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  1. Chris, Thanks for the info...The added bit about a layer of slip on the piece and on the image before transferring makes a lot of sense. I'll give it a try. BTW-I LOVE your pieces in the attached photos! Sincerely, Mel
  2. Here's the finished terra cotta mugs using the rice paper transfer...I had to touch up most of these. I'll post the transfer paper mugs after glazing/firing.
  3. mel340


    Beautiful! I love the color from the firing!
  4. mel340

    Summer 2013

    Summer 2013 works from Hunter College summer residency
  5. @Chris Campbell--Awesome! The bed sheets method really appeals to my "green side". I always save old clothes and stuff to make "scrap" monsters for expecting mommies, so I do have a lot of material that's probably usable...I'll experiment with this too, I don't think it occurred to me to use material. It'll fit a curve better than paper too I'd bet!
  6. @Pompots-I've been trying to do a more production based workflow, painting the underglaze or slip on the transfer paper keeps the image the same size each time as I'm utilizing a template for the mug construction, so I'm trying to keep all these uniform where possible. @Pugaboo-I haven't gotten to the point yet to try to save up and buy one of those expensive printers, I'll look into it soon or see if I can share the cost with someone! @Perkolator-I'll try the drawing on plaster/transfer to clay shortly. I've always wanted to try that method. I have the Paul Andrew Wandless book now...I'll try some of his methods soon! I find that regular printer paper is too stiff when I'm trying to get an image on a curve, etc. so the cheap transfer paper seemed like a good alternative.
  7. All helpful information! I have a lot of newsprint, I'll switch to it. @Pugaboo, the transfer paper transfers on my work look similar to your second photo posted. So it seems transfer paper kinda does what I need it too (maybe a few more experiments needed still), I was hoping to not have to reverse some of the bits, ha ha! @Biglou13-yes, I'll experiment with the dryness/damp transfer times! Thanks all! Mel
  8. Hi all, Intermediate level-I'm trying to make some slip transfers with slips/underglazes with some of my drawings on leather hard pieces. I tend to use stoneware and/or terra cotta clays and bisque to cone 06. I tried rice paper, but it's too fibrous, it seeps into the work and the decoration loses clarity (see rice paper transfer photo examples). I recently bought transfer paper to try, it's a bit dry (I tried to use underglaze on this) and not all of the decoration transfers across to the piece. I used two coats of underglaze on the last try with transfer paper. I'm hand painting the decorations onto the paper using some of my drawings. I put the paper on the leather hard piece, gently wet the back of the paper until it has "traction" on the piece, then rub the decoration with the back of a spoon. I gently peel back the paper on a corner to see how much of the decoration has been transferred. This almost worked (especially with the transfer paper), it missed in a few areas, so I just touched up with the same underglaze. It'd be nice to be able to transfer the decoration with this type of application instead of having to touch up areas. Any suggestions for a better application? Thanks in advance! mel340
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