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  1. In my opinion, if your work is to be permanent i will stay away form clay......clay is going to become mud on the floor at the first rain. If it is temporary then i will go for it...
  2. If it rains you cant work outside with clay, it is against all odds. You can build anything you want in 6 hours, but depending on the thickness it will crack if you let it dry too fast, that is if you are using regular clay, If you are going to use air dry clay that might be a little bit different and might withstand the fast dry but this kind of clay cant be formed into too large pieces. For this kind of situation you might want to re-think the medium, maybe working with rocks, or branches, or any other material that wont become mud if it gets too wet or just fall apart because it is really b
  3. Chris C. The website let me vote 5 times. so you got them all....good luck.....you are up to 21 votes as of now.
  4. if it is intended to be a planter it must have a hole in the bottom, that will for sure prevent anyone to use it for cereal or so.
  5. have you looked into the new Spectrum Galze 1112 Gold. I havent used it but i saw it advertised in Pottery Making Illustrated. looks good in the sample tile.
  6. You can do wonders with a spray gun, the underglaze from the bottle will go through the gun easily no need to thin, but the consistency of the underglaze is going to be determined by the effect you are trying to achieve. If you want washes like, to build up the glaze then you need to thin the undergalze with water, in my opinion it is best to have the glaze thin and build up to what you want it to look like. the glaze from the bottle as is will give you a much thicker application and you might get a very solid enamel like finish with no depth. Make sure to wear a proper respirator when sprayin
  7. Congratulations, hopefully It wont be the last, keep the good work.
  8. makes sense, thanks.... hope you can get it done..... best.
  9. Just wondering, if you have the skill to paint on a surface to transfer, why not to paint directly on the piece?
  10. I do fire at night too, here in LA rates are cheaper at night, and the change in the bill when I fire is almost unnoticeable against the one when I don't fire. Also one has to be careful not to jump to the next tier on the bill.
  11. "bottled red glaze should not be used on surfaces that will come in contact with food" To this quote, I would like to add that If you use a food safe clear glaze over your red or any other undergalze the piece will be food safe. So if someone wants to make Santas Suite red color plates, go ahead.......it is food safe. Oldlady, If you really want to help the new guys with Information and your facts you should give the complete Information and facts.
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