you wouldn't have the nerve to say to someone's face? not trying too be "negative".....just truly want to know where the folks stand who have been critical towards noobs talking about selling their wares. have a great day everyone... teardrop
  12. More bad/newbie-made pottery glazed in Ancient Jasper brushed on heavily (5 coats) at the top...lessening to 2 coats near the bottom.... hangtag in place...(thanks for the idea) and ready to be sold to people who evidently have even less of a clue what "good" pottery is than even I do... yes...I'm funnin' with ya...sorta...
  13. I've been busy glazing/firing my last loads of bad pottery before next week's back-to-back markets...so didn't see your reply until now, Chris. However...since you brought it up in more detail in an attempt to prove a point (?)....let me say that I was speaking specifically to this thread with my previous comments. And YES...in checking the other threads you linked, there is no denying that suggestions and praise were certainly given to Cody for both his work and his desire to take higher-quality photos of his work.... but at the same time, I can easily use all of those same threads to point out how the >>viewpoints and criticism<< from some (of the same) posters here instantly changed in >>this<< thread towards Cody's actions/intent.....and yes....even his ABILITY....when Cody made the statement that he felt confident enough to sell his work....roughly 3 weeks after his original "look at these" kinda posts. I felt the change in vibe....Cody felt the change in vibe...and it appears that a few others who have heard similar comments shot their way in previous conversations where the topic of "sales" came up also felt the vibe change. Heck...I'm even gonna guess the brain surgeons and lawyers who check in here daily to see how >>real professionals do things<< also felt it when they were compared as equal peers to someone who plays in mud and critiques how coffee cups should look for a living. Ok...so who needs the scalpel?
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