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  1. Thanks for the advice on this. I have removed nut and bolt today with a view to replace completely , and I have ordered a replacement porcelain insulator because the current one was damaged at the reverse. The wire was purchased directly from Cromartie and is advertised as high temp (https://www.cromartiehobbycraft.co.uk/Catalogue/Ceramic-Kilns-Electric-Kilns-Pottery-Kilns/Kiln-Spares-Kiln-Elements/Cable/Heat-Resistant-Cable-25mm-Red-HRC-RED-25) but since asking the question on here and spending a bit of time on google, I’ve found that there is high temp wire available elsewhere, wrapped
  2. Hello I have been using a Hobbytech 40 kiln for a few years, I think early 90s age but it could be older. The label has burnt off. I run it off a 13amp supply. The kiln isn’t in the best of condition. I am planning on buying a larger, more suitable kiln in the coming weeks but until then, I have to make do and mend. Over the last few months, the wires are burning out and firing is becoming tricky. I have to replace the wires ever 4-5 firings. The usual wire to go if the one at the top element connection. Anybody got any idea what would be causing this? I have removed and repacke
  3. Thanks. I suppose it’s worth a try to refire one and see what happens. Like you say, they’re destined for the bin anyway. I wish there was a way to reduce waste when firing goes wrong!
  4. Hello I used a series of 4 glazes layered on a recent set of plates. Every single one of them has crawled, especially on one particular colour which I’m guessing is the thicker application when layered? My question is, can I reglaze and refire them, perhaps to a lower temperature? They’ve been fired to cone 7 (electric), and it’s a Valentine’s Delta stoneware. I’ve refired plates before and they’ve broken right down the centre. I’ve seen people on here say they’ve had success with refiring and wondering if there’s a recommended technique. Attached a couple of photos of th
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