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  1. When I was in school, we were taught we could open the kiln at 400 degrees. Prop it open, that is. Then when it got down to 300 degrees, we could open the lid fully and unload as soon as we could handle the pots without getting burned, or setting the place on fire. Since then I have read a lot about firing my kiln, and I have always been horrified at the sound of the crazing pings, and that is not something I usually am trying to do, so I leave it alone. I pull a plug at 350 or so, but usually let it get down to 150 or so before I prop the lid open a little. When I can touch the lid af
  2. I love your pitchers glazed with the Potter's Choice glazes! Did you throw those, extrude them, or what? Very nice!

  3. I have become the new owner of a little Duncan EA-122 kiln, model LT-3K. It is small, runs on 110, and I am so excited to have it. BUT.....I have not been able to find out much about this little kiln. I know Paragon deals with the Duncan kilns now, do they have a manual I can download? Could not find one. I need to know what the capabilities of this kiln are. What are the upper limits, temp-wise? The lady who gave it to me just used it for China paint and such. I had in mind to use it for fast bisque jobs, tests, or little glazes like jewelry. My husband is looking at it with
  4. Hi Janie! Many thanks for your kind post on the new wheel I received. I am very anxious to have fun. Not yet retired, but definitely making plans, albeit long range. :-)

  5. I have a whole shelf of pots glazed with Ancient Jasper, waiting to be fired. Now I am wondering if it is not enough, too much or just right..... A friend glazed big plates with AJ, and it ran, to the point of ruining shelves. I am afraid that I may not have enough on my pots. I think I will add a bit more... A very instructive thread. I am very appreciative of Steve Lampron.
  6. I use several types of clay, and I keep a container of paper clay from each type of clay in my studio. I love this stuff! It has simplified my life no end!
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