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  1. Thanks. I suppose it’s worth a try to refire one and see what happens. Like you say, they’re destined for the bin anyway. I wish there was a way to reduce waste when firing goes wrong!
  2. Hello I used a series of 4 glazes layered on a recent set of plates. Every single one of them has crawled, especially on one particular colour which I’m guessing is the thicker application when layered? My question is, can I reglaze and refire them, perhaps to a lower temperature? They’ve been fired to cone 7 (electric), and it’s a Valentine’s Delta stoneware. I’ve refired plates before and they’ve broken right down the centre. I’ve seen people on here say they’ve had success with refiring and wondering if there’s a recommended technique. Attached a couple of photos of th
  3. Thanks all for your replies. I’ve been testing all of them with some success still a bit hit and miss but practice makes perfect and, like Viking Potter says, you can never have enough rest tiles.
  4. I should also add that I’m using a plate setter with uprights and pins. Each setter holding about 10 plates.
  5. Hello I have recently acquired a small kiln for use at home (Hobbytech 40). It works and I’m happy with it for the most part, but when I have bisque fired plates, they crack during firing, down the middle to about halfway across the plate. This must be a fault when I’m making the items. Can anyone tell me what could be causing this so that I don’t waste efforts making anymore to be disappointed when they’re fired? I’ve not had this happen with plates I’ve made in my ceramic lessons. Some are wheel thrown, some are made from slabs. Clay bodies used are lavafleck stoneware,
  6. I too have just acquired a secondhand Hobbytech 40 with LT-3K Kiln sitter. How did you get on with yours firing? I've used a large Northern Kilns kiln previously, with Stafford electronic controller, so the idea of firing at home is quite daunting. I am reading up everything I can online about the Hobbytech 40. Does anyone have a link to the user manual? I've tried Google for this but to no avail. Thanks Rob
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