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  1. I traveled to India recently and came home with some wood block stamps...I'm experimenting with different palettes and designs. Lots of fun.
  2. clayshapes


    These are high fired without glaze, and then cold glazed with acrylic paints and finished with a sealing coat of varathane. They are purely decorative. Using acrylic paint gives me the opportunity to layer on the color, and see the results immediately.
  3. clayshapes

    ocean flower bowls

    These tiny little bowls started off as pinch pots, then got stretched onto molds I made from acorn squashes. After firing they were textured and glazed.
  4. clayshapes

    spring florals

    This collection is intended to make you smile - plates and small dishes impressed with floral designs for use as tapas plates, spoon rests, small serving piece and even wall art, grouped together. Popular at small craft shows I attend
  5. This little dish is part of a large collection of floral-themed organic shaped plates

    © &copy:clayshapespottery

  6. clayshapes

    Fish platters

    I'm experimenting with different palettes on a new collection of plates and platter that feature fish!
  7. I apply to leather hard greenware. Never dry greenware. Too fragile. I often wait to apply to bisqued pieces as well. I see no difference in color when I do this.
  8. I'm part of the "can't wait for Christmas" crowd here. I tell myself I won't open the kiln until it's at 200 -- but I ALWAYS open it sooner. I crack the lid and peek in -- sometimes at 400(!!!!). Then I close it, scold myself and issue a stern warning to be patient...go have a coffee...and then come right back down and peek again. It's quite common for me to unload the top shelf at about 300 (wearing oven mitts, of course). I can sometimes summon the patience to not go further than that -- but not often. I have been doing this for 2 years. I have NEVER had anything crack or break. I'm like the others who wonder -- If I can take something out of a 450 degree oven, why can't I take it out of the kiln? I'm sure there is a logical answer to that question, and a finger wagger will be along shortly to explain! Not that I recommend this. One of these days I'll learn my lesson -likely on a pot I can't recreate. Then I'll start meditating or something... or give up pottery all together...
  9. clayshapes


    Love the fish -- I have some old dishes from China with beautiful fish designs like these. Nice to see handcrafted Canadian versions!
  10. Love the colours! Keep at it!


  11. My kiln fires to 04 in 6 hours, (I know this from experience) so I set my timer for 7 hours, with a kiln sitter and cones on two shelves. Your kiln may be different == but 17 hours is likely WAY too long. But no harm as along as you keep watch, and your kiln sitter works. If your sitter doesn't turn the kiln off after 6 hours, turn it off yourself and see where the cones are inside the kiln. When you have a kiln that's new to you, you have to expect to experiment a little. Of course, depending on how you load the kiln, there will be a lot of trial and error. That's why it's important your kiln sitter is working properly. I agree though that 04 is a bit high for bisque. I try to fire to 05 for my bisque and glaze to cone 6 (for stoneware, that is!) You didn't mention what kind of clay you are using -- earthenware or stoneware? I fire to 04 bisque, and 05 for glaze on earthenware. But you should ask whoever sold you the clay what cone to fire to, as clay bodies are all a little different.
  12. clayshapes

    Memory Bowls

    These pieces are part of a collection of textured grooved bowls I call memory bowls - because one of my customers told me the bowl she bought reminded her of a dress she had 30 years ago! The bits of lace and seashells are evocative of something different for everyone, I guess!
  13. clayshapes


    Some of my recent work
  14. Ha! You are right -- it will probably not work in the end and it certainly sounds easier to just make another bowl. Of course, no two bowls are alike. But I may try to repair it anyway, just in case there's a time in the future when something I can't replace cracks - and I will have had the practice. Thanks for your help.
  15. Thanks. Yet another new use for my blender. I'm going to try it. Curious though -- why paper? I've heard people say this before but don't understand what paper adds to the mix, from a technical point of view.
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