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  1. Pompots

    New works July-2013

    Colored slips on porcelain.
  2. Pompots


    thanks Frederik-W all recycled glass from bottles and sea glass, except for the black which is seed glass beads.
  3. PC-20 Blue rutile is a very nice blue, i use it and i have very nice results every time, if i do it really thin i get a nice brown wash. If you have applied 3 coats then I can think that you are not firing at the right temperature, check it out with cones to make sure you are reaching ^5 or ^6 Good Luck.
  4. Pompots


    Clay and Glass
  5. Interesting thought. I'm going to try the clock-wise spinning mode. Will let you know how it worked for me.
  6. I also use Karen B's approach. using the same body clay to make your slip makes a best match, not that the other wont work, but this is the perfect combo.
  7. You don't need to glaze over the glass, the glaze is a form of glass itself, so the options you have is to glaze the pieces and then put the glass over the glazed piece or, leave the piece un-glazed and put the glass over the raw bisque. You will find what you like best through experimentation, make small projects to start and go from there. One recommendation I can make is never mix different glasses. Hope you get what you are looking for. Best.
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