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  1. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the kiln to cool...

  2. Fire in the hole! Finally!

  3. Chilly toes in the middle of July?

  4. LOL, Carl, I know what you mean. The first time I saw their site, I was cautious. I've ordered from Clay-King several times, including my wheel, and have never been anything but very pleased. Quick shipping, too!
  5. Many thanks to both of you. I like the idea of numbering instead, and keeping notes.
  6. Hello! I will be making a number of sample pieces for clay and glaze examples, but would like to make little notes on the back of them. Someone told me an underglaze decorating pencil is needed. Is there not a generic pencil that will not burn off in a kiln? $11.95 and shipping leads me to think I'll just carve notes instead. Many thanks!
  7. has discovered a love of dry sanding on a windy day in the valley!

  8. Havent see you you posting here in a while, hows the wheel coming along?

  9. Hi Jeri, Though I don't know of any galleries in particular, I just wanted to send a bit of my envy your way. Hope your trip is full of wonderful!
  10. Good morning! As of late, I find myself anxiously awaiting little bowls from the two bats I have in order to make more. Though I am new to pottery, I prefer to leave projects on the plastic bats until they are dry enough to move elsewhere to finish drying. Last night I was shopping online for additional bats for my Speedball wheel, and came across several sites with various types. I haven't forgotten Ebay and Amazon, but the prices seem a tad high. I don't have enough experience to try out new things just yet, so I'm sticking to the plastic bats. Could anyone suggest a good site for purchase of additional bats? It seems the great prices are tarnished by high shipping charges. Several sites offer savings for purchase of six, which would be fine, though at this point I don't need too many. *Update* Found some interesting reading! BAT WHEEL TIPS - From BigCeramicStore.com Many thanks for any suggestions. Karen
  11. Hi there! Followed your wheel dilemma for a bit, just stopping in to see if you were able to acquire a new one. :-) Karen

  12. Hi there! Followed your wheel dilemma for a bit, just stopping in to see if you were able to acquire a new one. :-) Karen

  13. Thanks! Yeah, I'm addicted to them. I am also owned by multiple pets :)

  14. Welcome to the site! I'm new here, as well. Love the Ren Fairs, too!

  15. Good to see you posting again! Since you were on last, I finally acquired a pottery wheel, and have been practicing, practicing, practicing! I've always wanted to make tiny bowls, and by golly, I'm putting them out quickly! I realize I have a long way to go, but just being able to make something small, and feel relatively confident about it gives me the oomph to carry on, learning as I go. Sure, they may only be big enough to hold little gadgets, but with practice...who knows? It didn't take long to remember to take the bat pins off when not using a bat (duh), keep my hands together, don't try to recover a lost cause (at least while I'm new) and some other tidbits. Glad you're back!
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