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    Low fire methods including Saggar firing in it's many splendors and horse hair firing. Beyond pottery, you can find me outdoors: hiking, cycling, flyfishing, kayaking, and auto racing.

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  1. I did indeed tell her that she was right. No sense in denying she is smarter than me.
  2. I'm similar to LeeU above. I find putting painters tape on the bottom with a code helps keep them straight. That number is duplicated on the carton if I have it boxed and ready to ship, the spreadsheet I take to the show, and On-line. While I do low fire (horsehair and saggar) that have a "fingerprint" quality to them, it is much easier to pull out the item with a number. It was my wife's suggestion very early on but I was foolish enough not to listen to her for a while.
  3. They generally get a 'hard' drop into the trash can. I've been a lot better at culling them well before they get to that stage, however.
  4. I would agree. Very strong. I just wish the show I did last weekend in an affluent area had better marketing or was in a better location.
  5. Thank you. I still have a lot of work to do on the consistency side of these bottles with small necks. Sometimes I just create a mess. Sometimes they happen easily.
  6. We must be kindred spirits. Me and mugs have a love/hate relationship too. So, I just don't do many of them. I guess I should just do a 100 of them to find the rhythm but I might be tough live with during the process.
  7. Dad was an engineer when I was growing up. Mom is a very analytical person. No real artistic demonstrations. But, they 100% support me in my artistic pursuits. Well...almost. In college I was an English major thinking of writing poetry for a living. I brought that concept to my dad and I think he saw me living at home forever so he said, "you can write on the weekend. Go into Marketing and use that talent there." He was right. You have to pay the bills. My wonderful, amazing wife pushed me into the muddy sciences and has been my ultimate supporter ever since she sat me down at the wheel
  8. thank you very much. I like when they go a bit darker like this.
  9. About to get off my butt and do a sagger firing!

    1. glazenerd


      I just made a couple of small saggar boxes for use in an electric kiln. Will be interested in your results.

    2. Marc McMillan

      Marc McMillan

      In the electric kiln, eh?

      Have heard many warnings. Be careful.

      I've been doing more foil wrapped ferric chloride pieces. Need to throw some clay saguars.

  10. What about trying the bat-mates, or other version? They help with my older plastic bats that have too much play in them. It's a rubbery type material that goes between the bat and the wheelhead and helps hold them in place (in case you didn't know about them). good luck. Marc
  11. I'm digging it and am 100% jealous of your ability!!!! Marc
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