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  1. Love the gesture in all of these... and those fingers on the Ladies In Waiting!
  2. These are great. Your whole gallery is fun.
  3. I've been saving up so I can afford to do that experiment. Jim
  4. In atmospheric firings it prevents the salt, wood ash, etc from forming a glaze there. In other firings, like cone 6 electric, some clays, especially porcelains, fuse together if there's not a thin layer of refractory material there. She could have used wadding on her boxes but alumnia is usually handy and easy. Jim
  5. I think it is the glaze. The glaze you're using on the pictured mug has to move a lot to acheive the hare's fur look so it is running off high thin places. That's not clay that is making the lip rought but spots of glaze. Try other glazes. If you have, did you have the same problem with them? Jim
  6. I was going to post something similar to what Min posted but she said it better than I would have. That's a great idea in the second paragraph! Jim
  7. I like it, too and would like to know more about it.
  8. It's just a good clay. It has a nice, rough texture and a great range of colors depending of how high it is fired. Obviously, never really becoming vitrified is a negative.

  9. what is the draw to this Lizella clay?

  10. Nice. How tall are they?
  11. Thanks, Idaho. That's very kind of you and I appreciate it.

  12. Jim, I am becoming addicted to your ever changing avatars. Your work was wonderful, but this new turn is joyful! Thanks for the lift.

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